Google Ads Updates 2020

Investing in next generation of measurement on Youtube:

 As you know the advertisers will spend a lot of money on advertising on Youtube promotion. In order to measure the effectiveness of campaign we need tools to measure the campaign performance. Generally, the advertisers use Pixel to track the performance of the video views by the users. Through pixels, we can track the report to the users who have seen the video in different ways ie, desktop, mobile apps, Youtube channel, video sites, etc. As we know Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world generally 3 billion searches per month and 100 hours of videos are uploaded every month. While more than 70% of the users spend time on watching the videos on Mobile devices.

 So Recently Google has released an update called Ads Data Hub to that allows the advertisers to understand how their campaign is performing across through screens, mobile apps, google ads platforms, including youtube, google ads, display, and video campaigns.

A Safe Approach to Manage Ad frequency:

As we have seen the ads while browsing the website, some of the users use extensions to block the ad copies by this advertisers may loose to show the ads to the users and publishers will get less revenue. So recently Google has given an update by using a machine learning to manage ad frequency by respecting the users’ privacy when 3rd party cookies are missing.

Using traffic patterns where a third-party cookie is available, and analyzing them at an aggregated level across Google Ad Manager publishers, we can create models to predict traffic patterns when a third-party cookie isn’t present. This allows us to estimate how likely it is for users to visit different publishers who are serving the same ads through Google Ad Manager. Then, when there is no third-party cookie present, we’re able to optimize how often those ads should be shown to users.

Since we aggregate all user data before applying our machine learning models, no user-level information is shared across websites. Instead, this feature relies on a publisher’s first-party data to inform the ad experience for its own site visitors. It’s an approach to managing ad frequency that’s more privacy safe than workarounds such as fingerprinting, which rely on user-level signals like IP address because it respects a user’s choice to opt-out of third-party tracking.

The Google Ads auction time bidding comes to Search Ads 360:

Smart bidding in google ads uses machine learning to sets an auction time bidding to improve the performance. Reaching more customers and make them convert and decrease the cost per conversion rate. Generally, it is available on Search campaigns and it also available on the beta version of shopping campaign.

Responsive Search ads are available to all advertisers along with new tool:

A recent update on Google Ads uses Machine Learning technology to deliver relevant messages to the customers. Responsive search ads are available to all advertisers on all platforms, all languages, Google Ads Editor, API, and Mobile App.

They introduced two tools :

  • Performance Column: Used to identify which creative assets are driving results in high volume ad groups.
  • Ad variation: Responsive search ads now allow to test your ad copies. Which ad copies are performing better than the other.

Understand Conversion by time in Google Ads :

Conversion means any action taken by the user on the website which provides value to the business.

Ex: Form filling, sign-up, purchase a product, etc

You can report conversion and conversions value at the same time by using the conversion time column in google ads dashboard. This will help you to get accurate metrics like cost per conversation or return on ad spend. Because return on ad spends depends upon time of click.

Reach your ideal Customers on Google search: 

Now we can reach the right audience on Google search who are exploring the product and services. In Google Ads, they are adding Affinity Audience and seasonal events in-market audience segments.

Affinity audience: helps the people to create awareness and drive consideration to the people who are showing interest in products and services.

In-market audience: This is the right way to reach to the customers who are searching for our product and services and comparing with other product and services.

Turn browsers into buyers by the user-generated images in product reviews :

Generally, the users before purchasing a product will do research on google they will check product reviews etc. Recently an update was they introduced user-generated images on product reviews on google shopping.

Filters are now available on the overview page of google ads dashboard:

On the overview page of Google Ads account, we can see the summary of account performance. we can filter the overview page by device, campaign, campaign type, campaign status, ad group, and ad group status.

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Manage multiple accounts more easily by using the account map:

First of all, you should have a google ads manager account and also should have an account in AdSense.

Reach more of the right customers using broad match modifiers and phrase match keywords.

Broad match modifier keywords match the queries that include the same words as keyword or their close variants. Broad match modifier includes the misspellings, singular, plural, stemming’s, abbreviation.

We will get more relevant traffic.

Google has been replacing the target search page location and Outranking share to Target impression share:

Target impression share is a type of automatic bidding strategy. That automatically sets to achieve goals on the absolute top of page, on the top of page, anywhere on google search results.

New Updates in Smart Bidding Strategy:

Smart Bidding Strategy is the automatic bidding strategy. Google ads introduced the new updates in smart bidding strategy it uses machine learning to optimize conversions and conversion value in each and every auction by using a new feature called “Auction time bidding”. Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions and Enhanced CPC are all “Smart bidding Strategies.

Recently Google Ads has given an update on Smart Bidding Strategies: We can apply in Ads at three levels:

  • Campaign level Conversion goals
  • Conversion action sets
  • Seasonality Adjustments

Youtube Bumper ads to everyone:

Bumper ads: Youtube bumper ads are 6 seconds video that played on YouTube before the video plays and we don’t have skip option and this is short length videos. This will create more brand awareness and reach. Now recently given an update to introduce the bumper machine tool for all advertisers on YouTube. To reduce the longer duration of video length of 90 seconds into a youtube ready bumper ads and they are integrating into the google ads dashboard soon. It is a handy tool and no additional cost to the advertisers.

Capture Leads with the Google ads Latest Ad Extension Test:

Google Ad Extension:

Ad extension in Google Ads generally will provide the additional information below the ad copy.

Ex: Sitelinks, phone number, location button & additional text.

Generally, it will help to improve the Click-through rate of the ad copies.

And the recent update in Google Ads they are trying to test with the new “Leads ad extension” to collect the leads from the customers from search ads. It is still in Testing Stage. They are testing with the beta version of Google Ads Dashboard. Searches can submit the information like Name, Email, Phone from the Search text ads. The limit of ad extension text is 30 Characters. The information you can collect that limits to Name, Email, Phone number, and postal code. You must include privacy policy to collect the information to the users and has to agree with Google AdWords terms and condition. Benefits of using Leads Extension in Ad copies 3 to generate more Leads for the advertisers from the Search ads and Advertisers Could closely monitor their Leads.

Quora ads 3 New Targeting Option for Advertisers:

As you know Quora is the Question and answers website, where the people can ask questions and reply to the question, give an answer to the question. It is a place to share opinions and Gain Knowledge. It is one of the largest Q & A sites on the internet. Recently Quora has started the Advertising Platform in the Year May 2017 and opened its platform for all the brands to advertise on Quora.

Recent Additions to the Quora Advertising platform are:
3 Newly Target options in Quora ads are:
  • Keyword History Targeting
  • Gender Targeting
  • Browser Targeting
Keyword History Targeting:

This is the combination of existing keyword targeting and question targeting options on Quora. Now we can reach the people based on interest in subjects related to your business based on the keywords you are using.

Gender Targeting:

If your products are designed specifically for men or women. So this option will help you to direct your spending on the exact Gender you want to target for your business.

Browser Targeting:

Quora has already mentioned in their Quora ads manager they can do targeting by devices like desktop and Mobile. And the recent update Even they can do targeting on the browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Location targeting option is now available on Google Smart Shopping Campaign:

Now Location targeting option is available on Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. Before the Smart Shopping used to target all countries and territories. And now Even we can do targeting by location and set the radius targeting from advanced search link.

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