Learn The Basics Of Email Marketing



In the process of learning Digital Marketing fundamentals, email marketing is one of the most important components of internet marketing.

In this article, let’s dive in and see – What is Email Marketing? – and dig deeper into the concept of email marketing and its advantages. 

A few years before, email marketing was not considered as an effective marketing strategy for businesses and brands to reach and engage with their prospective customers.

But, with the emergence of newer email marketing technologies integrated with strong spam filtering methods, email marketing has been accepted by marketers as one of the best strategies as part of their online marketing efforts.

It has been researched that, with a proper email marketing strategy in place, businesses are able to generate greater success with double the ROI.

Email Marketing:

 “Email Marketing,” the Term itself says it all – It is the use of email to promote your brand/products/services. Email marketing is the use of email to develop a strong relationship with prospective leads or customers to enhance your business.

Email marketing campaigns can be used for:

  • To Enhance Company Relation with New Customers
  • Acquiring New Customers
  • Generating more and more Sales
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing
  • Customer Retention & Loyalty
  • Building Brand Awareness

For a successful email marketing campaign, you need to create segmented email lists based on specific customer behavior and their stage in the customer journey and later send out multiple campaigns weekly or monthly to focus on achieving one of the goals listed above in each campaign.

Emails can be of various types depending on the nature of your business and business goals. Every business might need all the types of emails at various stages in the customer life cycle.

Here is the list of the type of emails that are normally sent out by business:

Informational Email:

This email is normally sent to your prospects during the lead nurturing phase of the customer journey in inbound marketing. This email contains information or solution to a specific problem that the user is trying to solve. 

Email Newsletters:

Email newsletters are the way to connect with your customers to highlight about your new products or services, upcoming events, news related to your business, and recent content you’ve produced.

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Invitation Emails:

This email type is mainly used by businesses having a physical store and wants people to walk-in to their store. The best strategy to accomplish this is to conduct an event or competition or anything that gets people walk-in to your store. This can be done by sending an email to your leads or existing customers about the event.

Promotional Emails:

This email type is generally sent out to prospects or leads who have experienced your initial business offerings ( like a free ebook, blog posts, free course, etc.). The email contains a sales copy, pitching prospects to buy your premium business offerings by detailing the benefits involved in it.

Welcome Emails / Thank You Emails:

This email type is generally sent to new leads or prospects acquired in the ‘awareness’ phase of the customer journey in inbound marketing. The prospects would have landed on your website through search engines or social media links and submitted their email ids in exchange for any valuable information.

Customer Relationship Emails:

This email type is generally sent to your existing customer in the ‘delight’ phase of the customer journey in inbound marketing. The idea of this email is to let your customers feel, that, you value them even after the sale is accomplished.

Retargeting Email:

If you own an e-commerce site and find people navigating your website till the “add-to-cart” page and move away without making the actual purchase, then, you got to send them a retargeting or re-engagement email reminding about the benefits/highlights of the products they wished to buy.

After all these Concepts, Here Comes the First Challenge, How to Get Started with Email Marketing?

  • First Decide the Goals for Email Campaign
  • Build the Appropriate List
  • Select a Right Campaign Type
  • Track and Measure Your Campaign Progress

If you’ve read this far, it means, you have understood the basics of email marketing well. Although creating a successful email marketing strategy can take some time, this guide has given you the necessary information to keep your baby steps into the world of email marketing. 

So in the upcoming article, I will be sharing you the most effective and efficient tips and tricks to become an expert in the field of email marketing.

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