Future Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is all about using numerous strategies to make our website appear on top search results in SERP Pages. SEO can be challenging for newcomers nowadays. As Google algorithms get more advanced each passing year, the future of SEO is more about User Experience & Readability rather than keywords stuffing.

Future of SEO:

AI (Artificial Intelligence):

 AI plays a key role in SEO. Google Rank Brain update is improving search results with machine learning helping to translate user intents and semantic queries. In-home assistance devices like Google Home & Amazon Echo relays on semantic clues only. Anyhow Browsers are storing and sharing your information, future systems get more intelligent, and websites start showing the specially designed information based on user demographics, interests, and behavior. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to invest time in Brand, Usability, content, and UI. Big Data is helping AI in the world of SEO which helps to understand more about user behavior.

UX Role:

 User Experience plays a key role in SEO. It doesn’t matter how great you’re content is if the users don’t engage with your content. So, as a website owner don’t build content for Search Engine, Built for User Intent. For a better position, spend maximum time on building the best user experience that makes your users engage. Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, which are free in the market, to track which content is working and why. Also, think about what your user is expecting when they are interacting with your brand and create a unique user experience.

Voice search:

Future of SEO strongly includes voice-based search, especially in keywords and content.

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Social Media as a Ranking Factor:

 Don’t forget that Social media platforms are also a kind of search engine. Great Social profiles are one of the best factors to rank high in Google search results and also help us to boost our brand awareness and increase visibility for our posts.

High-Quality Content:

 As per new Google algorithm updates, Google is more focusing on quality content in the websites. So, strengthen your content quality and avoid writing the content only to keep your website alive.

On-page Optimization:

 On-page will continue to be important in Future SEO Rankings. On-page is not a one-time setup process. You need to always look into few considerations like shortening conversion process, content that answers user’s common questions, ensuring an internal site search with relevant results, etc.

Final Words:

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