What Are The Career Options In Digital Marketing?

 Availing Digital Services is very convenient, fast, and feasible. But rarely do we think about the effort taken by a company’s Digital Marketing team to bring reliable, inexpensive digital services to our doorstep. Whether it’s online shopping, hiring a remote digital service, or instant clearance of bills; Digital Marketing is the foundation of ECommerce Businesses that have successfully overtaken traditional brick-and-mortar stores across the globe, here are the best careers in Digital Marketing. Reaching out to users online who may be interested in buying what you have to offer takes patience and a strong engagement strategy based on the tenets of ‘Customer is King’. If you’re seeking a career path in Digital Marketing, you’ve made the right choice in securing a bright, productive, and growth-oriented future for yourself because Digital Marketing seems to be achieving uncontrollable growth and is roping in millions of employees for high salaries. The major career paths that you can take on the road to becoming a Digital Marketing Professional are as follows:

Career Paths for Digital Marketing:

Online Content:

Online Content includes all Digital Content and Resources including;

  • Blogs,
  • Videos,
  • Ads,
  • Sales Copy,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Infographics,
  • Website Content including Home Page Content, Landing Page Content
  • Email Content,
  • Posters,
  • Taglines,
  • Online Class Content, and so much more.

There are several job roles pertaining to the above tasks and a few positions you can apply for include the following:

  • Content Writer/Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Content Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Analyst
  • Online Advertising:

There are several channels for Online Advertising and the major channels according to the latest Digital Marketing Trends are as follows:

  • Search Engine Marketing Analyst
  • Affiliate Advertising
  • Influencer Advertising
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google PPC Ads
  • Social Media Advertising

Jobs roles that you can seek in Online Advertising are as follows:

  • Digital Ad Sales Executive
  • Communication Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Media Sales Executive
  • Search Engine Marketing Executive

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What Major Career Paths entail in Digital Marketing:

SEO Executive: Search Engine Optimization forms the crux of a Strong Online Presence. It is crucial for Digital Companies to rank high on Google and to show up on the first page of search results for relevant and accurate search terms. Besides, SEO is a hot digital marketing career path owing to the fact that search engine algorithms change faster than the speed of light and companies need to be in tune with the changes to optimize their web presence and stay on top of search engine rankings. Since SEO Analysts influence an organization’s web presence on Search Engines, they are very much in-demand in the world of digital marketing. Top companies are willing to pay as much as $80000 for hiring an SEO Analyst.

Web Content Developer/Manager: Web Content Management involves creating informative, relevant, and engaging online content in the form of write-ups, sales copy, and graphic elements all of which help shape customer opinion and lead to sales and conversions. Web Content must be regularly updated since stagnant online content leads to a lowering of search engine rankings and dwindling of website visitors. Web content management is another important Digital Marketing job role since it involves working in tandem with the SEO Executive to create web content that’s compliant with Search Engine Optimization by using the right keywords and by modifying copy so that it crawled effectively by search engine spiders.

Digital Marketer: A Digital Marketer is responsible for marketing a company’s online presence whether it’s the website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. on relevant marketing channels online, including Social Media Platforms, Search Engine Ads, Affiliate Marketing platforms, etc. He/she is also entrusted with the task of finding influencers who will do paid promotions of eCommerce products/services and for putting up Ads that drive in high traffic at controlled costs.

Finding your Digital Marketing Career Path:

Finding a job is not the only career path you can take in the world of digital marketing. There are so many options to go solo and to still have a thriving career. Here are a few ideas to become a professional in the Digital Marketing Industry:

  • Get Hired for a suitable position in a top Digital Marketing/Media Firm
  • Build your Online Brand and Promote it using the latest Digital Marketing techniques: You could make your own website, e-commerce store, YouTube channel, social media brand, etc.
  • Offer Freelance Digital Marketing Services: If you are certified or highly skilled in any Digital Marketing technique, you could offer your services on various freelancing platforms where you can showcase your portfolio and offer to work for clients for a fixed price.

Just like any other industry, constant learning is the key to achieving exponential progress in digital marketing. But unlike other industries, learning is more prevalent in Digital Marketing since this Industry is largely based on Technology which is an ever-evolving paradigm. The tools and software that may be popular today may become obsolete tomorrow. Similarly, Digital Marketing Strategies prominent in the present times may have evolved to bigger and better strategies a few months or years down the line. Attending Training and Self-Learning are both excellent ways to upgrade your Digital Marketing knowledge.

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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

 The war between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing continues as companies fight to establish the superior among the two while others try hard to bridge the gap and maintain a balance between Traditional Marketing practices and Digital Marketing techniques. With online publishing almost completely overtaking offline news and magazine publications, the question arises whether the global audience has really gone wholly digital and whether Television and Print Media have indeed gone obsolete as marketing mediums. This article clearly allows you to identify Traditionally and Digital Marketing practices and discusses the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Traditional Marketing:

Travel back in time to the days when laptops and smartphones didn’t exist. The only way in which consumers would become aware of products and services was through

  1. Television,
  2. Newspapers, and
  3. the radio.

Of course,

  1. Flyers,
  2. Posters, and
  3. Billboards along with
  4. Promotional Events Nearby

contributed to ensuring that we were sufficiently Marketed to. Print Media played a major role in getting the word out by way of flashy ads on half the pages of magazines. Thus

  1. Television,
  2. Radio, and
  3. Print Media

were the three main channels for Brand Promotion. Although Traditional Marketing means appear outdated, the fact remains that Television and Radio are still sought-after and are strong mediums for Marketing. In fact, Television is very much digital with on-demand streaming and subscription-based packages available for TV viewing at your convenience. Print Media has also not completely vanished from the face of the Earth and shouldn’t for good reason. Another important thing to note here is that Digital Billboards have replaced the traditional stagnant ones and every one of us is constantly bombarded with flashy ads as we drive past on highways and on busy streets. So, it seems that Traditional Marketing has slightly changed its face by going digital although the essence remains the same.


  1. Traditional Marketing is like the progenitor of Digital Marketing and acts as its foundation. Digital Marketing tactics are largely based on Traditional Marketing methods.
  2. Traditional Marketing is unconcerned about customer targeting and is kind of a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy wherein promotions are put up for all to see in places highly viewable by all.
  3. Traditional Marketing feels very real compared to staring at ads online. The highest form of traditional marketing involves promotional events and stores where products and services are marketed face-to-face and customers get a real-world feel rather than just virtual insights.
  4. Traditional Marketing focuses mainly on catering to the local market. It establishes a brand’s presence as a strong local contender.


  1. Traditional Marketing is limited when compared to the immense opportunities for engagement offered by Digital Marketing. It doesn’t allow direct communication with customers and has little room for establishing trust among target customers. Through Traditional Marketing, you can only keep your products and services before customers and hope for conversions since there are fewer ways of engagement.
  2. Traditional Marketing campaigns by way of television ads, billboard ads, and radio broadcasts are expensive and not feasible for SMEs seeking to minimize marketing budget and maximize conversions. Besides, Traditional Marketing campaigns are short-lived and cannot be sustained for long periods of time without incurring heavy costs.
  3. There is no way of accurately measuring if your campaigns have yielded results since measuring ROI in Traditional Marketing is difficult. You can analyze and assume but you cannot accurately measure the success of your Traditional Marketing campaigns. But here we can note that since television has gone digital there are methods of measuring outreach although the effect is not the same as Digital Marketing Analytics tools.

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Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is brand promotions and ads online on:

  1. Websites,
  2. Social Media Platforms, and
  3. Mobile Phone Apps

meticulously placed so as to be viewable by a company’s target audience and result in maximum sales and conversions. Digital Marketing is the brand-new marketing sphere that has brought the world closer for companies to target audiences from different countries. The Internet is its main channel and the major marketing techniques in Digital Marketing are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Pay Per Click Ads


  1. Among the seemingly endless advantages of Digital Marketing, the most important is the ability to take your brand global right from where your company is based. You can easily create Digital Marketing campaigns that target customers across different countries on specific platforms.
  2. Directly interact with your target customers in an engaging, conversational tone thus eliminating a sleazy marketing approach and building trust with your consumer base.
  3. Posting online will get your brand instant recognition and fame, especially if you have something mind-blowing to offer. Your chance of becoming insanely viral on the web is also high.


  1. Digital Marketing leaves your brand’s reputation vulnerable to opinions, perceptions, and comparisons online which you must regularly keep in check and regulate in order to maintain a positive image. Since users have complete freedom to post whatever they like about brands online, there is a high possibility that your competitors or individuals with malicious intent may try to tarnish your brand image, requiring your Digital Marketing team to assume the role of the Internet vigilante.
  2. Digital Marketing requires skill and expertise. You will need to set up a dedicated team of professionals to attend to the minutest aspect of your Digital Marketing campaigns. This involves hiring skilled employees at high pay scales.
  3. Digital Marketing is never constant since the Internet is always changing with search engines regularly modifying their algorithms and new trends cropping up in the blink of an eye. To keep up with the pace, your company needs to regularly educate itself about how best to stay in tune with these changes.

In every way, Digital Marketing seems to be the clear winner, but Traditional Marketing has a lot to teach us. At the heart of both lies customer service which must be the top priority for all companies. That said, we cannot deny that the world has become increasingly digital, and traditional practices alone will not result in the global outreach expected. Although the prevalence of Print Media has significantly reduced in Marketing, companies cannot completely ignore traditional marketing instead must intensify their Digital marketing strategies while ensuring that they do not stay behind in Traditional Marketing.

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Digital Marketing Skills To Acquire in 2019

Just a few years ago, advanced Digital Marketing strategies/tactics/tools could be explained in just a single page’s worth of content, but this fact is no longer true. Digital Marketing Professionals, finding and grabbing the latest Digital Marketing skills is essential if they expect to hold their jobs or to advance to the next stage in their careers. However, the demand for Digital Marketers is outdoing the number of aspirants which is great for employees. Digital Marketing aspirants can rejoice because now is the time to grab your opportunity for obtaining the newest and hottest skills in Digital Marketing.test

Customer Engagement is every Business’s top priority and every pore of Digital Marketing is steeped in providing exceptional customer service not just to buyers, but to every single user who actively engages with a Business’s online presence. Digital Marketers have no choice but to be skilled in the latest technologies and platforms and with undue attention, it is possible to never miss a new development in this ever-changing Industry. The amount of money going into Digital Marketing is unimaginable, driving innovation at a rapid pace. Recruiters are no longer hiring textbook marketers with fancy degrees and are instead interested in skilled employees with an eye for innovation. The latest Digital Marketing skills cannot just be read off of a few blog posts. You need assisted learning by way of live sessions from a suitable Digital Marketing Training program to master each skill and to add it successfully on your resume. Without further ado, have a look at the hottest Digital Marketing skills that you can acquire through Digital Marketing Training:

Competitive Research:

Digital Marketing has gone beyond simple optimization to know your competitors. The latest competitive research platforms like SEMRush let you analyze your competitors’ marketing strategy including the keywords they target and rank for, the kind of ads they run, and the customer engagement strategy they employ that works for them. Competitive Research is vital to present-day Digital Marketing and companies are looking for employees skilled in research tactics. There are platforms that let you measure your audience growth against that of your competitors’ over a specific time. Tools like Share of Interaction (SOI) graphs are the newest in Digital Marketing that you can master via Digital Marketing Training. Candidates who can present competitive analysis reports are deemed valuable in the present climate and are most sought-after by employers.

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Social Media Management:

With the explosion of Social Media platforms, companies need to be on several different platforms to target specific customer bases. As such, it’s a daunting task to manage shares and posts on each platform in accordance with the latest trends as well as interacting with followers. Social Media Management tools and platforms let you monitor your Social Media activity on several different platforms at once thus enabling convenient Social Media engagement. You can learn to use Social Media Management platforms through Digital Media Training and get hired as a Social Media Management expert at top corporations.

Data Visualisation:

Data Sets are complex and difficult to manage for Businesses trying to keep themselves running. Data obtained from Digital Marketing Research and Analysis involve in-depth reports of customer behavior that companies need to sort through and utilize to put marketing campaigns into motion. Visualization tools that take complex data and statistics and convert them into visuals that clearly define them are among the hottest skills in Digital Marketing. Story-telling using datasets is another vital skill in this regard. You can learn the art of Data Visualisation from Digital Marketing Training and obtain data interpreting jobs in Digital Marketing companies.

Video Marketing:

Videos are everywhere and they’re a strong medium for customer engagement right now. Videos used in Digital Marketing are made for Virtual Reality, are live-streamed, or shot as 360-degree videos. But mostly, bite-sized social videos are the ones that go viral and are used in most Digital Marketing campaigns. Expert video editing skills for the purpose of Digital Marketing are a hot skill that you can learn from Digital Marketing Training. You will get insight into the power of videos and graphics in Content Marketing along with the tools to measure their performance.

Marketing Automation:

Digital Marketing no longer requires you to spend hours researching, analyzing, and sharing posts at specific times. Most tools are automated requiring you to just rig them to work according to your requirements. Companies don’t sit all day waiting for website visitors to pop up and then individually check where they’re coming from. If Automation tools are used in the right way, they automatically collect and collate data for review. Advanced use of Marketing Automation tools is a valuable skill you can acquire through Digital Marketing Training that will automatically get you noticed by employers.

Machine Learning:

AI/Machine Learning is set to be the next biggest thing that will change the face of Digital Marketing for good. Machine Learning is intensely technical requiring a strong skill-set that can be acquired from Digital Marketing Training. Machine Learning, when combined with Digital Marketing data, results in improved automation to enable campaigns to perform on their own. The research data obtained from Digital Marketing Analytics is huge and unmanageable manually and machine learning will be of huge help if it reaches its highest potential. Machine Learning as a skillset is a gold mine for companies and anyone hired based on it can expect obscene salary packages for the simple reason that machine learning is set to tremendously expand ROI for Businesses in the coming years.

Digital Marketing is an evolving field with new technologies emerging every other day. There is no ultimate level but there sure is the latest and the most modern skills that you can add to your list of Digital Marketing skills acquired. Enroll yourself in Digital Marketing Training now to enjoy its benefits. Not only will your training stand out in your job application, hopefully, but you can also utilize your skills to one day build a million-dollar business online.

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