How Digital Marketing is Changing Consumer Purchasing Behaviour?

What is Consumer Behavior?

Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and the processes they use to choose, use (consume), and dispose of products and services, including consumer’s emotional, mental, and behavioral responses. Consumer behavior helps marketers decide how to present their products in a way that generates a maximum impact on consumers. Understanding consumer buying behavior is the key secret to reaching and engaging your clients, and convert them to purchase from you.

Technology makes people’s lives easier and busier by giving our time and attention to our devices. In the year 1979 online shopping method began by Michael Aldrich.  Digital Marketing has both pros and cons so it depends on how you use internet. Many people in this world love shopping so many people go on the weekends before internet has made things easier to shop online. Offline shopping and purchasing behavior helps us build personal connections with one’s business. Some customers may prefer to buy only after touching or trying the product, which may help us know what’s the fabric if there’s any damage we can go for the next. In recent years the online shopping industry has grown vastly as many consumers don’t have enough time due to their busy schedules with their work that they can’t go out so many purchases take place online and people are getting lazier to walk out to the stores, reasons can be like it’s very hot or pollution and saves time. One reason many consumers buy online because they get the products cheaper than the stores. Even to buy groceries people don’t travel to the stores but purchase online as they deliver in 60-90 mins, 1-day delivery, prime delivery options, return policies, and many more on apps like big basket, grofers, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

The brick and Motor business model is getting replaced with Click and Order shopping getting information is very easy with help of internet. Traditional marketing has failed to identify people’s emotions that’s why it’s failing. I will tell you about how consumer behavior can be explained in 4 dimensions like physical, psychological, social, and cultural characteristics in purchasing decisions.

 A. Physical Characteristics: 

of a person is an important factor affecting purchase decisions. Personal factors like age, gender, occupation, education, lifestyle, and income status.  Both men and women are familiar with using internet. Individuals with lower income think before buying anything online as they find this platform risky but not the same with higher income groups. Its found that educated people are using the internet more online shopping is considered an easy activity and they accept innovations that have an effect on purchasing decisions.

 B. Psychological Characteristics:

 of a person can help question themselves like which is a better place to shop, should they look for a better price or should they shop online, etc motivating them for better options.  Motivation is important to make choices to buy online. Perception is one of the important factors which helps in examining the quality of the product. The personality factors help consumers what sites they should visit and where they should shop. Attitudes of a person change daily and easily in which marketers get more interested. Emotions and feelings play an important role in choices/ decisions while purchasing. The unconscious mind influences our choices.

 C. Social Characteristics:

 The social influence comes from reference groups i.e., virtual communities consisting of discussion groups on a website. Other people’s opinions, experiences affect consumers. Contact links, family references also play an important role in an individual’s attitude.

 D. Cultural Characteristics:

Different social classes create different behaviors. Almost everything we do, we give and receive  information, make decisions, lead and manage, is influenced by culture.

Consumer attitudes towards online shopping usually determined by factors like trust and perceived benefits. Trust refers to the confidence of a consumer to adopt online shopping and his or her belief that the online stores will provide reasonable prices, the right product or service information, keep consumers privacy, manage credit card transaction information securely. For all these consumers should have trust in your website as they cannot see each other physically.  Perceived ease of use and usefulness means the consumers understanding that its easier to communicate with online retailers through their websites and makes it easy to shop online and perceived usefulness perceives internet as a useful tool for online shopping.  Between social media and customer forums, consumers have the ability to build or destroy brands if they don’t feel the services they got are good enough.

 A. Consumers have become researchers:

Consumers research every day on various brands and products and compare the better and convenient. Their purchase decision is highly influenced by interactions they have with the brand and other influencers online.

 B. Consumers are not afraid to experiment:

 Consumers were very skeptical to change brands earlier called brand loyalists but things changed with time as they look for better features than before.

 C. Consumers have a lower tolerance level:

 Consumers these days are not okay to settle or compromise in any manner.  They expect an immediate response to their grievances or queries if any. Many times negative reviews can make or break the brands.

 D. Word of Mouth:

 is done in terms of reviews of experts and users, rating, testimonials, etc. in digital marketing.

Stages consumers go through when they make a purchase:-

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 A. Need Recognition:

 means to identify one’s needs and wants to make a purchase. Perceiving a problem plays an important role or else it’s difficult to identify what a consumer needs. Eggs:- If we buy a cosmetic one will go what to use for their skin type if its matching or not and will see if its safe for their skin type like sensitive, normal, and all skin types. A need can be triggered by internal or external stimuli like hunger, thirst or word of mouth, advertising, and so on. Its also found in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

 B. Information Search:

 helps in recognizing a specific problem or need and research for information to solve the issues.   Internal research is by recollecting a product through personal experience. External research is by word of mouth, friends, family, etc.

C. Evaluating alternatives:

also known as consideration set where consumers spend time in comparing prices, warranties, terms, and conditions, etc.

D. Purchase:

A decision when a consumer buys something that’s when all the above things are identified and decision to purchase is made.

Stages of  Purchase:-

  i. Pre- Purchase Stage:- It helps customers compare different options.

  ii. Purchase Stage:–  Details like product assortment, sale services, and information quality seem to be important for consumers what product they should select, or what seller they should buy from.

  iii. Post- Purchase Behavior:- refers to a stage after buying purchasing something online. Some might want to return the product, exchange due to damage or not fitting, etc.

Factors of  Online Consumer Behavior:-

  a. Internal factors like personality traits or behaviors of a person like attitudes, motivation, learning, and perception.

  b. External Factors like demographic, socio-economic, culture, subculture, reference groups, technology, and marketing.

  c. Functional Motives of a consumer include time, price, convenience of shopping online, etc.

  d. Non- Functional motives relate to cultural or social values like brand of the store/product.

Consumers find a variety of brands online on the same website whereas in a physical store it’s single branded or multi-branded. Online shopping lead to less compulsive purchasing behavior and saves time.

Consumer Buying behavior has four types like:-

  i. Complex buying behavior:- is encountered when one buys an expensive product and makes a decision to check with his/ her friends and family does enough research to buy or not.

  ii. Dissonance reducing buying behavior:- High consumer involvement is found due to high price and infrequent purchase. He/ she buys an easily available product as he has no choice and limited decisions.

  iii. Habitual Buying Behavior:- Low involvement of consumers in a purchase decision where he considers only a few brands.

  iv. Variety Seeking Behavior:– Consumer involvement is low. Brand switching is more in this area due to curiosity or boredom or for a different taste.

Digital Marketing impact on consumers buying behavior:-

  • Ad blockers allow consumers to avoid unwanted advertisements on various devices to make it ad-free usage. Ads should be more interactive and engaging.
  • Wearables shape consumer lifestyle and save a business money.
  • Smart devices offer consumer convenience and peace of mind.
  • Fulfillment solutions drive seamless customer experience.
  • Information centered shopping.
  • Value on products and services that save time.

What affects consumer behavior?

1. Marketing campaigns:- They influence purchasing decisions of consumers a lot. If done right and regularly, with the right marketing message, it can even persuade consumers to change brands or opt for more expensive alternatives. Marketing campaigns can be used as reminders for products/services that need to be bought regularly but are not necessarily on customers top of mind like insurance. A good marketing message can influence impulse purchases.

2. Economic conditions:- For expensive products especially (like houses or cars) economic conditions play a big part. Consumers make decisions in a longer time period for expensive purchases and the buying process can be influenced by more personal factors at the same time.

3. Personal preferences:- Consumer’s behavior can also be influenced by personal factors like likes, dislikes, priorities, morals, and values. dislikes, In industries like fashion or food personal opinions, are especially powerful.

4. Group influence:- Peer pressure also influences consumer behavior. What our family members, classmates, immediate relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances think or do can play a significant role in our decisions. Social psychology impacts consumer behavior. Choosing fast food over home-cooked meals for example.

5. Purchasing Power:- Our purchasing power plays a significant role in influencing our behavior. Unless one is a billionaire budget will be into consideration before making a purchase decision. The product may be excellent, the marketing could be on point but if we don’t have the money for it we won’t buy it. Segmenting consumers based on their buying capacity will help marketers determine eligible consumers and achieve better results. Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning helps consumers to make the right purchase decisions, and it’s easier for marketers.

Conclusion:- Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) will be playing a remarkable impact in the coming years digitally to help identify consumer’s needs and assist them with queries, maintain relations, and boost lead generation. Digital marketing, therefore, is expected to meet consumer’s needs, efficiency, and maximized ROI. It is understandable that change is the only constant. Brands will get a chance to connect with target audiences deeply. Companies that put consumer needs first are sure to win as new technology is developing daily and people change for betterment. As a consumer, we look for something that satisfies all our needs in one product/service in the category we are looking for. Online buying or digital buying will create a greater impact in the later decades for consumers with varieties to choose from.

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Top Facts Of Digital Marketing

According to current advanced advertising ideas, one of the key reasons digital sources are taking over traditional marketing channels is because they allow organizations to progressively engage and target in real-time according to their intentions in very easy ways.

As nowadays we are becoming so used to the digitized updates that we want to keep exploring, like what is next? And how it should be adapted? As said that, keep in mind that we are more than partially through 2019 and our reality is more digitized than at any other time in recent memory. The advanced advertising industry continues to flourish, with artificial intelligence and voice search dramatically changing its scene. According to t0 current advanced advertising insights, one of the key reasons digital sources are taking over traditional marketing channels is on the grounds that they permit organizations to communicate with their intended interest group progressively and draw in with them in a significant way.

Development of 6.5% in general U.S. advertisement spend is foreseen in 2020 with a 12.4% bounce in computerized publicizing to $135 billion, making up over 53% of all-out promotion spend. Around the world, advanced publicizing will probably hit $336 billion, the greater part of the anticipated $656 billion all-around overall media.

Here are some fun facts you may or may not know about Digital Marketing:

  • The average period of customer attention is 8 seconds so you’ll need to count your stuff!
  • Infographics are 3 times more popular and shared on social media than other content types-social media
  • Approximately 94 percent more viewers get provided with related pictures.
  •  Search advertisements can increase brand recognition by 80% and show advertisements have shown to increase website traffic by 300%-PPC
  • Search engines power 93 percent of all traffic on the website.
  • 76 percent of people looking for something nearby on their mobile will visit a similar business within a day and 28 percent of searches for something close by will result in a purchase – Local SEO.
  • According to 65 percent of marketers, link building is the most challenging SEO strategy.
  • Titles with 6-13 words attract the highest and most consistent amount of traffic (my title has 7, maybe that’s why you’re here!?) – Content Marketing 

Innovation has transformed the world into a worldwide town as far as easily interfacing individuals from various nations and societies. In the digitized age, sharing data is simpler than at any other time. Consistently, new devices and advances have risen and the showcasing innovation scene has developed to 7,040 arrangements. Advertising masters would now be able to browse a confounding exhibit of alternatives to interface with new crowds, advance their items, or assemble brand faithfulness.

Having said that here are some of the Top Facts of Digital Marketing:

Chatbots Take Off:

Numerous organizations will keep utilizing a chatbot, they’re powerful programming programs that associate with site guests and clients. Chatbots discuss normally with individuals seeing the site and can address their inquiries continuously. Chatbots either utilize verbal connections or visit windows to help web clients find what they’re searching for. Employing a person to screen and speak with guests on your site can be costly, yet chatbots spare expenses by addressing basic inquiries for your sake. What’s more, in this manner, clients will in general value the customized administration and getting their inquiries addressed rapidly.

They Save Time:

Unlike people, a chatbot can give answers rapidly to a wide range of inquiries. Also, speedy reactions imply that clients can settle on choices quicker.

Expands Customer Satisfaction:

Unlike people, the chatbot needn’t bother with time to rest. Whenever the client needs data, its privilege readily available. What’s more, as the chatbot reacts all the more precisely, your business transformation rates will increment too.

Shows Good Humor:

A chatbot is rarely grumpy. You will never hear clients gripe about being dismissed. They are fair-minded, clear, and instructive—all characteristics that cause your clients to feel calm.

Next-GEN SEO is Here:

At the present time, a variety of changes are occurring in the web indexes industry and updates are going on continually. These progressions have significantly influenced the client’s indexed lists. Most prominently, Google’s BERT update has had a significant effect on the SEO world. The BERT shortened form represents Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It’s a profound learning calculation that is identified with common language handling. Google is endeavoring to make its internet searcher quicker and improve its capacity to comprehend the complex delicacy of language and the searcher’s goal.

This is what Google says:

“Well, by applying BERT models to both positionings and included bits in Search, we’re ready to improve work helping you find valuable data. Especially for more, increasingly conversational questions or searches where relational words like “for” and “to” matter a ton to the importance, Search will have the option to comprehend the setting of the words in your inquiry. You can look such that feels normal for you.”

What does BERT mean for you?

In the event that your site is inadequately composed and needs clearness, you may see a decline in rush hour gridlock. There is certifiably not a convenient solution or strategy to reinforce rankings. Rather, you have to recall that your site is for individuals, not simply calculations. Consider why individuals go to your site. What is their plan? Presently, answer their inquiries as unmistakably as could reasonably be expected and compose the data in a consistent way. At the point when you compose for individuals, you’ll see achievement.

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Advertising Targeting Improves:

Organizations utilize computerized advertisements to showcase their items, yet have you at any point gone over an online promotion that was straight-up irritating or had nothing to do with you? Not exclusively do online shoppers will in general disregard these promotions, yet they may likewise wind up despising the item and doing everything possible to avoid the brand.

Forbes magazine expresses that in light of this staggering computerized association, disconnected advertisements or brands that continue barraging individuals with their immaterial promotions will be ignored by 49% of individuals. Be that as it may, then again, individuals love incredible substance. In the event that your image reliably sends custom-fitted messages, at that point 36% will react by purchasing the item. Numerous organizations know about this pattern and areas of now arranging likewise. What’s more, we’re anticipating right now that constantly 2020, most organizations will target exact crowds and clients may be a review (and reacting to) hyper-significant advertisements.

Artificial Intelligence Infiltrates Digital Marketing:

The name “Man-made brainpower” is actually how it sounds; it alludes to robots or machines being able to work as people. Computer-based intelligence utilizes a blend of various highlights, for example, chatbots and voice colleagues to rapidly discover answers.

For example, Alexa and Siri are voice aides that give magnificent client care. Much the same as a human, they can take orders from the clients and work off-camera for their sake.

The AI robot does this by utilizing sensors and human contributions to assemble realities about a circumstance and can likewise gather/store the hunt information to improve the client’s future encounters. Cardinal Digital Marketing even has an AI-controlled medicinal service promoting programming considered Patient Stream that permits specialists and human services suppliers to screen and smooth out their publicizing efforts.

Growth in Digital Marketing Spend and Technologies:

     “The Drum” indicates that by 2020 and through the next few years, the global digital software industry will grow by $74.96 billion. Consequently, more money will be channeled towards digital marketing.  CMO predicts that by the year 2022, around 87% of marketing budgets will be spent on digital marketing.

In fact, this growth in digital marketing will result in a form of marketing referred to as “Agile marketing”, which is a form of marketing that measures how efficiently a brand or company is at achieving its marketing goals and objectives. An agile marketing team develops winning strategies and theoretical results to inform its stakeholders with the purpose of implementing it quickly. There’s no perfect way to implement the agile methodology in your organization (although we’ve found that a hybrid seems to work best). Essentially, growth in digital marketing translates into the speed in which new products and services are developed and distributed to meet customers’ needs.

Agile marketing is growing in popularity on social media since brands and marketers have spent the last few years figuring out how to connect and communicate on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and others. These social media channels provide enormous insights and data into what types of content work and how best to create it.

More Focus on Customer Retention:

In the coming years, organizations will likewise begin to occupy their consideration from procuring new clients to holding their current ones. These organizations comprehend that it takes less cash to continue existing clients glad and will direct more exertion in the center and last phases of the purchaser’s excursion.

Holding clients helps increment income since when you keep your current clients then they will in general tell their companions and give you referrals. Faithful clients are additionally and concentrating on showcase division helps spare expenses. Liable to be more straightforward and legitimate with you in regards to any issues or issues, allowing you to improve your image.

Single Marketing Software Providers Dominate:

As mentioned in the beginning, there’s a tremendous number of showcasing innovation arrangements out there. Furthermore, the normal venture is utilizing around 91 promoting cloud administrations.

This number is overpowering, which is the reason numerous organizations are changing to one programming arrangement that contains all the instruments that they need. HubSpot is an ideal case of an across the board advertising programming arrangement, as is Marketo, Pardot, and ActiveCampaign. Different organizations, as MailChimp, who generally just gave email promoting administrations, are presently including advertising computerization abilities, point of arrival manufacturers, and advertisement stage coordination. Solidification among arrangement suppliers is quickening in light of the client’s longing to have the entirety of their showcasing instruments under one umbrella.

Stay Ahead of Current Trends:

On the off chance that you are working a business, it’s critical to think about current promoting patterns and have the option to keep steady over where advanced advertising is going later on. What’s more, much the same as Amazon, you can begin customizing your items, utilizing online life to respond to questions, and actualize video advertising to pick up trust and show your image’s straightforwardness. Keep in mind, on the off chance that you are dealing with any customer information, at that point straightforwardness is basic. What’s more, there are a lot of advertising programming frameworks that can smooth out the entirety of your online exercises and client connections.

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Digital Marketing in India

  Are you one of them who is totally into shopping and making various purchases from online stores like Amazon, Snap deal, Myntra, Flipkart so on? Or are you one of them who is into online learning, reading books, searching homes, etc? Then it is very clear that you are knowingly or unknowingly attached to the concept of Digital marketing and solely living in a digital marketing era.

For those of you who really do not understand what Digital marketing is about here, it is- Digital Marketing is a form of marketing products or services, which involves electronic devices. It can be both online and offline. According to the institute of direct marketing “the use of the internet and related digital information and communication technologies to achieve marketing objectives.”

According to CAM Foundation – “Digital Marketing is a broad discipline, bringing together all forms of marketing that operate through electronic devices – online, on mobile, on-screen. Over the years, digital marketing has developed enormously, and it continues to do so.”

The scope of E-Marketing is considered to be broad and is not only used to promote internet marketing, but also to facilitate email marketing and wireless media. Electronic marketing also links to the technical and creative aspects of the Internet, including development, design, advertising, and sales. Website use is through electronic marketing in combination with online promotional techniques such as social media marketing, search marketing (SEM), interactive online advertising, e-marketing mail, online directories, viral marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. E-marketing also includes product display, graphic and audio video advertising with text, 3D product view, product navigation, basket selection, payment.

Frankly, it is the creative use of management information systems (MIS) and technology that supports customer interaction with online merchants. Marketers need to use technology, information, and intuition to define brands and attract potential customers. E-commerce has launched a revolution that is changing the way we do business. In 1997 the U.S. government. authorized use of the Internet by a commercial organization. This gave a new impetus to the direction of trade and commerce.

In 2015, e-commerce activities are progressing with rapid expansion, multiple campaigns, supply-based user acquisition, etc. This shift to e-commerce is made more visible by placing more emphasis on consumer understanding and retention, better experience, and a greater variety of assortments in an ever-expanding range of categories. E-commerce players focus on retaining existing customers and acquiring new users. To keep customers with e-commerce as a category, they differentiate themselves by exploiting the data and trends in the field and, eventually, move towards the principle of personalized marketing. Customers are rewarded for their loyalty through better delivery, pricing, exclusive offers, and experience with return policies. The first testers and adopters clearly understood electronic commerce and made huge use of electronic commerce. As a result, companies are reducing the description of mass e-commerce advertising targeting testers and adopters for the first time. The leading digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. User-friendly products for advertisers that allow small and large players to effectively market to new users. This is a higher digital marketing cost. Due to digital media innovation, the embedded e-commerce reader system is shifting from app downloads and visits to user metrics.

India, a densely populated country with a population of 1,339,180,127 (as of July 2017) is second in the world. Every moment creates many opportunities for people. When talking about digital marketing, keep in mind that the future of digital marketing in India and the scope of digital marketing in the future will be promising for years. The mobile phone is now a must-have for everyone. Even if your mom wants to try a new recipe, she definitely uses YouTube to write what is needed and how to do it. And in business, the digital marketing trend is booming. Everyone wants to market their products and services over the Internet to increase their scope. Compared to traditional marketing, a number of key advantages make this marketing strategy more effective and affordable. Everyone in the country prefers digital marketing over everything else. Even the startups are launching their business via digital marketing. This platform eases the process of every business. The company doesn’t have to deploy the manpower to go physically into the market and promote the product. It offers a wide range of economical, powerful, and contemporary mechanisms and mediums of marketing. Every type of product and service is now opting for the option of digital marketing. Because they know that this is the proven platform. Right from tech giants to hoteliers are on the digital platform.

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According to a research firm, eMarketer e-commerce sales in India are expected to grow from $ 14 billion in 2015 to $ 55 billion in 2018. India has experienced the fastest growth in retail e-commerce among countries in the world. Asia-Pacific, with an increase of 133.8% in 2014 and 129.5% in 2015. The combined gross value of goods, or the total value of sales from the country’s three main e-commerce sites, to Know (Flipkart, Amazon, and Snap deal) in 2015 was $ 13.8 billion higher than that of the top 10 offline retailers, which totaled $ 12.6 billion for the same period.

One may wonder what are the reasons for the growth of digital marketing in India. The increase in Internet penetration in the country has led to substantial growth in other digital industries such as electronic commerce, digital advertising, etc. The latest digital marketing trends in India in the use of the web, mobile devices, and searches, social media, online shopping, and videos are shaping the Indian digital market and what it has for years to come.

By adding 17.6 million users in 2013 and posting a 31% year-over-year increase, India becomes the world’s third-largest Internet population, leaving Japan behind. While in 2012, the mobile Internet increased by 111%, in 2013, growth was 63%. India recorded a GA of 28% in 2012 and a GA growth of 39% in 2013 in terms of the number of Internet users

While in December 2007, the digital commerce market was located at Rs. 8,146 crores, in December 2012 it was worth Rs 47.349 million. In December 2013, digital commerce in India reached Rs. 62,967 crore. The segment experienced growth of 35% between December 2011 and December 2012, while it increased by 33% between December 2012 and December 2013.

60% of Indian Internet users visit online sales sites. Of all the products on the online market, consumer durables represent 34%, clothing and accessories 30%, books 15%, beauty and personal care 10%, and home and furniture 6 percent. More than 50% of sales in these product categories take place in non-metropolitan cities.

Due to the advancement of technology at an exponential rate, the marketing paradigm has shifted to new approaches focused on the customer and the content offered on the digital platform. Traditional marketing, such as advertising, public relations, branding, and corporate communications, lead generation, etc., is largely based on television, radio, telephone, print media, and telephone as a means of dissemination. Unlike modern marketing techniques harnessing the power of the Internet and social media to reach a more specific audience. Modern marketing techniques provide a profitable marketing platform with the ability to reach millions of customers in no time. Companies that invest heavily in digital marketing only as a marketing dissemination tool can significantly affect their overall marketing success. For the success of any marketing campaign, you must take full advantage of the different marketing techniques available in traditional and modern marketing. Activities such as push marketing, lead generation, launch events and trade shows, television and print media can be used to integrate with social computing, personalized content and budget control, etc. . to reach the identified market segments and transform them into paying consumers. With the rise of social media, the changing business landscape, and the introduction of more educated customers, businesses must rethink their marketing strategies and design a multi-channel marketing plan that carefully establishes an optimal mix of modern and traditional techniques. . best suited for business

He believes that digital marketing belongs to the technology department: a large number of startup founders do not believe that digital marketing is a function of marketing. But they treat it like a technological piece. Although digital marketing uses technology for reasons such as scalability or scalability, it is still a marketing function. Waiting for the technical team to create digital marketing success is an obvious recipe for failure. This problem is not limited to startups, even large companies are also victims of this digital marketing treatment.

But it is interesting to note that apart from the fact that the growth of technology has contributed to the development of digital marketing, our government has also played a vital role in this, don’t you think? In order to transform the whole ecosystem of public services through the use of information technology, the government of India launched the Digital India program with the vision of transforming India into a digital society and a knowledge economy. Now, opportunities are not only available in metropolitan cities but also in smaller cities. The government also applied for job programs. These days everything becomes digital. So if we are talking about a career in digital marketing in India, then you are in the right place. Stop discussing the options and see what their benefits are. The government’s electronic market is also experiencing a significant increase in its electronic market analytics papers. All registrations increased with slight fluctuations. Fluctuations occur everywhere. People in India are slowly coming to technology and it will take some getting used to.

As Internet users grow day by day, the e-commerce sector is also booming. Companies are shifting their advertising budget from traditional marketing to digital marketing strategies. Studies indicate that the number of consumers who shop online in India is expected to exceed 100 million by the end of 2017 and that the electronic retail market is expected to reach 65% in 2018. These figures clearly indicate. that digital marketing services will continue to experience significant growth and change. Indian companies must accept digital change and embrace trend innovations to remain competitive and accommodate large numbers of Internet users.

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How Big Digital Marketing Captured The Indian Businesses

  Digital Marketing is a term that is widely used by plenty of Business firms nowadays. Initially, it was emerged and become very popular in western countries, and then it started acquiring Indian companies too, to increase the sales and marketing activities of Indian based companies. Digital marketing turned everything from expensive traditional advertisements to Digital Advertisements.

Through technology the world keeps on taking a new structure day by day, For instance, @2010 the smartphone users were very less below the line 12% but now in 2020 above the line 90% of Indian citizens turned to smartphone technology. No Posts instead of emails and WhatsApp, This is the greatest achievement of the Digital World.  Companies started using this opportunity to reach users and customers 10x to 20x faster than the traditional advertisement reach. At the same time, Firms prefer Digital Marketing Campaigns to acquire the market. Google Ads, Social media marketing is a user-friendly application for firms to develop their Customer base.

Companies choose Digital banners, advertisements instead of the traditional method. To keep the data safe and secure the CRM is developed and implemented in most of the businesses in India. |What is Digital Marketing Digital| marketing social media marketing |Top 10 companies Bangalore | Unilever |Purchase Intentions of Customers Enhanced by using various digital marketing activities. Big data has been introduced to collect, correlate, and Visualize Customer records and Purchase history. And there is particular software to reach the geographical wise target audience, there are more and more about it.

The existing businesses were completely breakdown their huge expenses on marketing activities. In this new digital era as per the research of Harvard Business School, all the traditional oriented firms should get twinned with modern Marketing strategies to reach out to the maximum sales. At the end of the day everyone ends up with their devices either laptop or mobile phone, there are huge possibilities to succeed in this digital era by using digital marketing. For eg (companies like Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, big basket) in groceries and Food delivery facilities, and from Cosmetics, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, and more. Digital marketing is becoming a vast usage from most companies in India.

Especially after learning a lot of lessons and success stories of the most famous brands belongs to Western countries slightly more people turned up to use Social media campaigns and Email marketing strategies to accelerate their marketing activities.

The secured SEO system is even more sprouted the Digital marketing seeds in the Indian businesspeople minds, usage of traditional marketing is become decreased and usage of SEO, social media marketing has become increased, most of the business firms majorly targeting on user-based contents to highlight their reviews in the social media marketing, if you think about this specific idea, most of the business firms merging their marketing activities to get highlighted in the market | Marketing in the digital world | They are generating the advertisements by using a user based reviews, that review and survey has been generated through social media activities of course at the End of the day Most Indian businesspeople use both of the activities to increase their sales to accelerating for more revenue. But the percentage of usage for digital marketing has been increased | what is Digital Marketing| Digital media marketing | As per the research of McKinsey and firm a US-based consulting service company has released a report saying that by 2025 all the companies in India will have a great Epoch on digital marketing services, all the companies even small, medium and large scale industries will organize more campaigns and sales activities through digital marketing.

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Digital marketing careers will get boosted and the job market in digital marketing gets opens widely and Digital marketers will be highly paid compare to software developers as per the research of McKinsey and firm. Our Indian adds will get a high number of ad impressions globally, and almost all the companies in India use Buzz marketing strategy to boost their revenue and sales. The conversion rate turns high globally. The Usage of big data and implementation of |Sales force |SAP| services will increase rapidly by Indian companies.

Even now a lot of companies have started using these services and claiming a greater height in the market. Due to this current situation | Covid19| pandemic most of the FMCG companies started using a strategy called | Tropical Advertising, in their web and social media campaigns, they’re fetching a great number of viewers and lot of new FMCG faces who embarked just before in the market has been reached a greater height by using the tropical advertising and digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing has started emerging as a New Digital Epoch in the Indian advertising industry. There are a lot of Scopes and a good future for digital Marketers in India.

Traditional advertising and Marketing have a potential to reach a very limited number of customer Audience but digital advertising and marketing have a potential to reach an audience anywhere in the world every corner of the world, The perception of the customers also slightly been changing to digital marketing due to attractive poster and logos of the Indian companies. So there is a huge possibility for obtaining a huge target audience through digital media marketing facilities. The digital media marketing can be addressed to all business people easily once If they access digital devices, by tracking them to our website the digital Marketers can generate huge traffic to their website.

Traffic leads to conversion and conversion leads to purchase, purchase leads to consumption, consumption leads to words of mouth and generation of reviews, Reviews leads to a new purchase this chain process continues by all the consumer of the Indian brands, Digital marketing plays an end to end role for Indian companies in the marketing activities. The article about Cafe Coffee Day says that Initially while it was started they mainly focused on corporate people and upper-middle-class people by posting their banners and advertisements digitally, and it has got a great reach and the company started repeating the same with new concepts and ideas, it has got a great hit in the market on the time of 2016. Like that lot, if Indian companies were reached success and more companies were leading great positions in the digital world.

For instance Yourstory the company started with a very limited number of employees they collected all the successful business stories and updates of startups and they started acquiring a lot of digital readers to their website and application. They did huge campaigns to promote their brand and that become very popular in a few days from their starting point. Indian based company called ITC which have well-known Brand equity among their customers, even they moved to digital marketing to promote their food-related products they intertwined both traditional and modern Marketing Strategies to acquire the large customer base and in Indian Education industry most of the reputed colleges adopted the digital marketing tools to spread the brand awareness among their customers.

And in Telecom industry we can state a big brand company for example called JIO, their success stories reached to every corner of the world, JIO rapidly accelerated their marketing activities by using a lot of digital marketing tools, and they slightly boosted the smartphone sales in India by launching their Innovative services. In cosmetics and simultaneously Apparel Industry have adapted the digital media marketing as a tool to get the maximum number of customers, end to end we can see the Myntra, Meesho, Flipkart advertisements stating a wonderful clothes and it admire every one towards their pictures.

The Indian cinema industry has ranked an upmost level in usage of digital marketing strategies, Book my show 24/7 their advertisements displayed to all the Android users they use Wide range of email marketing compare to other Marketing tools. How can we forget |Byjus| in the Education Sector and a startup |edutech| reached a larger student audience in India by the concept of Online Tutor. They offer all the types of tutoring facilities and coaching to all the class levels and different entrance exams. They used a Buzz Marketing Strategy to acquire a larger group of audience.even they sponsored for Indian IPL team, their brand Ambassador is Actor Sharukhan, this is not possible without using digital marketing tools. |Vedantu| an edutech firm is a competitor of Byjus, they are reaching a larger group of audience by their promotional social media campaigns they used digital marketing tools to grow and to compete with Byjus in the Online education Sector. They made all the teachers turn up to online faculties and video makers in this Covid19 season. A lot of privatized school teachers have turned to online teachers for a temporary period due to this | Covid19 pandemic |

The Growing competitor for Big basket, Dunzo this firm is doing pretty good like big basket the delivery is very quick to compare to the big basket, the bugs have been destroyed and their growth through the digital world by the usage of digital Marketing in the real world has to touch the greater heights like a big basket. The Healthcare industry doing pretty well through digital marketing tools, Apollo Group of hospitals has created a brand that people trust there brand more than their services. under Pharmaceutical Industry we would have heard Biocon Pvt LTD, a Pharmaceutical company that produces a lot of English medicines and tablets for various diseases, they even use digital marketing as a tool to climb a ladder to reach a greater position in the Pharmaceutical market. Like I said before the usage of digital media marketing by all the Indian companies will lead to a digital Epoch in Indian history of Advertising.

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How To Make A Profit From E-Commerce Website

 E-commerce or electronic commerce is a larger business sector that allows the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet and transfer of money and data to execute this transaction. E-commerce is also can do business by providing a new way for companies to create a relationship and extended the relational operation. E-commerce has revolutionized the way companies are doing business. By using E-commerce customers can purchase almost anything online 24 *7 a day. This becomes an easier way to purchase things, that help the customers not to spend too much time shopping.

E-commerce because become one of the preferred ways of shopping because of its easiness and convenience. It allowed buying products or services from their home at any time. The buying options of E-commerce is very quick, convenient and users friendly. So that customers can save their lots of time as well as money by searching their product easily and making purchasing online.

E-commerce websites are online portals that providing online transactions of goods and services through means of the transfer of information and funds over the internet. Based on services, different types of E-commerce websites are there.

  • Business to Business- It provides electronic transaction of goods and services between companies.
  • Business to consumer- This is the electronic transaction of goods and services between companies and consumers.
  • Consumer to consumer- Electronic transaction of goods and services between consumers, mostly through a third party.
  • Consumer to Business- Electronic transaction of goods and services where individuals offer products or services to companies.

Nowadays, people more likely to use E-commerce websites than traditional stores, because it providing more facilities to customers. Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart are some examples of E-commerce websites.

There are many benefits of E-commerce websites over normal shops. This helps the customers to save money as well as time. E-commerce websites providing an open place, in which customers can order whatever they want through online transactions. Selling a product online is the best way to make a bit of extra money. This is a large platform where you can introduce a new product to a large number of customers at once. If a customer has to purchase a product, then it’s necessary to give a description and details about the product. Through information, your customers and prospects are making decision to purchase your product or not.

E-commerce websites are profitable businesses. The platform of E-commerce websites helps to make a profit through their service. A lot of suppliers choose to open a shop in an e-commerce platform which helps to make a profit. Setting up an e-commerce store is an increasingly popular way of making money online. Before you are going to start up an e-commerce store, you must think about what you’re going to be selling. Deciding a selling product is the first step in starting an e-commerce store. This is often the most challenging part of starting a new online business. Once you have decided on your product,  your next step is to figure out where and