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We are a team of highly passionate professionals, always thinking differently to search for new possibilities and relentlessly seeking success for our students. We offer Advanced career-oriented courses which we continually update as per the Industry Standards.

Digital marketing certification in bangalore job seeker

Job Seekers

If you are actively seeking employment in trending industries, Learn Digital Academy will pave the way for you to acquire it successfully in reputed companies. Get employed in top positions in the industry you have chosen. From start-ups to MNCs, they have a high demand for qualified professionals with relevant skills and certifications.

Digital marketing certification in bangalore entrapreneur

An Entrepreneur

If you own a start-up or are already running a business mostly operating offline, our courses will upskill you in areas related to your fields. That way, you can get better at your business to improve its performance, increase your conversions, generate more sales, and grow steadily in the long run. You can put your skills and practices into force and acquire the results you desire

Digital marketing certification in bangalore online revenues

Interested in online revenue

The courses we provide are curated to provide you with additional skills and experiences that you can apply in all disciplines of work, like freelancing and online work. That way, you earn passive income and generate revenue online.

Why Choose Learn Digital Academy

  •       We provide Advanced Courses in niche technologies at Affordable Fees.

  •       5+ Years of Experience
    Our Trainers are experts in their domain with more than 5 Years of Experience.

  •       Clients List
    We have Worked for 100’s of Clients all over the World

Our training programs are sub-divided into 30+ modules developed by experts in the industry, intended to provide you with In-depth knowledge in all the current trending industries.
We have trained over 35+ Batches, 800+ Students, career aspirants, business owners, and entrepreneurs, We can guide you in achieving your career dreams as well as fulfilling your business objectives.
Learn Digital will teach you the art of communicating with prospective customers through enriching content, thus allowing you to sell your products and services without being intrusive.
We provide the best digital education in Bangalore. From day-1 we will provide you with daily assignments and work on live projects
We teach what we do in real-time at Webi7 Digital Media which focuses mainly on helping start-ups and small business owners achieve more traffic, leads, and revenue through digital marketing.

We strive to bring excellence in our students and make them industry-ready by bringing affordable, trending, market-friendly courses, and excellent packages that are high in demand, to the center of attention.

To turn India digitally independent by providing the best digital education that will bring growth and success for all of our students.

  1. To provide better career opportunities for anyone ready to work or looking to start a new career
  2. To bridge the gap between demand and supply in the job market
  3. To provide affordable, relevant courses on trending industries to anyone irrespective of their background and experience
  4. To provide experience in the work environment by teaching what we do in real-time at Webi7, an award-winning agency
  5. To help our students become confident not only in their work but also as an individual ready to venture out on their own
  6. To enhance your skills so that you can excel in your business or kick-start one. 
  7. To help you develop skills which will help you earn passive income
  8. To provide placement assistance in the best companies
  1. India’s only awarded agency-based institute with university certifications and on-campus placements.
  2. Awarded as “User Choice 2019” by Just Dial
  3. Awarded by Sorav Jain as “Top Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore”
  4. Skill Development Partnership of Jain University and GoDaddy Academy
  5. Digital Consultant of the Year for 2019 to Webi7 Digital Media – The CEO Magazine
  6. Institute of the Year for Digital Education in 2020 – Business Connect India
  7. Creative company of the year 2020

Who We Are

Learn Digital Academy is a dedicated training Institute that provides a comprehensive learning experience involving training, certification, internships, and placements.

Learn Digital Academy believes in quality education and value for money. We follow a strictly goal-oriented teaching curriculum through live projects and practical coursework so that students can see for themselves the results of putting relevant skills into practice.

New and seasoned entrepreneurs can enhance their practical skills to use in running their online business. We are a growing team of professionals ready to pave the way forward for career aspirants and just about anyone interested in learning new skills that are high in demand among the fastest-growing industries.


Who Are We?

If you’re wondering what’s sets Learn Digital Academy apart from the different institutes out there offering similar certifications, here are what makes us unique:

We will equip you with the necessary skills required for your respective field as well as educate you on how to efficiently manage each for your success. The experience you gain from learning in an agency-based institute adds to that advantage and makes you industry-ready!

Get in-depth knowledge of using various tools, techniques, and software across all domains.

Learn how to create successful campaigns on various channels, use your creativity and problem-solving skills to present the best version of yourself to a client or a company. We also provide soft-skills training to make you a well-rounded professional and a great communicator.

Digital marketing courses in bangalore

What to expect from Learn Digital Academy

Real-Time Projects for hands-on experience:

We have an experienced faculty to guide you through the coursework while monitoring your progress.

We provide practical training to enable you to work on live projects and take actionable steps that bring desired results.

Get access to tools, strategies, research, and analysis to allow you to stay in tune with the latest updates in the industry. With our training programs, you get exclusive access to premium tools and software that you would otherwise have to pay a fortune for. Just sign up for our demo class and jump right in

Still contemplating what career to choose or if you need a change?

If you expect to have a scalable career, Digital Marketing, graphic designing or data science is the right pick for the coming decade. Many companies are seeking professionals in these fields, resulting in a growing demand for them. It also makes them the fastest-growing industries in the world.

It is highly unlikely that the demand will diminish any time soon. Several new career opportunities are opening that use the different areas of Digital Marketing, graphic designing, and data science so you can expect a bright future in this arena

Our Achievements
Digital marketing certification in bangalore


Advanced Certifications courses in Digital Marketing, data science, graphic designing, and more to all, irrespective of your vocation. Whether you’re a small business owner, Professional, Student, or Freelancer; we provide equal opportunity for proficiency in your respective field.

We understand your work and study schedules differ, which is why we offer the utmost convenience for self-paced learning. You can choose from Classroom, Scheduled, or Self-Paced E-Learning courses to integrate your training with your Business, Work, or College timings. With Learn Digital, you don’t have to compromise on your obligations to become an expert in your industry.

At Learn Digital Academy, we have experienced trainers equipped with the latest advancements in their respective fields. Trainers will work in tandem with students to make sure that everyone has grasped the practical techniques for online success. Live projects are trainer assisted so that doubts are dealt with as they arise.


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