How Big Digital Marketing Captured The Indian Businesses

  Digital Marketing is a term that is widely used by plenty of Business firms nowadays. Initially, it was emerged and become very popular in western countries, and then it started acquiring Indian companies too, to increase the sales and marketing activities of Indian based companies. Digital marketing turned everything from expensive traditional advertisements to Digital Advertisements.

Through technology the world keeps on taking a new structure day by day, For instance, @2010 the smartphone users were very less below the line 12% but now in 2020 above the line 90% of Indian citizens turned to smartphone technology. No Posts instead of emails and WhatsApp, This is the greatest achievement of the Digital World.  Companies started using this opportunity to reach users and customers 10x to 20x faster than the traditional advertisement reach. At the same time, Firms prefer Digital Marketing Campaigns to acquire the market. Google Ads, Social media marketing is a user-friendly application for firms to develop their Customer base.

Companies choose Digital banners, advertisements instead of the traditional method. To keep the data safe and secure the CRM is developed and implemented in most of the businesses in India. |What is Digital Marketing Digital| marketing social media marketing |Top 10 companies Bangalore | Unilever |Purchase Intentions of Customers Enhanced by using various digital marketing activities. Big data has been introduced to collect, correlate, and Visualize Customer records and Purchase history. And there is particular software to reach the geographical wise target audience, there are more and more about it.

The existing businesses were completely breakdown their huge expenses on marketing activities. In this new digital era as per the research of Harvard Business School, all the traditional oriented firms should get twinned with modern Marketing strategies to reach out to the maximum sales. At the end of the day everyone ends up with their devices either laptop or mobile phone, there are huge possibilities to succeed in this digital era by using digital marketing. For eg (companies like Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, big basket) in groceries and Food delivery facilities, and from Cosmetics, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, and more. Digital marketing is becoming a vast usage from most companies in India.

Especially after learning a lot of lessons and success stories of the most famous brands belongs to Western countries slightly more people turned up to use Social media campaigns and Email marketing strategies to accelerate their marketing activities.

The secured SEO system is even more sprouted the Digital marketing seeds in the Indian businesspeople minds, usage of traditional marketing is become decreased and usage of SEO, social media marketing has become increased, most of the business firms majorly targeting on user-based contents to highlight their reviews in the social media marketing, if you think about this specific idea, most of the business firms merging their marketing activities to get highlighted in the market | Marketing in the digital world | They are generating the advertisements by using a user based reviews, that review and survey has been generated through social media activities of course at the End of the day Most Indian businesspeople use both of the activities to increase their sales to accelerating for more revenue. But the percentage of usage for digital marketing has been increased | what is Digital Marketing| Digital media marketing | As per the research of McKinsey and firm a US-based consulting service company has released a report saying that by 2025 all the companies in India will have a great Epoch on digital marketing services, all the companies even small, medium and large scale industries will organize more campaigns and sales activities through digital marketing.

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Digital marketing careers will get boosted and the job market in digital marketing gets opens widely and Digital marketers will be highly paid compare to software developers as per the research of McKinsey and firm. Our Indian adds will get a high number of ad impressions globally, and almost all the companies in India use Buzz marketing strategy to boost their revenue and sales. The conversion rate turns high globally. The Usage of big data and implementation of |Sales force |SAP| services will increase rapidly by Indian companies.

Even now a lot of companies have started using these services and claiming a greater height in the market. Due to this current situation | Covid19| pandemic most of the FMCG companies started using a strategy called | Tropical Advertising, in their web and social media campaigns, they’re fetching a great number of viewers and lot of new FMCG faces who embarked just before in the market has been reached a greater height by using the tropical advertising and digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing has started emerging as a New Digital Epoch in the Indian advertising industry. There are a lot of Scopes and a good future for digital Marketers in India.

Traditional advertising and Marketing have a potential to reach a very limited number of customer Audience but digital advertising and marketing have a potential to reach an audience anywhere in the world every corner of the world, The perception of the customers also slightly been changing to digital marketing due to attractive poster and logos of the Indian companies. So there is a huge possibility for obtaining a huge target audience through digital media marketing facilities. The digital media marketing can be addressed to all business people easily once If they access digital devices, by tracking them to our website the digital Marketers can generate huge traffic to their website.

Traffic leads to conversion and conversion leads to purchase, purchase leads to consumption, consumption leads to words of mouth and generation of reviews, Reviews leads to a new purchase this chain process continues by all the consumer of the Indian brands, Digital marketing plays an end to end role for Indian companies in the marketing activities. The article about Cafe Coffee Day says that Initially while it was started they mainly focused on corporate people and upper-middle-class people by posting their banners and advertisements digitally, and it has got a great reach and the company started repeating the same with new concepts and ideas, it has got a great hit in the market on the time of 2016. Like that lot, if Indian companies were reached success and more companies were leading great positions in the digital world.

For instance Yourstory the company started with a very limited number of employees they collected all the successful business stories and updates of startups and they started acquiring a lot of digital readers to their website and application. They did huge campaigns to promote their brand and that become very popular in a few days from their starting point. Indian based company called ITC which have well-known Brand equity among their customers, even they moved to digital marketing to promote their food-related products they intertwined both traditional and modern Marketing Strategies to acquire the large customer base and in Indian Education industry most of the reputed colleges adopted the digital marketing tools to spread the brand awareness among their customers.

And in Telecom industry we can state a big brand company for example called JIO, their success stories reached to every corner of the world, JIO rapidly accelerated their marketing activities by using a lot of digital marketing tools, and they slightly boosted the smartphone sales in India by launching their Innovative services. In cosmetics and simultaneously Apparel Industry have adapted the digital media marketing as a tool to get the maximum number of customers, end to end we can see the Myntra, Meesho, Flipkart advertisements stating a wonderful clothes and it admire every one towards their pictures.

The Indian cinema industry has ranked an upmost level in usage of digital marketing strategies, Book my show 24/7 their advertisements displayed to all the Android users they use Wide range of email marketing compare to other Marketing tools. How can we forget |Byjus| in the Education Sector and a startup |edutech| reached a larger student audience in India by the concept of Online Tutor. They offer all the types of tutoring facilities and coaching to all the class levels and different entrance exams. They used a Buzz Marketing Strategy to acquire a larger group of audience.even they sponsored for Indian IPL team, their brand Ambassador is Actor Sharukhan, this is not possible without using digital marketing tools. |Vedantu| an edutech firm is a competitor of Byjus, they are reaching a larger group of audience by their promotional social media campaigns they used digital marketing tools to grow and to compete with Byjus in the Online education Sector. They made all the teachers turn up to online faculties and video makers in this Covid19 season. A lot of privatized school teachers have turned to online teachers for a temporary period due to this | Covid19 pandemic |

The Growing competitor for Big basket, Dunzo this firm is doing pretty good like big basket the delivery is very quick to compare to the big basket, the bugs have been destroyed and their growth through the digital world by the usage of digital Marketing in the real world has to touch the greater heights like a big basket. The Healthcare industry doing pretty well through digital marketing tools, Apollo Group of hospitals has created a brand that people trust there brand more than their services. under Pharmaceutical Industry we would have heard Biocon Pvt LTD, a Pharmaceutical company that produces a lot of English medicines and tablets for various diseases, they even use digital marketing as a tool to climb a ladder to reach a greater position in the Pharmaceutical market. Like I said before the usage of digital media marketing by all the Indian companies will lead to a digital Epoch in Indian history of Advertising.

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