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Learn Digital Academy has been Bangalore’s Leading Training Institution in Digital Marketing and we are proud to have successfully secured jobs in Digital Marketing to talented individuals in Multi-National Corporations.

We provide

  • 45 days of intense program with more than 120+ hrs of in-class training
  • Every student will be building their own professional websites from scratch
  • Everyday assignment to Practice


We believe the best way to learn Digital Marketing is by doing practically on Live Projects. We train students to be leaders by giving them the power to be the master’s in Digital Marketing in 2019.

In order to be highly flexible for students, we have modified our Training Curriculum to be suitable for weekenders as well as weekday students. Although we are 5 years in the Digital Marketing Training Institute and Consulting, we have already garnered immense appreciation both from aspirants as well as Industry Leaders.

We have partnered with corporations to become a reputable provider of trained candidates.


Learn Digital Academy is Bangalore’s fastest growing Institute. We have built our team with the very best in the Industry who have wide experience working alongside top Businesses. Get valuable industry insight through 30+ modules specially put together by the Learn Digital team for our students. With 12+ Digital Marketing certifications that will bring you the job you desire in no time. Our course curriculum is regularly updated in accordance with the shifts in the Industry and we aim to be the ultimate Digital Marketing course for interested individuals. Choose Learn Digital Academy and see for yourself how our expertise transforms your career for the best.

Simply put, digital marketing is the process of promoting and advertising various products and services of a business or company online especially on the internet to increase brand awareness, generate Prospects and leads & higher Conversions.

With the advancing digital computing era, the demand for good and skillful digital marketers is increasing every day. Many people opt for a full-time digital marketing course straight out of college. Nevertheless, nobody would argue that digital marketing is a trendy and promising job, both in terms of job security and salary.

Firstly Provides a variety of Digital marketing jobs
The main benefit of Digital Marketing is showing the right ad to the right person at the right time, the most important one to discuss is the types of digital marketing jobs available.

Since the inception of Internet advertising giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google are expanding every day, there are always bigger opportunities coming and going for potential digital marketers.

That means that the field of digital marketing can be narrowed down based on personal preferences. The digital marketers can choose which company they would like to work, depending upon interest and suitability.

A good thing is that MNC’s like TCS, Accenture has openings in digital marketing, so the chance of you being part of these elite companies are high. It is important to always work for a company where one feels comfortable and happy.

Therefore, the choice of the company really matters for an employee.

Is a better alternative to traditional marketing
Traditional marketing in today’s world is a big NO. The primary reason this is so is due to the generic nature of traditional marketing, which involves absolutely no creativity and flexibility.

Luckily, today we are aware of digital marketing and how it allows room to showcase creativity in product marketing, depending on the client’s personal preference.

Consumers and end users today require a more personalized and customized marketing strategy, which just cannot be fulfilled by traditional marketing.

To be very honest, everybody loves a more customized and lively message, rather than a dull and dead marketed products and services. Digital marketing is all about unleashing creativity and distinct ways to showcase your brand online.

Digital marketers make sure to provide as much customized messages for their target audience.

Provides more quantified results and a larger audience
Digital marketing is also beneficial as compared to traditional marketing as it provides more quantified results. For example: If a digital marketer promotes a product through a link and a hundred people click it, the marketer will be able to see how many people clicks let to a conversion.

Hence it provides the reliable and exact effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy. This helps digital marketers improve themselves and also find out the best and effective method of marketing for them.

Another benefit of digital marketing is that a worldwide audience can reach and target them. This is not very likely through traditional marketing since that depends solely on geographical location and therefore, it does not reach people living in other areas.

Digital marketing receives a much wider target since people from all over the globe can be promoted.

Is an in-demand job
Digital marketing is an in-demand job. It is expected that within the next few years, there will be more than 2 Lakh Job openings. The best thing about this expectancy is the security of digital marketing as a job.

That means that as a digital marketer, you wouldn’t have to worry about job scarcity and unemployment, which is the greatest fear of all workers. Digital marketing ensures that there is a job for everyone if he has the needed skill set for it.

It is predicted that jobs for digital marketers will rise by about 40% in the upcoming year. Digital marketing prevents future job uncertainties by allowing a wide pool of internet marketing jobs, which ensures job security and job growth.

If you haven’t thought about digital marketing, it is high time that you do now!

Builds up your career
Digital marketing provides the major advantage of building up your own career or even become an entrepreneur, without any external help.

For most other jobs, one spends countless days looking for job advertisements, prepping up for hectic interviews, searching for new placements in job firms, but digital marketing saves one from such efforts. It allows one to kick-start his career by marketing himself.

No need of approving a solid portfolio from office bearers anymore! Nowadays, many online tests like Google Adwords, Analytics are enough to showcase your skills.

Using your own social media influence (which you must already be having!) and your friends’ help, you can brand yourself as a digital marketer if you have the keen insight and aptitude for it. There are examples of famous people who made it big using their social media influence.

Rewards a good salary
While we mentioned that the demand for digital marketing is growing every year, it is also safe to say that digital marketing also pays a lot. While the idea of getting more paid than your peers does sound exciting, one should also bear in mind that the essential skill set required and demanded also varies accordingly.

A survey in which it was confirmed that digital marketing is not only growing vastly but salaries of this profession are increasing profoundly as well. This profession not only rewards one with a respectable salary but lots of bonuses as well.

So, it is safe to say that digital marketing is a job providing a marketer with lots of incentives and benefits.

Over the last decade, technology has been on the rise and more people rely on the internet to transact business over the world. E-Commerce is one of the technologies which has been brought up by the advancement of the internet.

More people are relying on the internet to obtain information. Consumers use the internet to get information on the availability of products in the world market.

Businesses use the internet to interact with the target consumers in real-time and inform them of product changes or launch on new products. Digital marketing strategies are being used over the traditional marketing techniques.

Digital marketing is a technique used by business people to reach out to a large customer base online. It involves the marketing of products and services over the internet using various digital platforms.

It is also known as web marketing, online marketing or internet marketing. Consumers and marketers use digital devices to engage and interact with each other in real time.

To succeed in digital marketing you need to:

Know your target audience: Knowing your target audience will enable you to deliver your products and services to an audience who is interested with them. Identify the key features of your target audience in terms of demographics, age, gender, and economic status.
How to determine success: You should come up with metrics that can determine your success in different areas of your business. E.g. Increase in sales leads, increase in web traffic, and high conversion rates.
Set time frame to measure results: To get the desired results, you need to be realistic when setting your goals. Set deadlines for each goal you have set. This enables you to easily manage your time and give priority to important tasks.
Determine your expected ROI: Set up realistic goals for what you want to achieve after a certain period of time and how much you expect to earn from your investments. Setting the target results will act as a benchmark to compare the actual performance and your expectations.

Better return on investment (ROI)
Companies that rely on digital marketing have better revenue expectancy. Generating a steady flow of traffic to your business increases sales. The more traffic leads to your business the faster you will realize the ROI. Web analytic tools can help you to know whether your website is giving an optimal ROI.

Generate web traffic
Through web marketing, you can see the number of customers who have viewed the published content on your website. You will be able to see the devices they used in visiting your web page, how many pages viewed and anything else they did use digital analytics app.

This information helps you to know which marketing channel to capitalize on. Give more priority to channels which drive more customers to your website.

You can also identify the customer’s behavior, patterns and buying habits. You can rely on this to make informed decisions on how to attract more customers to your website.

Higher conversion rate
Online businesses have a high conversion rate. The web visitors can be converted into leads and later they can buy the company’s products or services. Internet marketing strategies like Email marketing, social media and SEO have a high conversion rate.

They act as an effective means of communication between business and the customers. Inquiries made through emails and telephone calls can generate leads to the company.

Using online marketing, you can reach to a large number of customers at the same time with a minimal budget. Social media and email marketing campaigns are more cost effective as compared to traditional marketing channels like TV advertisement.

Business growth:
Small and medium-size businesses are investing in social media marketing, online marketing, and SEO marketing in order to survive in the competitive market. Digital marketing techniques are cheaper and enable the business to expand its market by reaching a large audience on the global market.

Customer support:
Online marketing facilitates interaction with your target audience. You can engage your customers through various platforms and also get real-time feedback on how well your products satisfy customer’s needs. Customers can also get information on the availability of the product and any changes to the product.

Build Brand reputation:
Being able to deliver what you promised your customers can help build a good relationship and in return, your loyal customers can act as a brand ambassador for your business.

To increase the chances of survival in the digital market, you need to earn customers trust. The quality of services, social media presence and a testimonial from actual customers who have used your product determine the success of your business.

Digital marketing is very vast and one of the most exciting and creative jobs. One of the fastest growing industries, now every business is moving online to promote their products and services.

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing is very important to any business or brand because of its reach, ability to target global audience and very cost effective.

Ability to learn and experiment in marketing as it is always continuous testing. ( and scale what works for you )
Passion for the Field
Analytical Skills ( as Digital Marketing is AKA Data Driven Marketing )
Good Writing and Communication Skills
Be Creative ( coming up with out of the box ideas)

Digital Marketing is now a full-fledged industry with consumers making online purchases for almost all necessities. Organizations that hope to build a strong online presence are now allocating a good chunk of their budget towards improving on Digital Marketing.

Traditional Marketing methods have become obsolete since they no longer hold good for targeting potential customers in the cyberspace. This has opened a plethora of opportunities in various Digital Marketing sectors with individuals hoping to make a career in this lucrative industry.

The Job Market for Digital Marketing is thriving and has become significantly competitive in just a few years.

The Digital Marketing Job Market is not limited to a single role but is spread across different aspects of building and maintaining an active online presence which includes Web Development and Design, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, Social Media, and Online Advertising.

Below are a few prominent career paths that you can take to become a Digital Marketing Professional:

Content Manager
SEO Executive
Web Analytics Executive
Social Media Executive
Web Analytics Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
This is a broad list with more centralized opportunities present in each category.

The Digital Marketing Job Market is very strong:

Yes! Digital Marketing is an excellent field in the present scenario since most companies are focused on obtaining a broad outreach and are targeting potential customers online than through traditional channels.

The sudden rise in career opportunities in Digital Marketing is attributed to the fact that organic traffic is contributing to increased web traffic and companies are realizing the need to encourage and develop strategies to attract more organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing has seen a massive increase in job openings with SEO related career opportunities seeing a steady rise of 33% since last year and Content Marketing jobs seeing a rise of 43% in reputed corporations.

High Growth Rate for the Digital Marketing Job Market:

Ever since Social Media took over the World Wide Web, the Growth Rate for the Digital Marketing Job Market has been slightly more than the average.

Since the world of Digital Marketing is largely reliant on customer opinions and trends, jobs related to customer engagement and Advertising where companies engage with customers in unique and appealing ways without being salesy holds high prominence.

In fact, if this trend were to continue, the Department of Labour Statistics has predicted that by 2024, as many as 200000 jobs would crop up in Online Advertising and Digital Promotions.

How to Getting yourself noticed in the Digital Marketing Job Market
Owing to the intense competition in the field right now, you will be shocked to discover that your fellow aspiring Digital Marketers all hold the same certification as you do and are equally proficient in Modern Digital Marketing strategies.

Wading through the competition to get the job that you desire can be hard and its important to set yourself apart from the crowd. These tips will help you get noticed in the Digital Marketing Job Market:

Show Portfolio:

Aspiring Digital Marketers need a live portfolio of the results achieved with the Digital Marketing skills on their resume. Before you even start attending interviews, build your portfolio and present live demographics that you can add to your resume to improve its strength.

Pick a Niche that interests you:

There are various skills that you can acquire and specific niches that may interest you more than others. Imbibe a skill that’s unique and that keeps you interested and recruiters will instantly notice your passions out of the hundred similar-looking resumes.

Build a Personal Brand:
Personal Branding is very important if you want to be perceived as a Professional in Digital Marketing. Build your LinkedIn profile to reflect your achievements. Optimize your website to show up when your name is googled. Offer to do Guest Blogs and showcase your work on your Portfolio.

The most amazing thing is currently happening all over the world. While some people are struggling to hold on to their jobs and advance in their career; still others are bagging the most unique jobs at top corporations with fat salary packages! Since when is this happening, may you ask?

Ever since Business and the Internet bonded together, career options seem to have exploded and modern jobs have mostly gone digital. A few years ago, Marketing involved research and straightforward selling to audiences but in the digital age, Online Marketing is much more advanced and needs all the brainpower it can afford.

Although Digital Marketing Course is viewed as an elective subject for students already pursuing college in related fields, and for Business Owners who struggle to allocate time amidst their busy schedules; we’re here to tell you that investing in a Digital Marketing training in 2018 is probably the best career decision you could make.

The following article seeks to explain in detail why Digital Marketing Training is important to everyone, irrespective of career paths, and present occupations as long as you express a genuine interest.

Without even realizing, everyone is contributing to the growth of Digital Marketing by way of social media usage, interacting with online content such as Blog Posts, Online Shopping, video tutorials, and search engine results.

The need for Digital Marketing manifolds greater than it once used to be. The future is even more bright as almost all Businesses will operate largely online.

As Digital Marketing grows uncontrollably with new tools, and technologies for in-depth research and analysis; the number of available jobs is set to grow in large numbers.

Thus, the fact that Digital Marketing is booming everywhere is very real and aspiring Digital Marketers have an excellent opportunity to try their abilities in the digital arena.

Just a few years ago, advanced Digital Marketing strategies/tactics/tools could be explained in just a single page’s worth of content, but this fact is no longer true.

Digital Marketing Professionals, finding and grabbing the latest Digital Marketing skills is essential if they expect to hold their jobs or to advance to the next stage in their careers.

However, the demand for Digital Marketers is outdoing the number of aspirants which is great for employees. Digital Marketing aspirants can rejoice because now is the time to grab your opportunity for obtaining the newest and hottest skills in Digital Marketing.

Customer Engagement is every Business’s top priority and every pore of Digital Marketing is steeped in providing exceptional customer service not just to buyers, but to every single user who actively engages with a Business’s online presence.

Digital Marketers have no choice but to be skilled in the latest technologies and platforms and with undue attention, it is possible to never miss a new development in this ever-changing Industry.

The amount of money going into Digital Marketing is unimaginable, driving innovation at a rapid pace. Recruiters are no longer hiring textbook marketers with fancy degrees and are instead interested in skilled employees with an eye for innovation.

The latest Digital Marketing skills cannot just be read off of a few blog posts. You need assisted learning by way of live sessions from a suitable Digital Marketing Training program to master each skill and to add it successfully on your resume.

Without further ado, have a look at the hottest Digital Marketing skills that you can acquire through Digital Marketing Training

  1. Competitive Research:

Digital Marketing has gone beyond simple optimization to know your competitors. The latest competitive research platforms like SEMRush let you analyze your competitors’ marketing strategy including the keywords they target and rank for, the kind of ads they run and the customer engagement strategy they employ that works for them.

Competitive Research is vital to present day Digital Marketing and companies are looking for employees skilled in research tactics. There are platforms that let you measure your audience growth against that of your competitors’ over a specific time.

Tools like Share of Interaction (SOI) graphs are the newest in Digital Marketing that you can master via Digital Marketing Training. Candidates who can present competitive analysis reports are deemed valuable in the present climate and are most sought-after by employers.

  1. Social Media Management:

With the explosion of Social Media platforms, companies need to be on several different platforms to target specific customer bases. As such, it’s a daunting task to manage shares and posts on each platform in accordance with the latest trends as well as interacting with followers.

Social Media Management tools and platforms let you monitor your Social Media activity on several different platforms at once thus enabling convenient Social Media engagement.

You can learn to use Social Media Management platforms through Digital Media Training and get hired as a Social Media Management expert at top corporations.

  1. Data Visualisation:

Data Sets are complex and difficult to manage for Businesses trying to keep themselves running. Data obtained from Digital Marketing Research and Analysis involve in-depth reports of customer behavior which companies need to sort through and utilize to put marketing campaigns into motion.

Visualisation tools that take complex data and statistics and convert them into visuals that clearly define them are among the hottest skills in Digital Marketing. Story-telling using datasets is another vital skill in this regard.

You can learn the art of Data Visualisation from Digital Marketing Training and obtain data interpreting jobs in Digital Marketing companies.

  1. Video Marketing:

Videos are everywhere and they’re a strong medium for customer engagement right now. Videos used in Digital Marketing are made for Virtual Reality, are live-streamed, or shot as 360-degree videos.

But mostly, bite-sized social videos are the ones that go viral and are used in most Digital Marketing campaigns. Expert video editing skills for the purpose of Digital Marketing are a hot skill that you can learn from Digital Marketing Training.

You will get insight into the power of videos and graphics in Content Marketing along with the tools to measure their performance.

  1. Marketing Automation:

Digital Marketing no longer requires you to spend hours researching, analyzing, and sharing posts at specific times. Most tools are automated requiring you to just rig them to work according to your requirements.

Companies don’t sit all day waiting for website visitors to pop up and then individually check where they’re coming from. If Automation tools are used in the right way, they automatically collect and collate data for review.

Advanced use of Marketing Automation tools is a valuable skill you can acquire through Digital Marketing Training that will automatically get you noticed by employers.

  1. Machine Learning:

AI/Machine Learning is set to be the next biggest thing that will change the face of Digital Marketing for good. Machine Learning is intensely technical requiring a strong skill-set that can be acquired from Digital Marketing Training.

Machine Learning, when combined with Digital Marketing data, results in improved automation to enable campaigns to perform on their own. The research data obtained from Digital Marketing Analytics is huge and unmanageable manually and machine learning will be of huge help if it reaches its highest potential.

Machine Learning as a skillset is a gold mine for companies and anyone hired based on it can expect obscene salary packages for the simple reason that machine learning is set to tremendously expand ROI for Businesses in the coming years.

Digital Marketing is an evolving field with new technologies emerging every other day. There is no ultimate level but there sure is the latest and the most modern skills that you can add to your list of Digital Marketing skills acquired.

Enroll yourself in Digital Marketing Training now to enjoy its benefits. Not only will your training stand out in your job application, hopefully, you can utilize your skills to one day build a million-dollar business online.

There are millions of people earning money online through a various platform like

Affiliate Marketing
Selling products & service
As an employee of a company
Google AdSense
Freelancing is working for a company or business but not being part of it. The best reason is you can work on your free time, and work from wherever you want, but there will be deadlines.

Usually, the Work or tasks done will Goal oriented. There are online platforms where you can sign up and get projects for SEO, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Copy-writing etc. The Best place to start will be Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.com

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Billions of dollars are made through promoting other people ( 3rd party) products and services.

If a Sale or Lead Happens through your affiliate link, the referral fee ( or affiliate commission) will be credited to your account. The affiliate commission varies from product to product & service to service. The referral fee will be from 4% to 75 %( ex: 75% for Digital products like eBooks, courses, software’s etc.)

You don’t have to be an owner of the product or service. You can change the product whenever we want. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work, low investment.

Major Affiliate networks are Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank, Max bounty, Peer fly, Cj.com etc

Selling your own products and Services – Selling your products on eBay and Amazon, Dropshipping through Shopify, Selling your own Digital products likes EBooks, video courses (educational courses ) and SaaS Products.

You Can Work as an Employee of a company. As every business or company needs a Digital Marketer who can drive leads and sales their products or services. There are multiple channels where you can choose from SEO, PPC, SEM, Email Marketing, building Funnels and has more than 40+ Designations:

Digital Marketing Executive
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Expert
SEO Executive
Social Media Manager
Content Writer etc.
Google AdSense– Once your blog starts getting traffic and building authority in a particular niche. You can apply for AdSense, where you become a Google display network partner;

Where Google will be putting ads on your website. Google AdSense will pay you per each Click and RPM (revenue for 1000 impressions). The money made is Google AdSense is very low. Unless you have a very popular website or a YouTube video that gets a lot of views.

The major disadvantage of Google AdSense is that you can’t control whose ads are being shown on your website. This is a major advantage for your competitors as they can put in their ads on your website.

The war between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing continues as companies fight to establish the superior among the two while others try hard to bridge the gap and maintain a balance between Traditional Marketing practices and Digital Marketing techniques.

With online publishing almost completely overtaking offline news and magazine publications, the question arises whether the global audience has really gone wholly digital and whether Television and Print Media have indeed gone obsolete as marketing mediums.

This article clearly allows you to identify Traditional and Digital Marketing practices and discusses the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Traditional Marketing: Travel back in time to the days when laptops and smartphones didn’t exist. The only way in which consumers would become aware of products and services was through

Newspapers, and
the radio.
Of course,

Posters, and
Billboards along with
Promotional Events Nearby
contributed to ensuring that we were sufficiently Marketed to. Print Media played a major role in getting the word out by way of flashy ads on half the pages of magazines. Thus

Radio, and
Print Media
were the three main channels for Brand Promotion. Although Traditional Marketing means appear outdated, the fact remains that Television and Radio are still sought-after and are strong mediums for Marketing.

In fact, Television is very much digital with the on-demand streaming and subscription-based packages available for TV viewing at your convenience.

Print Media has also not completely vanished from the face of the Earth and shouldn’t for good reason. Another important thing to note here is that Digital Billboards have replaced the traditional stagnant ones and every one of us is constantly bombarded with flashy ads as we drive past on highways and on busy streets.

So, it seems that Traditional Marketing has slightly changed its face by going digital although the essence remains the same.


Traditional Marketing is like the progenitor of Digital Marketing and acts as its foundation. Digital Marketing tactics are largely based on Traditional Marketing methods.
Traditional Marketing is unconcerned about customer targeting and is kind of a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy wherein promotions are put up for all to see in places highly viewable by all.
Traditional Marketing feels very real compared to staring at ads online. The highest form of traditional marketing involves promotional events and stores where products and services are marketed face-to-face and customers get a real-world feel rather than just virtual insights.
Traditional Marketing focuses mainly on catering to the local market. It establishes a brand’s presence as a strong local contender.

Traditional Marketing is limited when compared to the immense opportunities for engagement offered by Digital Marketing. It doesn’t allow direct communication with customers and has little room for establishing trust among target customers. Through Traditional Marketing, you can only keep your products and services before customers and hope for conversions since there are fewer ways of engagement.
Traditional Marketing campaigns by way of television ads, billboard ads, and radio broadcasts are expensive and not feasible for SME’s seeking to minimize marketing budget and maximize conversions. Besides, Traditional Marketing campaigns are short-lived and cannot be sustained for long periods of time without incurring heavy costs.
There is no way of accurately measuring if your campaigns have yielded results since measuring ROI in Traditional Marketing is difficult. You can analyze and assume but you cannot accurately measure the success of your Traditional Marketing campaigns. But here we can note that since television has gone digital there are methods of measuring outreach although the effect is not the same as Digital Marketing Analytics tools.
Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is brand promotions and ads online on

Social Media Platforms, and
Mobile Phone Apps
meticulously placed so as to be viewable by a company’s target audience and result in maximum sales and conversions. Digital Marketing is the brand-new marketing sphere that has brought the world closer for companies to target audiences from different countries.

The Internet is its main channel and the major marketing techniques in Digital Marketing are:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Pay Per Click Ads

Among the seemingly endless advantages of Digital Marketing, the most important is the ability to take your brand global right from where your company is based. You can easily create Digital Marketing campaigns that target customers across different countries on specific platforms.
Directly interact with your target customers in an engaging, conversational tone thus eliminating a sleazy marketing approach and building trust with your consumer base.
Posting online will get your brand instant recognition and fame, especially if you have something mind-blowing to offer. Your chance of becoming insanely viral on the web is also high.

Digital Marketing leaves your brand’s reputation vulnerable to opinions, perceptions, and comparisons online which you must regularly keep in check and regulate in order to maintain a positive image. Since users have complete freedom to post whatever they like about brands online, there is a high possibility that your competitors or individuals with malicious intents may try to tarnish your brand image, requiring your Digital Marketing team to assume the role of Internet vigilante.
Digital Marketing requires skill and expertise. You will need to set up a dedicated team of professionals to attend to the minutest aspect of your Digital Marketing campaigns. This involves hiring skilled employees at high pay scales.
Digital Marketing is never constant since the Internet is always changing with search engines regularly modifying their algorithms and new trends cropping up in the blink of an eye. To keep up with the pace, your company needs to regularly educate itself about how best to stay in tune with these changes.
In every way, Digital Marketing seems to be the clear winner, but Traditional Marketing has a lot to teach us. At the heart of both lies customer service which must be the top priority for all companies

ONLINE Media is rapidly increasing Global Consumption Rate:
There is no question regarding the Adoption Rate of Social Media like Instagram and the internet enabled gadgets, especially in India where people are realizing the power of the Internet over traditional channels. Even in the remotest areas of the country, platforms like YouTube and Internet services such as E-commerce stores are gaining unimaginable popularity. Outside India, Digital Media adoption has already gained solid ground. So, if you are a Business owner, or a job seeker in the Digital Marketing arena, its only fitting that Digital Marketing Course will upgrade your knowledge about the modern Digital Age, thus improving your prospects of profiting from it.
Harmonious Balance between Work and Upskilling:
If you are a Digital Marketing Professional already employed at a 9 to 5 job, you will know how important Upskilling is to have a bright future. Since the digital world is changing constantly, learning new skills, and having new perceptions is vital to surviving. Even when you switch jobs, recruiters ask tough questions about your ability to adapt to new tools and platforms. This is why a Digital Marketing Course will take care of your learning while you focus on your job. Instead of worrying about devoting hours out of your busy work life for self-learning, enrolling in a Best digital marketing training institute will demand time out from weekends and holidays for assisted learning. This way, both work and learning will go in tandem and won’t conflict.
Low Cost Marketing:
Is Marketing soaking up all your revenue? Digital Marketing involves very little investment since most of the tools are available for free online. Learn how to perform effective, global research of your Business’s outreach on the web and study customer behavior with Digital Marketing. You can create engaging marketing campaigns using the latest online tools and market your products and services to online users. Get all this and more from an affordable, short-term Digital Marketing course. With Online Marketing, your Business is free from the unending hidden costs that come with a Traditional Marketing approach. Curtail expenditure through pay-per-click and Social Media Advertising.
Students can build a Powerful Resume:
Fresh College Graduates are often left feeling confused about their next course of action. Should they follow their ambitions or seek a safe career? The Digital Age is now providing opportunities to merge personal career ambitions with a viable career path. For instance, artists can become graphic designers in large companies who are paying unimaginably for digital art. Similarly, students unsure about the right career track for them can enroll in Advanced Digital Marketing Training during job search or graduation since it will strengthen their resume by making them a favorable candidate during job applications.
ROI is now yours to claim:
Previously when paid advertising on traditional channels like television and radio was the only way businesses could sell their wares, return on investments was meager and never guaranteed. But now with the increased control Digital Marketing has brought about on how companies utilize their revenue over marketing efforts, the chances of complete ROI is tangible. With cost-per-lead being at the crux of Digital Marketing efforts, expenditure is controlled, channeled and maximum ROI can be achieved.
Earn Social Currency:
In the world of Business, success is not measured only through wealth. Reputation is as vital to a Business as revenue. This fact holds significance in the Digital World even more since reputation spreads online like a viral plague. The current trend among Businesses is to literally go viral online through content or through products and services. Internet fame can take your business to new heights and get people everywhere talking about your brand without you having to spend millions. Social Currency in the form of online shares and mentions, rave word-of-mouth reviews can be created through Digital Marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing Course will give you the means of creating rich media content that has the possibility of going viral online and earning you immense valuable Social Currency. Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore will improve your endeavors considerably. Whether you want to become a hugely successful Businessman/Businesswoman, you want to be a stellar employee at work, or you just want to be in tune with the modern Digital age, Digital Marketing Course will give you the knowledge that you can use to bring Digital Automation to your efforts. At the heart of it, Digital Marketing is less about complex technical plans and more about automating marketing to reap huge rewards.

Our Training fees not only includes coursework but also comes with a handful of tools and Softwares worth 68k for every student enrolling with us. Here’s what you get when you join Learn Digital Academy’s Advanced Digital Marketing Training:
Get ready to own your very own Professional Website that you can develop and design however you like.
Domain and Hosting will be provided free of cost to enable you to work on your website through to its best version.
Learn Digital offers its students two premium website themes worth $118.
We present to you a year’s worth of web hosting priced at $46 free with SSL Certificate.
Get a Landing Page Builder worth $59, Lead Capture Plugin worth $29, Caching Plugin worth $49, and other useful plugins like the Schema Markup Plugin, the Review Plugin, the Notification, and the Backup Plugin priced at around $347 all ready for your access when you join Learn Digital’s Academy.

A major concern about investing in a certification course, as expressed by candidates is the lack of job guarantee. Learn Digital Academy understands your concerns regarding your career which is why we offer comprehensive placement assistance to students through live practical training, Assignments, and Internships which will prove to be highly beneficial for job seekers. Our advanced Google Certifications and access to premium tools will make you 100% job-ready to be hired by MNC’s for top positions. Our Industry trained mentors will give you the right guidance to help you achieve a sustainable career in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving world with trends having a huge influence over the job market. With changing customer trends, new skills are always in demand in the job market. Digital Marketers need to constantly upgrade themselves with the latest trends in Digital Marketing. Whether you’re starting out on your Digital Marketing Career or you’re looking for bigger and better opportunities, below are a few clever ways in which you can up your influence in the eyes of Digital Marketing Recruiters:
Digital Marketing Blogs:
There are several websites/blogs that provide in-depth information on everything new in Digital Marketing. Reading Online Resources are an excellent way to be an expert on the newest Digital Marketing Trends. Like neilpatel , Search Engine journal, Moz etc
Tutorials and Webinars:
There are several tutorial videos that teach you how to incorporate the most effective digital marketing strategies for your website and learning from them as an efficient way to show off your knowledge during an interview.
Get Certified:
A Certification Course in Digital Marketing is affordable and easily available. You can choose from different areas of Digital Marketing to get certified in, that interests you can enroll yourself for a Digital Marketing Certification Course from a Learn Digital Academy

Best Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Training in Bilikehalli
  • Introduction to E-commerce
  • Future of E-commerce
  • Creating an Online Store
  • Installing WooCommerce
  • configuring WooCommerce
  • Adding products
  • Setting Up Payment Gateway
  • Variable products
online digital marketing institute
  • Introduction to Landing Pages
  • Difference between landing pages and Website
  • Types of Landing Pages
  • Building a Landing Page
  • Building a Thank You Page
  • A/B Testing
  • Remarketing strategies
best online digital marketing courses
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Money Making Strategies
  • Affiliate marketing mindset
  • Major Affiliate Networks
  • How to get approved in Affiliate networks
  • How to Promote Affiliate Products
  • Live Case studies
  • How to Work as a Freelancer
institute of digital marketing
  • Introduction to Sales Funnels
  • Importance of Sales Funnels
  • Types of Funnels
  • Understanding Optin Pages
  • Understanding Offer Pages
  • Nurturing Sequences
  • Remarketing Strategies
Digital Marketing courses in JP Nagar Bangalore
  • Introduction to Marketing.
  • Importance of Marketing
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Comparision B/w Traditional and Digital Marketing
  • Future of Digital Marketing
  • Major Channels of Digital Marketing
  • Importance of Websites
  • Importance of optimizing for Search Engines
  • Importance of Social Media Presence
  • Importance of Measuring Metrics
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
master in digital marketing
  • Introduction to Website
  • Importance of a Website
  • what is a Domain
  • Factors considered while selecting a Domain
  • Linking Domain and Web Hosting
  • Introduction to CMS and Types of CMS
  • Importance of WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • Creating Pages, Posts
  • Menus, Permalinks
  • Setting Up the UI / UX
  • WordPress Dashboard
seo course in bangalore
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Understanding Search Engines
  • Crawling & Indexing
  • Importance of SEO
  • Google Algorithms & Updates
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Off Page SEO
  • Reporting
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Disavow Tool
learn online marketing
  • Introduction to content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Blogging
  • Content writing strategy
  • Creative writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Career opportunities
ppc training in bangalore
  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Types of Campaigns
  • Google Adwords Dashboard
  • Setting up PPC Campaigns
  • Search network Campaign
  • Display network Campaign
  • Remarketing Strategies
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Mobile Campaigns
  • Google Adwords Exams
digital marketing online course
  • Introduction Social Media Marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • SMO Vs SMM
  • introduction to Facebook
  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Twitter for Business
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
learn online digital marketing
  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Types of Mobile Marketing
  • Importance of Mobile marketing
  • Bulk SMS
  • App Promotion
  • QR Codes
  • Page speed Optimization
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • App Monetization
  • Mobile Advertising and Search
online marketing courses
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Importance of Email Marketing
  • Bulk Email Marketing
  • Dashboard Interface
  • List Building Strategies
  • Lead Capture forms
  • Autoresponder
  • Templates
  • Running the Campaigns
  • Integrating with Analytics
  • Reporting
Learn Digital Academy
  • Introduction to ORM
  • Importance of ORM
  • ORM Strategy
  • Monitoring Search Engines
  • Monitoring Social media
  • Monitoring Review Sites
  • Promoting positive content
  • Suppressing negative content
  • Increasing loyal customer
seo course syllabus
  • Introduction to Business Listing
  • Introduction to Local SEO
  • Importance of Local SEO
  • NAP Citations
  • Factors to improve in Local SEO
  • Business listing
  • Local Ads
  • Managing reviews and ratings
  • Google My Business Post and Products
seo course syllabus
  • Preparing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Live Case Study
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Monitoring Buyers Behavioral data
  • Monitoring Buyer Conversational data
  • Understanding Buyers Persona.
digital marketing in bangalore
  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Importance of Analytics
  • Basic Terminology
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Google Analytics Interface
  • Setting Up Goals & Funnels
  • Filters & Segmentation
  • A, B, C of Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards and Reports

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