5 Ways How To Generate Leads In Linkedin

LinkedIn Is the World’s Largest Professional Network with over 150 Million Professionals. Unlike Other Social Media Platforms Which Focuses on Family and Friends, LinkedIn Focuses On the User’s Professional Identity. LinkedIn Is The Most Professionalism Platform For Job Seekers. People Get Most Percentage Of Jobs From LinkedIn By Professionalism. LinkedIn Helps You To Connect To Different High Level Of People From Different Industries And Fields, Helps To Interact With Them. Mainly This Channel Focuses on Where the Users Are Sharing About Their Work, Their Experience, Skills, and Day To Day Activities And Making New Contact with New People.

LinkedIn has:

  • Home Page For Checking The Posts Of People You Have Added, Or You Posting Stuffs.
  • Network Page For Connecting To People.
  • Jobs Page For Searching Your Preferred Jobs In ANY Location You Want.
  • Messaging Page For Getting In Contact With Random.
  • Notification Page For  Getting Important Notifications Like Jobs, Whoever Gets Connected to You.
  • Work Page Where You Get To Visit  *More LinkedIn Products Like Learning, Insights, Post a job, Advertise, Groups, Pro finders, Salary, and Slide share.
  • LinkedIn Business Services Like Talent Solutions, Sales Solutions, Post a job, Marketing Solutions, Learning Solutions.
  • And Lastly, You Can Create Your Company Page.
  • In LinkedIn Ads, You Can Create Your Own Business Page Where You Can Target People on Different Basis.

Here Are The 5 Ways How To Generate Leads In LinkedIn:

STEP 1: Optimize Your Profile:

To Connect With People That You Do Not Know, You Need To Optimize Your Profile, Because If you Have Never Meet Someone Before And Suddenly You Try To Connect With Them Through LinkedIn If You Have An Unprofessional Photo And Just Two Simple Words Describing Yourself What You Do And What You Don’t Then They Won’t Accept Your Request. However, If You Have A Professional Photo And A Good Biography Then Would Like To Know More About You. Optimizing Your Profile Is Very Simple. Get A Professional Picture, Complete Your Profile And Write Something Good.

STEP 2: Create Your Own Company Page:

You Have To Create Your Company Page Where You Can Create Page As Per Your Business Size And Also For Educational institutions And Where You Can Showcase Page. After Creating Page Go To LinkedIn Products And Click Advertise And Then You Have To Create Account Where You Have To Put Your LinkedIn Page URL You Created.

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STEP 3: Create Your Own Group:

Creating Your Own LinkedIn Group Is A Good Way to Make Leads And Build Your Authority Within Your Niche. Starting A Group Is Easy To Do But Maintain And Growing Up Is Hard To.

You Can See On Your Right Hand Side Of Your Screen, Click On Groups And Create New Group. Give  A Group Name, About The Group, Set Group Rules, Set Discoverability  Of The Group And Your Ready To Go. Once Created You Can Start Adding Content.

STEP 4: Create Potential Customers List:

You Can Search Potential Customers According to our content. Your Goal is To Create Maximum list Of Potential Leads. Its Very Easy To Do By LinkedIn Build In Search Option. LinkedIn Has Over 400 Million Users. You Can Easily Reach Out To Them If You Want. Using Filters In Search To Find The Best Potential Leads For Your Business. You Want To Focus On People Within Your Industry Like CEO, Managers. After Completing Your Relevant Searches You Can Build Large Potential Leads. You Can Start Connecting. You Can Target Different Audience Depending Upon Company (i.e. Company connections, Company size, Company connections), Demography (i.e. Age, Gender), Education ( i.e. Degree, Field Of study, School members), Job Experience (i.e. Job Functions, Job Titles, Job Experience ), Interest and Traits ( i.e. Member Groups, Member Interest )

Step 5: Start Connecting With Members On Your List:

This Is The Most Time Consuming Aspect Of The Entire Process. You Can Not Build Thousands Of Leads In A Single Day, It Will Take Time. Your Profile Should Be Optimised  So That Random Reach Out To You. You Can Reach Out To  Members By Sending Out Messages To Connect. Just Write A Simple Message And Then Send.

You Follow These Steps And Become Successful, Spend Months Building An Image With The Members Of The Group. Become A Good Leader By Blogging And Publishing Good Content. Value To Every Member Of Your Group. Connect With Them Anytime They Want to Reach You and Try Solving Their Problems As Well. If You Have Been Successfully Engaging With Your Audience, You Will Have High Turnout Rate. Once Done Keep the Group Going, Start another One And do It All Over Again.


Generating Sales Through LinkedIn Is A Time-Consuming Process.  It Takes Months To Get Results.  But If You Do Good In Building Up Your Group, Then You Will Get Results, It Will BE Worth It.  If You Execute These Steps Properly, This Is The Most Effective Strategy In Online Marketing For Generating Leads.

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Role Of Email Marketing

In today’s world marketing is very much essential for promoting and selling products and services which ultimately benefits the company. There are various methods of marketing and email marketing one of the techniques to market different products and services. Email marketing is a tool which is used by business to connect with peoples. With email marketing, the people are informed about the various products and services provided by the companies so that people are knowledgeable about the various products and services provided to them. Email helps to connect people easily and it has a huge customer audience. Webmail is among one of the most effective ways to reach among people as there are around 2.5 billion people who use email on regular basis with the exchange of over 196 billion emails of a different kind that may be g-mail, yahoo mail, outlook is among top platform which provides customers to use their platform for the exchange of emails.

Email marketing is one of the most conventional and measurable ways of marketing. Through email marketing various prospects, leads, customers are targeted for building a relationship with them as email provides a way to communicate with them directly in their inbox. As email is important as most of the official works are carried through email and it is considered as an official way of interaction between people. It is considered one of the most formal and efficient way of communication among people, business organizations, companies, friends. It is a very effective marketing strategy as the audience present in the email is huge and people check their email for any updates and information. Email provides direct interaction among people where information is shared.

Marketing is very much needed as it is a way to inform people about the products and services that are available in the market for their use. If they are not aware of the products and services and don’t know about their benefits they will not become familiar with products. Email marketing helps the business to provided information about their product, quality, raw materials, perks of their product over other similar kinds of products available in the market within their reach. Email marketing gives the proper information directly without any bias and the proper information is provided to them. It helps in reminding the audiences and people about the various offers, discounts, availability of their products, and services. Email helps to approach a large number of audiences in less time with effective information without much effort. It is very much effective as it has advantages like time-efficient, eco friendly, attractive, direct communication method, etc. Email marketing has edges over others as it is simple in use, it allows accessibility without any restrictions from boundaries of countries as it is accessible from anywhere with having internet connectivity. Email marketing is inexpensive and cost-efficient as its services are free and there is no need to spend an additional amount of money to send or receive emails. It can be done through mobile phones, laptops, desktop, etc. It is a method of communicating through networking and provides an easy user interface. Among various advantages of email marketing, one of its top advantages is that it allows for mass reach as the same mail can be sent to different users with one particular message. Email allows various other advantages like the addition of images, files, documents easily without any extra effort. It is eco friendly as well as it reduces the old methods of promotions like distribution of pamphlets that has the cost of paper, printing, distribution, and it can also be damaged. But in the case of email marketing, there are no such disadvantages and it overcomes those of pamphlets.

Email emerged as a modern tool of marketing that helps various people to market their products and services. It provides several options to the people like they can go to the company website directly through the mail and make purchases and know more about the features of the products without putting much extra effort. Email marketing is convenient and easy to use.  It is also among the faster way of communication. Through a regular email exchange, the products and services are marketed occasionally. Email is an effective way to remind them about the offers and discounts from time to time like on birthdays, holidays, anniversary, festivals, etc. Among various other roles of email marketing, the primary role is mass reach among the people in less time with minimal efforts. One mail composed can be used to send to as many people as you have options to send them all.

Email serves various functions in the marketing of products and services. It has a wide range and can cover a variety of people to aware of the people and convert them as their customers. Those who already become customers helps in retaining them for the future and make them valuable customers with building a relationship through emails. It helps the people to acknowledge the efforts done by companies to communicate with customers effectively. Email marketing is a very attractive way to aware people of the products. Email marketing emerges as the efficient tool that not only used for reaching out customers but it also provides them to communicate with them and give important feedback to the companies about the various changes and possibilities that can be done in their products which can bring more quality as well as provide customer satisfaction.

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Email marketing helps in building a good relationship between customers and businesses. It helps the people to participate in activities and can access to better information. As the world is moving toward digitalization email is the modern way to advertise and connect with prospects, target audiences, to make availability of information. It is an easy and faster way to reach a mass audience in quick time with less effort. Having a large database about the email ids of people, through email we can send a single mail to people at different points of time. It can also be done automatically with the proper command by the companies as there are different types of mail like welcome mail, thankyou mail, promotional mail, company promotional mail, etc. As everything is going digital thus email marketing becomes important for the future as it is an advanced way of communicating. Various email marketing allows contact with customers easily and quickly and considered an advanced technique of promotion. Email marketing provides larger space and availability of information about the product, business, services.

While there are various advantages of email marketing there are also some disadvantages that cannot be out looked as every aspect has advantages and disadvantages. While talking about the disadvantages, the main disadvantages in the Indian market are that those who receive mail did not give adequate effort in opening the mail and checking the information. They are ignorant towards the mail they receive as there are various emails they receive on a daily basis and thus they ignore without giving it proper attention. The Indian email marketing is spoiled by the various companies as the companies keep on sending emails daily without having the proper insight about the target audience. Email promotions become a strategy that is quite helpful if done it right with having good information. As when there are mails send to the audience there is a higher chance that it will go to a spam account and can not reach customers if it is commercial in nature or marked as spam by the irritated customers. They have options to unsubscribe from receiving the future mail or may delete the mail without reading or opening the mail if not sent to the right audience. They are also legal obligations towards email marketing that must rely on the legal rules such as data privacy etc. Another issue faced by email marketing is that many emails remain undelivered if the information or email id is incorrect and thus the message cant be reached to the person. Many emails face size and design issue while composing of the mail so if the mail is not composed by the knowledgeable and skillful person there is a higher chance that the elements that will convert the lead to the potential customer might fail and with issues of containing an attachment of larger size may take time in loading and the customer might feel frustrating and lose interest towards the same. So these are some challenges that need to be tackled while using email marketing for better results.

However, email marketing if done it correctly with right targeted people is a very effective way of digital marketing. And people took interest if they are already engaged in such products and their use and that makes email marketing to stand out from other forms of digital marketing. As the data provided by various survey agency confirms that consumers engaged in email marketing is high if there is relevance in email. Many millennials prefer email communication as a better way of communication and are attracted to it which makes it an important method of marketing. Email marketing is an easy and trusted way of reaching a mass audience in a quick time with cost-effectiveness and growth in business. Email marketing has a high impact on the audience and generates good revenue with the low cost of advertising. Sources confirm that return on investment in case of email marketing is huge but it depends upon the goals and structuring of the emails with proper design and attractiveness. The results generated toward email marketing is more as clicks help in increased revenue, more brand presence, and awareness among the customers that is the ultimate goal of email marketing.

As with modernization and the presence of internet email marketing is a conventional and proven way of marketing that is used by businesses to generate revenue and reach out to mass audiences to inform about different products and services. Thus email marketing become one of the vital essences in the era of digital marketing.

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How To Increase Sales Funnel

 From initiating contact with people and keeping the communication until they become customers is sales funnel. The art of opening a conversation in various modes of communication decides the number of closures which can be expected, the more number of prospects who respond to your first note are the ones who will get through the filtration where various aspects will be checked like eligibility, interest, time for conversion and most of all the thought process of buying from competitors. There are various sales funnel stages depending upon the nature of business and while building a sales funnel a few points must be considered for a smooth flow or the loopholes will let the prospects find another way.

  • A verified lead
  • On-time contact or follow up
  • No communication barriers
  • Answer to all questions

The main motive of a sales funnel should be to convert cold prospects into a hot lead; a good follow up of the sales funnel allows the team to know the current status of possibility of conversion and if there are fewer chances than change the way of approach. The visual representation of a sales funnel is as the word funnel, wide on top, and narrow at the bottom. There are various kinds of sales funnel, as mentioned above, based upon the nature of business, for example, the stages of an E-commerce funnel might differ a little from marketing sales funnel but the motive remains the same, conversion of prospects into customers. The sales funnel is the journey of the prospect where its duty of the sales team to have proper communication with the prospect. The sales funnel shows whether the prospect was called or not is it a qualified or not and for all of it to be on record it is advised to use a funnel CRM.
The widest part of the sales funnel includes getting the lead into it and making the prospect aware of your product this is a platform where your prospect can be in your competitor’s funnel too. The right mode of communication with the prospect and making sure there are is no communication gap takes the prospect down thru the funnel. Making sure that the prospect is aware of the product or whatever the sale target is very necessary.

Sales funnel stages:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

Although it can be debated at any given time that finding eligibility also has to be one of the concerns, well that completely depends upon the type of leads you are dropping in the funnel. Having the right leads is very important as the funnel should function smoothly and stick to the process. It is also another scenario where the leads you have were not generated by any promotions or paid ads but organically the prospects landed on your website. Once they start getting aware of the facilities or benefits that you are offering the next stage creates the finest of the impression and is the biggest factor to decide the conversion.

Interest: at this stage, the prospect is actively looking for different possibilities through answers by various sources and is trying to reach their motive. There are high possibilities of the prospect searching for these answers on Google, time to nail the prospect with the right content is very much needed, and you can attract them with quality and meaningful content as for the organic clients they will indicate by following you on social media or subscribing to your newsletter.

Decision: the decision to take advantage of the solution offered by you can take time, the sales offers can push the prospects to make this decision at the earliest regular follow-ups through calls can help or webinars sales pages, etc can help you for the conversion.

Action: Time where prospect turns into a customer, the concerned agree to the terms and conditions or signs the contract and hits the purchase button. This should not stop the conversation or communication with the customer as there are high chances of another purchase and not just that but also to maintain the reputation with the customer for better relations which ultimately maintains your online reputation too.

Retention: As mentioned earlier, the conversion of the prospect should not stop communication with the customer. The focus on this stage should be to keep the customers happy and no other statement other than the one from your customer boosts and maintains your reputation on digital platforms. Existing customers can increase their revenue by purchasing more products from you. It is necessary to keep a healthy relation with them.

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What are marketing and sales funnel?

There is a very thin gap between sales and marketing funnel, while marketing funnel focuses highly on awareness and lead generation the sales funnel is to convert the leads into customers. It is pretty much agreed that marketing funnel is to make sure brand awareness is happening at regular times and the brand is being recognized which ultimately helps to generate leads.

How to build a sales funnel from scratch:

Analyze the behavior of your audience, you cannot sell your product to everybody, there has to be a selected audience to whom you try to reach thru posts or paid ads, whatever may be the mode, the message of awareness has to be loud and clear. The audience should look forward to more. Capturing the attention has to be creative and needs to be done with different modes and at this stage, organic results matter the most. If you have a good budget then run the ads on the required platform where according to your analysis audience is likely to be present and respond.

Build a landing page:

The user experience or the first impression of your website has to be satisfying, have a dedicated landing page for the expected users or surfers; it has to be friendly enough to make the user take the next step. The landing page plays a crucial role in setting the expectations, as the word goes “the first impression is the last impression”. It is important to write attractive and meaningful content, content which is completely related to the link on which the user has clicked, anything which is unrelated and not attention-seeking may lead the user to close the tab and move on, effecting your sale and bounce rate at the same time.

Create your sales funnel:

What complicates the situation and also makes it interesting at the same time is that you cannot have the same sales funnel for all your prospects, everyone has their own needs for the products you are offering. They might use it differently from others or gift it to someone else a same approach for all the customers can lead the customer away from your funnel.
One of the best approaches to understand the customer’s requirement and state of mind is to talk to them. By this approach, you can cover the gap between your product and customer’s understanding, more of all it builds a good rapport with the customer. Make a list of a few important questions to be asked. At the same time also ask if the prospects have tried any solutions for the challenges they faced. When you have all the required details (have a good list of questions to be asked, necessary eligibility criteria, and time frame in which customer is looking forward to buying the product, etc) it will help you to bring the prospect smoothly thru the sales funnel, for which again you need to have content created which meets the basic criteria or the needs of the customer, keep the lead warm with emails and other modes of communication.
As mentioned above about having different sales funnel, it also makes sense to create a customer’s persona.
The sales funnel is just a good design if there are no leads, in the current scenario the world is on a platter for all of us, online marketing has opened many doors of opportunities for small scale to large scale businessmen and entrepreneurs. There are various ways to generate leads, social networking sites, and search engines that will help you to generate enough leads. There are two modes of generating these leads, one is organic and the other is paid. While the organic traffic to your website and details submission helps you to cut down the finances and at the same time increases the chances of ranking up, paid traffic can consume your amount depending upon the nature of your product and once you stop paying that means no traffic no leads. While performing these activities you will automatically get to know about the lead funnel.
To maintain rapport and keep the customer engaged we can follow few steps required in online sales funnel. Regular posts on social media, blogs, videos, or more of all maintain a social media calendar.
While all the steps are followed from time to time your sales funnel strategy brings the prospects to the stage of closure. Closures can be done with various approaches; team can choose to do it with sales pages with such an approach it is necessary to make the customer feel secured about his payment details. Sales calls, a personal visit, or webinars.
As you follow the entire process you will realize there are different phases in the funnel, the prospect’s mindset keeps challenging the sale and hurdles like evaluation and decision take time. If it is B2B sales than the renew process and if it is B2C than repurchase phase.

Next time you set your goals, do go through marketing and sales funnel stages, design flow for the prospects and follow it accordingly, cover the loopholes where the prospects might end up in your competitors funnel, regular follow-ups without disturbing the client, like videos, newsletters and soft calls often give a fine touch to the base of the funnel.

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Increase Instagram Followers

Increase Instagram Followers and Brand Identity With Instagram Live:

Instagram is an open and free social networking platform that allows people to post & share their photos and videos. Instagram launched a very exciting feature called live Instagram in 2018. People, businesses are now using this feature for making brand awareness, engaging audiences, increasing credibility, and loyalty among the customers.
Instagram is a simple way of capturing and sharing the moments of the world. Track your friends and family to see what they are up to and discover accounts sharing things you love from all over the world. Join Instagram and be the part of the community more than 1 billion people and start expressing yourself by sharing all the moments of your day— the highlights and everything in between, too. Increase Instagram followers and brand identity by following the tested strategy.

Instagram Live Primer:

Even though it’s been around for a while now, not everyone knows it well. Live Instagram allows users to connect in real-time with their viewers, somewhat similar to Facebook Live (the parent company), but with some differences. For example, the video can disappear as soon as the live broadcast ends. Another creative feature added to Instagram’s Live platform is a darkened rim for live broadcasting around the user’s profile image. Notifications are sent to all their followers to let them know that their favorite accounts/influencers will be able to view new content, promotions, and advertising. The addition of hashtags for different audiences can also increase the chances of acquiring new followers.
But how can you take advantage of the live video from Instagram to achieve the business goals of your company?

  • 80 percent of the audience would rather watch a live stream than read a blog post.
  • 82 percent of the audience would rather watch a live stream than seeing a social media post.
  • 67 percent of the audience watching a live stream bought a ticket to a similar event the next time it happened.

Live videos are popular— and the trend is telling us they’re here to stay. That’s why it’s so important for your brand to understand how to use and leverage Instagram Live for your audience. Let’s go through exactly how to start using Instagram Live, some tips on how to use it, and some ideas you can use today to create an amazing Instagram Live stream.

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Below are the mentioned unique ways that you can avail feature Instagram Live and advertise yourself, your product or brand successfully to maximize online visibility and gain the audience for your particular Instagram page.

Have a goal:

Creating random videos can be fun, but it won’t give you any measurable results, make sure that sharing unique and exclusive videos will create a strategy for the content of your brand. Below are examples of the following:

Do a live Q&A with your audience:

Live videos are always a perfect way to engage your viewers and address any kind of questions that your followers might have. You will show the customers that your business has a face and a heart; that there is a committed “behind the scenes” team compromising with the brand and its fans, this will eventually create a strong bond with your brand and gain you, loyal followers.
Free stuff loves followers —
who doesn’t? The perfect tool for creating a strong hype is live videos. Some of the rewards may be a promotional code, free products, experiences, or an opportunity for a nice reward to enter a contest. Use this direct contact with your followers and ask them for any feedback while communicating with your audience in order to understand how you can improve your business.

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Grant yourself a Test run of Technology:

Practice the live streaming beforehand to avoid errors with the quality of the picture or the size of the frame. It is common to make mistakes and can be seen as humanizing the brand, making your company more relevant, but recording some test videos can reduce your margin of error and help you gain a clear insight into what particular area of your broadcast you can change before you go live.
Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before going live:

  • Is the lighting ok?
  • Is the audio clear?
  • Is the background the right one?
  • Are there too many filters?
  • Is the script attractive?

Keeping these questions in mind and answering them correctly will help you avoid the most common mistakes that we currently see in thousands of live broadcasts. Don’t let one of them be yours.

Take advantage of the urgency:

You know that your viewers will have only one chance to watch your live video unless you give them the option to do otherwise (in the settings of your live account). Let your audience feel a sense of fear of missing out, make them feel they can’t afford to skip your material. Furthermore, according to Sprout Social’s experts: “It’s a great way to boost your viewership by offering one-time deals while creating excitement for your stream. It’s a great way to boost urgency by offering limited-time promo codes.

 Another useful tip is to mask your story for users of x, y, z. If you’d like to configure who can and who can’t see your content until you launch your live video, go to settings and pick “Hide Story” and add all the people and rivals you’d like to hide your story from to lower the chances of stealing your ideas and promotions.

Promote all your live videos from Instagram in advance:

This is a key factor in ensuring the quality of your live video. Because social media is a two-way street, when you share content with and listen to your audience, it works perfectly, which is why it is incredibly important to create the perfect atmosphere when introducing a product. The aim will always be to improve interaction, link and gain new followers along the way, and should always be. Take advantage of the “explore” page to let the world know what your brand is about to launch as it is the best way to reach large groups and new people. Why should you prioritize the promotion of Instagram videos? Not only because of the above but because the Instagram algorithm allows your live video to be on the “exploring” page for new audiences to discover it, only if you get enough engagement and viewers on your broadcast, make sure you build up a large audience before pressing the “Live” button. In order to be able to track the results of your live video or how your live videos are generally doing, you can subscribe to various social media tools to retrieve reports, analyze your results and learn where your points of weakness are, or in what specific areas you should be improving, as well as knowing which is your most popular demographic audience. Tools such as virtual sprouting or buffer are always a good choice.

Creating new content as well as inviting people to collaborate, consult, and take over:

If your company has the opportunity to combine with influencers in your niche that might work extremely well (doesn’t have to be Hollywood stars), for example, if your company is a vegan restaurant and launches a whole new set of healthy infused drinks, you could interview a well-known nutritionist/health influencer around the gram and conduct a live interview or let them try all of your products to let them do it. Furthermore, takeovers are another way to keep the audience interested, incredibly popular these days on Instagram stories, with different brands coming together and working together to create content for each other’s stories as well as innovate and deliver unexpected content. This will certainly keep your users engaged; don’t be afraid to get experimental when it comes to Instagram’s live video. Now that you know all or most of the key benefits that live video can bring to your business on Instagram, as well as how to accomplish the main goal of your brand should always be to keep the audience interested and try as much as possible to explore and discover what works better for you and push more followers into your feed, ultimately increasing your chances of generating profit. Just note that the main purpose of Instagram Live videos is to create a sense of urgency, so make them and deliver all of your content/messages as it depends on your life.

Use hashtags to their full potential:

Using hashtags is one of the most effective ways without following others to get followers. Hashtags let you discover your content for new people. For each post, you can have up to 30 hashtags to increase their exposure. But tagging hashtags at random won’t do the charm. There are common Instagram hashtags that can be used to gain more exposure to your images, depending on the industry you’re in. The best way to find your industry’s common hashtags is to use Google, of course! A simple search for Google will tell you everything you need to know.

Post in peak times:

You can’t figure it out right of the bat. Of course, you should examine the peak times that offer the most likes and the highest commitment, but it is best to evaluate your own statistics.

Host a contest:

Hosting a contest is often the most efficient way to increase engagement and quickly get new followers on any social network. Since Instagram has become increasingly popular, it makes running a contest one of the best social platforms.

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Guidelines For Making A Career In Lead Generation


 Just launching a product is not enough. It needs to reach the right customers at the right time. Earlier it was so tough to identify the right set of customers and every company was investing hugely in marketing/advertising to identify the segmentation of customers by doing surveys, doing activities, hiring agencies, and collecting physical data which translates into leads.

The approach was more macro rather than micro. But with the explosion of smartphones, mobile data connectivity has given the birth to NEW DIGITAL / ONLINE Platform. More and more business owners are turning to the internet to generate new customers (LEADS converting to CONVERSION) and grow their company revenues.

This has opened vast opportunities in the field of Lead Generation both as Employers & Employees.

Technology is making customers smarter and more analytical, now they want everything at a click. So, it’s required to change the way companies where planning earlier and segmenting or generating leads in the Current Era.

Importance of Lead Generation in the Current Era:

 In the current era, more emphasis after the New Product launch is to promote the product to the right set of customers (Converted from various Lead Generation activities). The process of attracting your ideal customers and getting them interested in buying your products or services are known as LEADS. With digitization, Leads can connect with your business in various types. For example- your websites, Email marketing, networking events, social media, and ads- all play a role in generating leads.

In the present fast pacing world, it’s necessary to become Digital in Lead generation at every stage of the customer journey. From AWARENESS (Stage where people know they have a problem) to EVALUATION (Stage where they are looking for solutions) to CONVERSION (Stage where they are making a decision).

3 Stage Customer Journey:

A big opportunity for both Employee & Employer is how good one can pair Lead generation with lead management to convert leads through the purchase funnel. So in the current era, this combination of activities is referred to as pipeline marketing to give more micro-level results with revenue growth and optimization of companies’ ROI.

Growing opportunity for Digital Marketers to make a career – A recent study tells that direct traffic to your website, traffic through search engines, and web referrals are the 3 most popular online channels for lead generation, accounting for 93% of leads.

Top Methods for Lead Generation in the Current Era:

 Earlier conventional methods for generating leads typically fall under the umbrella of advertising but with Digital explosion now more micro-level leads are generated which are more effective and almost free by organic search engine results or referrals from existing customers.

Good Leads can be generated from various activities and sources. For example- digitally via the Internet, through personal referrals, through telephone calls either by the company or telemarketers, through advertisements, and events. A recent study shows that 89% of email marketing as the most-used channel for generating leads, followed by content marketing, search engine optimization, and finally events.

  1. Website for Lead Generation: One of the most important places for lead generation is your company website. A good website needs to have a High-converting landing page / Compelling Call of Action / Attractive Offers / An Opt-in form. Website visitors become leads by taking actions like:
  2. Subscribing to your email list
  3. Subscribing for Newsletter
  4. Grabbing your lead magnet (Like- eBook, checklist, download, or anything else that your visitors would find valuable).
  5. Signing up for a webinar
  6. Starting a free trial
  • SEO for Lead Generation: How to Attract More Organic Leads – If you’re not using SEO as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing a great opportunity to get more qualified organic leads by attracting more traffic to your website.

SEO serves as a funnel in helping your website to become one of the best lead generation tools. To get the best results and encash this opportunity, you need to keep optimizing and creating quality content so that search engines and the customer searching sees the value in what is offered and ends up in signing up or purchase.

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In a nutshell How does SEO help with lead Generation and how it works:

Content Marketing for Lead Generation: Creating quality content and keep optimizing them helps you to attract an audience, and helps to turn them into leads, and convert into sales. Once a visitor becomes customers, you can use more new content to keep them informed and interested.

These days, customers find information and start making a decision long before they talk to you. Your content should have that potential to provide that information. That’s why you don’t just need a strategy for how to get leads to your website with SEO, you also need a great content marketing strategy for quality Lead generation.

Along with quality content for better leads, one can Create a blog and attract blog subscribers / Use videos or podcasts to boost engagement / Build your business personality with photos and infographics / Use various Lead Magnet ideas Like-  eBook, checklist, download, or anything else that your visitors would find valuable. Important points to keep in mind for effective content:

  • Know your content goals and content marketing mission goals
  • Figure out the content types that best suit your audience
  • Create a quality content to appeal to your audience
  • Working out the best channels to distribute the content
  • Building awareness of your business
  • Creating interest in your products and services
  • Making your audience actively consider buying from you
  • Helping prospects make the decision to use your products and services

The internet is a highly visual place. Use a combination of text, images, and videos to tell visitors a story and create an emotional connection between your brand and leads.

  • Email marketing for Lead Generation: Email marketing is the most direct and effective way of connecting personally with individuals, nurturing them, and converting them into customers.

In the present Era, Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy not only for Lead Generation but also having personal connections with prospects and customers. Despite the rise of social media email remains the most effective way to nurture leads and turn them into customers.

Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal customers, raving fans who become your brand ambassadors.

Lead Generation through Email marketing has a high conversion ratio. By recent results, it is proved that email marketing has an ROI of more than 3700%. That’s why Email is the No1 communication channel. The best part of this is that you own your email list and no one can take away those leads.

Email is simply the best way in all 3 stages of the customer journey and converts sales online.

Few Top most steps to get started with generating leads via email marketing are:

  • Selection of email marketing service
  • Designing attractive signup forms and marketing campaigns
  • Creating the best lead magnet
  • Write killer email subject lines so people open your emails
  • Personalize and make a human connection with your emails
  • Keep tracking your email test results so you can improve your strategy
  • Try to Avoid Spam Filters
  • Regularly update by removing Inactive Subscribers to Keep Your List Fresh
  • Perform some A/B tests to identify which timeframes seem to do best and explore those in future campaigns.
  • Using visual and pics with amazing Content to convey the message, Every Time
  • Optimize for Mobile
  • Send more value emails than sales emails.
  • Social Media for Lead Generation:  Sticking with lead generation beyond your website, social media can drive leads directly and can improve ranking and visibility for SEO.

With the rise of time spent by individuals on social networking websites, social media is becoming a big business opportunity to generate leads and product communication.

The Top important sites for social media lead generation are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Many companies actively participate in social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find talent pools or market their new products and services.

Here are some tips to help you Get More Leads from this Social Media Platform:

  • Choose the Right Hashtags
  • Engage with Your Audience / Go Instagram Live / Participate in Twitter Chats
  • Share User-Generated Content
  • Add a Link to Your Site / Add Social Buttons to Your Email Newsletter
  • Discover What’s Working to Drive More Engagement
  • Add Security Seals
  • Post at the Right Time of Day
  • Replace Text with Images / Use Statistics and Data Points

Lead Generation in the present era for businesses needs to change. This shows how big opportunities are available with Digital Transformation. Companies / Individuals who don’t have a good online presence and need a head start in marketing their products and services need to understand, that a business cannot wait for 6-9 months before their website starts to rank well on the search engine and the website gets organic search traffic. Lead generation methods mentioned can help you market your products and services on the Internet from the very first day.

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Author- Ashish Mishra- Sales & Marketing Professional

“Be Digital as Future Demands”

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