5 Ways How To Generate Leads In Linkedin

LinkedIn Is the World’s Largest Professional Network with over 150 Million Professionals. Unlike Other Social Media Platforms Which Focuses on Family and Friends, LinkedIn Focuses On the User’s Professional Identity. LinkedIn Is The Most Professionalism Platform For Job Seekers. People Get Most Percentage Of Jobs From LinkedIn By Professionalism. LinkedIn Helps You To Connect To Different High Level Of People From Different Industries And Fields, Helps To Interact With Them. Mainly This Channel Focuses on Where the Users Are Sharing About Their Work, Their Experience, Skills, and Day To Day Activities And Making New Contact with New People.

LinkedIn has:

  • Home Page For Checking The Posts Of People You Have Added, Or You Posting Stuffs.
  • Network Page For Connecting To People.
  • Jobs Page For Searching Your Preferred Jobs In ANY Location You Want.
  • Messaging Page For Getting In Contact With Random.
  • Notification Page For  Getting Important Notifications Like Jobs, Whoever Gets Connected to You.
  • Work Page Where You Get To Visit  *More LinkedIn Products Like Learning, Insights, Post a job, Advertise, Groups, Pro finders, Salary, and Slide share.
  • LinkedIn Business Services Like Talent Solutions, Sales Solutions, Post a job, Marketing Solutions, Learning Solutions.
  • And Lastly, You Can Create Your Company Page.
  • In LinkedIn Ads, You Can Create Your Own Business Page Where You Can Target People on Different Basis.

Here Are The 5 Ways How To Generate Leads In LinkedIn:

STEP 1: Optimize Your Profile:

To Connect With People That You Do Not Know, You Need To Optimize Your Profile, Because If you Have Never Meet Someone Before And Suddenly You Try To Connect With Them Through LinkedIn If You Have An Unprofessional Photo And Just Two Simple Words Describing Yourself What You Do And What You Don’t Then They Won’t Accept Your Request. However, If You Have A Professional Photo And A Good Biography Then Would Like To Know More About You. Optimizing Your Profile Is Very Simple. Get A Professional Picture, Complete Your Profile And Write Something Good.

STEP 2: Create Your Own Company Page:

You Have To Create Your Company Page Where You Can Create Page As Per Your Business Size And Also For Educational institutions And Where You Can Showcase Page. After Creating Page Go To LinkedIn Products And Click Advertise And Then You Have To Create Account Where You Have To Put Your LinkedIn Page URL You Created.

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STEP 3: Create Your Own Group:

Creating Your Own LinkedIn Group Is A Good Way to Make Leads And Build Your Authority Within Your Niche. Starting A Group Is Easy To Do But Maintain And Growing Up Is Hard To.

You Can See On Your Right Hand Side Of Your Screen, Click On Groups And Create New Group. Give  A Group Name, About The Group, Set Group Rules, Set Discoverability  Of The Group And Your Ready To Go. Once Created You Can Start Adding Content.

STEP 4: Create Potential Customers List:

You Can Search Potential Customers According to our content. Your Goal is To Create Maximum list Of Potential Leads. Its Very Easy To Do By LinkedIn Build In Search Option. LinkedIn Has Over 400 Million Users. You Can Easily Reach Out To Them If You Want. Using Filters In Search To Find The Best Potential Leads For Your Business. You Want To Focus On People Within Your Industry Like CEO, Managers. After Completing Your Relevant Searches You Can Build Large Potential Leads. You Can Start Connecting. You Can Target Different Audience Depending Upon Company (i.e. Company connections, Company size, Company connections), Demography (i.e. Age, Gender), Education ( i.e. Degree, Field Of study, School members), Job Experience (i.e. Job Functions, Job Titles, Job Experience ), Interest and Traits ( i.e. Member Groups, Member Interest )

Step 5: Start Connecting With Members On Your List:

This Is The Most Time Consuming Aspect Of The Entire Process. You Can Not Build Thousands Of Leads In A Single Day, It Will Take Time. Your Profile Should Be Optimised  So That Random Reach Out To You. You Can Reach Out To  Members By Sending Out Messages To Connect. Just Write A Simple Message And Then Send.

You Follow These Steps And Become Successful, Spend Months Building An Image With The Members Of The Group. Become A Good Leader By Blogging And Publishing Good Content. Value To Every Member Of Your Group. Connect With Them Anytime They Want to Reach You and Try Solving Their Problems As Well. If You Have Been Successfully Engaging With Your Audience, You Will Have High Turnout Rate. Once Done Keep the Group Going, Start another One And do It All Over Again.


Generating Sales Through LinkedIn Is A Time-Consuming Process.  It Takes Months To Get Results.  But If You Do Good In Building Up Your Group, Then You Will Get Results, It Will BE Worth It.  If You Execute These Steps Properly, This Is The Most Effective Strategy In Online Marketing For Generating Leads.

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