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In today’s world marketing is very much essential for promoting and selling products and services which ultimately benefits the company. There are various methods of marketing and email marketing one of the techniques to market different products and services. Email marketing is a tool which is used by business to connect with peoples. With email marketing, the people are informed about the various products and services provided by the companies so that people are knowledgeable about the various products and services provided to them. Email helps to connect people easily and it has a huge customer audience. Webmail is among one of the most effective ways to reach among people as there are around 2.5 billion people who use email on regular basis with the exchange of over 196 billion emails of a different kind that may be g-mail, yahoo mail, outlook is among top platform which provides customers to use their platform for the exchange of emails.

Email marketing is one of the most conventional and measurable ways of marketing. Through email marketing various prospects, leads, customers are targeted for building a relationship with them as email provides a way to communicate with them directly in their inbox. As email is important as most of the official works are carried through email and it is considered as an official way of interaction between people. It is considered one of the most formal and efficient way of communication among people, business organizations, companies, friends. It is a very effective marketing strategy as the audience present in the email is huge and people check their email for any updates and information. Email provides direct interaction among people where information is shared.

Marketing is very much needed as it is a way to inform people about the products and services that are available in the market for their use. If they are not aware of the products and services and don’t know about their benefits they will not become familiar with products. Email marketing helps the business to provided information about their product, quality, raw materials, perks of their product over other similar kinds of products available in the market within their reach. Email marketing gives the proper information directly without any bias and the proper information is provided to them. It helps in reminding the audiences and people about the various offers, discounts, availability of their products, and services. Email helps to approach a large number of audiences in less time with effective information without much effort. It is very much effective as it has advantages like time-efficient, eco friendly, attractive, direct communication method, etc. Email marketing has edges over others as it is simple in use, it allows accessibility without any restrictions from boundaries of countries as it is accessible from anywhere with having internet connectivity. Email marketing is inexpensive and cost-efficient as its services are free and there is no need to spend an additional amount of money to send or receive emails. It can be done through mobile phones, laptops, desktop, etc. It is a method of communicating through networking and provides an easy user interface. Among various advantages of email marketing, one of its top advantages is that it allows for mass reach as the same mail can be sent to different users with one particular message. Email allows various other advantages like the addition of images, files, documents easily without any extra effort. It is eco friendly as well as it reduces the old methods of promotions like distribution of pamphlets that has the cost of paper, printing, distribution, and it can also be damaged. But in the case of email marketing, there are no such disadvantages and it overcomes those of pamphlets.

Email emerged as a modern tool of marketing that helps various people to market their products and services. It provides several options to the people like they can go to the company website directly through the mail and make purchases and know more about the features of the products without putting much extra effort. Email marketing is convenient and easy to use.  It is also among the faster way of communication. Through a regular email exchange, the products and services are marketed occasionally. Email is an effective way to remind them about the offers and discounts from time to time like on birthdays, holidays, anniversary, festivals, etc. Among various other roles of email marketing, the primary role is mass reach among the people in less time with minimal efforts. One mail composed can be used to send to as many people as you have options to send them all.

Email serves various functions in the marketing of products and services. It has a wide range and can cover a variety of people to aware of the people and convert them as their customers. Those who already become customers helps in retaining them for the future and make them valuable customers with building a relationship through emails. It helps the people to acknowledge the efforts done by companies to communicate with customers effectively. Email marketing is a very attractive way to aware people of the products. Email marketing emerges as the efficient tool that not only used for reaching out customers but it also provides them to communicate with them and give important feedback to the companies about the various changes and possibilities that can be done in their products which can bring more quality as well as provide customer satisfaction.

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Email marketing helps in building a good relationship between customers and businesses. It helps the people to participate in activities and can access to better information. As the world is moving toward digitalization email is the modern way to advertise and connect with prospects, target audiences, to make availability of information. It is an easy and faster way to reach a mass audience in quick time with less effort. Having a large database about the email ids of people, through email we can send a single mail to people at different points of time. It can also be done automatically with the proper command by the companies as there are different types of mail like welcome mail, thankyou mail, promotional mail, company promotional mail, etc. As everything is going digital thus email marketing becomes important for the future as it is an advanced way of communicating. Various email marketing allows contact with customers easily and quickly and considered an advanced technique of promotion. Email marketing provides larger space and availability of information about the product, business, services.

While there are various advantages of email marketing there are also some disadvantages that cannot be out looked as every aspect has advantages and disadvantages. While talking about the disadvantages, the main disadvantages in the Indian market are that those who receive mail did not give adequate effort in opening the mail and checking the information. They are ignorant towards the mail they receive as there are various emails they receive on a daily basis and thus they ignore without giving it proper attention. The Indian email marketing is spoiled by the various companies as the companies keep on sending emails daily without having the proper insight about the target audience. Email promotions become a strategy that is quite helpful if done it right with having good information. As when there are mails send to the audience there is a higher chance that it will go to a spam account and can not reach customers if it is commercial in nature or marked as spam by the irritated customers. They have options to unsubscribe from receiving the future mail or may delete the mail without reading or opening the mail if not sent to the right audience. They are also legal obligations towards email marketing that must rely on the legal rules such as data privacy etc. Another issue faced by email marketing is that many emails remain undelivered if the information or email id is incorrect and thus the message cant be reached to the person. Many emails face size and design issue while composing of the mail so if the mail is not composed by the knowledgeable and skillful person there is a higher chance that the elements that will convert the lead to the potential customer might fail and with issues of containing an attachment of larger size may take time in loading and the customer might feel frustrating and lose interest towards the same. So these are some challenges that need to be tackled while using email marketing for better results.

However, email marketing if done it correctly with right targeted people is a very effective way of digital marketing. And people took interest if they are already engaged in such products and their use and that makes email marketing to stand out from other forms of digital marketing. As the data provided by various survey agency confirms that consumers engaged in email marketing is high if there is relevance in email. Many millennials prefer email communication as a better way of communication and are attracted to it which makes it an important method of marketing. Email marketing is an easy and trusted way of reaching a mass audience in a quick time with cost-effectiveness and growth in business. Email marketing has a high impact on the audience and generates good revenue with the low cost of advertising. Sources confirm that return on investment in case of email marketing is huge but it depends upon the goals and structuring of the emails with proper design and attractiveness. The results generated toward email marketing is more as clicks help in increased revenue, more brand presence, and awareness among the customers that is the ultimate goal of email marketing.

As with modernization and the presence of internet email marketing is a conventional and proven way of marketing that is used by businesses to generate revenue and reach out to mass audiences to inform about different products and services. Thus email marketing become one of the vital essences in the era of digital marketing.

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