How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Organic Visibility

10 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Page Organically

  Social Media has become an inevitable part of Marketing. One cannot spell Marketing without Social Media. One of the major platforms is Facebook used by 2.50 billion users across the world. For some businesses, Facebook has surpassed search engines as a means to a better and relevant audience. 42% of marketers state that Facebook is critical to their business.

An interesting thing to note here is that you don’t need big budgets to make Facebook work. If you effectively optimize your Facebook Business Page, it can do wonders for you. A well maintained Facebook page is as good as having a business website and it will attract huge organic traffic.

But what is Organic Traffic on Facebook?

Organic traffic is the number of users you can reach for free on Facebook by posting on your profile or page. It is primarily done by posting quality content that compels audience to engage with your business on Facebook.

Let’s look at ways to optimize your Facebook Page:

1. Choose the right category:

When creating a Facebook page for business, it’s important to select the right type. You can choose from:

  • Business or Brand
  • Community or public figure
2. Add important details:

Try to give as much information about your business as possible. Remember to use keywords wherever possible but don’t force them just for the heck of it. You can add them to your ‘About’ or ‘Services’ section.

3. Custom Username:

Using a custom/unique username preferably short and user-friendly makes it easier for users to find your Facebook page in search. This is an excellent place to use your keyword too.

4. Call To Action Button:

One cannot stress enough about adding a CTA button on your Facebook page. It helps users to either learn more about your business or it increases engagement by compelling them to interact with your page. Depending on what action you desire from users, you can either choose “Contact Us” or “Call Now” or “Learn More” or any other option

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5. Build your presence and authority:

Growing your brand presence cannot be measured by page likes alone. What matters is your brand authority that can command action from your audience. You need to be able to derive engagement and this can be achieved if you are attracting right kind of audience

6. Publish Content Periodically:

Create a posting schedule or calendar and stick to it. It is very important to be regular and consistent when posting content. If the posting is erratic, you might lose your audience’s interest. However, if there is a regular schedule that you follow that way your audiences also look forward to your posts. Try hit and trial method to see how many times you should post in a day. Over-posting could lead to lesser engagement

7. Manage Customer Reviews and Contents:

Engaging directly with your customers is what makes social media an integral part of marketing. You can use Facebook to understand the nerve of your customers. But when it comes to reviews and comments, this could ‘break it or make it’ kind of situation. Where positive reviews provide a boost to your business, single negative feedback could make it go all away. Always make it a point to reply to all kinds of reviews or comments. If you get poor feedback, be sure to respond. This shows that you really care about your customers and their opinion.

8. Find out the optimum time for publishing posts:

Keep analyzing your Facebook page insights and find out when your audience is online the most. This way your posts will have higher chances of appearing in the news feed. This would in turn increase your reach and engagement. When there is a high engagement Facebook algorithm will ensure that your post-stay longer at the top of feed. Posting when the whole world (or let’s say competition) is posting would only make your content disappear in timeline and the reach will get smaller.

9.  Create engaging posts:

Create more and more fun and engaging posts. There are various ways to achieve that. You can try running contests, quizzes, and polls. But don’t do just for the heck of it. Keep your audience interested in your content.

10. Ask your audience what they wish to see:

At last, whatever you do, do not become complacent. The world of social media is changing rapidly and so should you. Don’t always rely on what’s working for you. Keep exploring what more you can do for your audience. Include your users in your business, make them feel welcome. Ask them what more they would like you to do. This will increase your engagement and you might discover something that you hadn’t thought could ever work for you.

There is no doubt that Facebook is a brilliant social media platform. It has become imperative for businesses to have a presence on Facebook. But this has made the competition stiffer. Flooding of content from all over has made it difficult to achieve a bigger organic reach.

This is why we need to keep re-inventing how we can use this powerful tool to work in our favor. Just like Facebook keeps updating itself, we need to update our strategies too!

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