Facebook and Instagram Online Marketing Trends

Social media is a website and application that allow users to create and share or participate in social networking. It is a computer-based technology that focuses on communication, interaction, content sharing, and collaboration. It gives users quick electronic communications of content that includes personal information documents, videos, and photos. The term social media indicate to modern communication means such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube, google plus, Pinterest, etc. Many people are using social media to interact with friends and family, while others are using it to communicate with different communities.

Social media is important to our professional and personal lives. It provides many features such as information, entertainment, learning ,communication,  sharing etc. There are various role of social media that people can utilize to promote their business or self profile.


Facebook is a social networking website that use for post comments, share photographs, post news, chat live and watch short videos. Facebook is one of the best social media that gives a platform to develop the business. Facebook helps to promote a business or a product through advertisements on Facebook. It also helps users to making a purchase is as easy as clicking a link. Facebook is the one of the best social media that help to connect with friends and families. The site of Facebook is entertaining by makes it simple to share photos, text messages, videos, status, posts and feelings on Facebook. It also helps users to know about today’s announcement through sharing posts containing news. Facebook has a customisable set of privacy contributes that makes users can protect their information from getting to another individual.


Instagram is a visual platform that has online photo sharing applications and social network platforms. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram enables users to edit and upload photos and short videos through a mobile app. It designed for customers to post, share, comment, and engage through digital media. Like Facebook, Instagram is one of the best social media that gives promotion to business or a product. Instagram is most popular with younger users, so it is an easy way to expose new fashion trends to a new generation. It exposes a new brand to more people because it enables sharing. It provides an excellent way for promote a business to identify potential customers who are interested in that product.

Social media is a powerful platform to promote a business or a product. Social media gives marketers a voice and a way to communicate with peers and customers. It used as a way of attracting new clients and promoting products and services.

Instagram marketing services

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform. The marketing services on Instagram helps the brands to make connection with their target customers. It is used to market product and services. The photos uploaded on Instagram can easily spotted by users that increasing awareness of your product around viewers. The power of visual content on Instagram can help your brand can reach millions of potential customers who are ready to buy . The feature on Instagram such as like,comment and share are helps to boost a brand promotion.  ‘Shopify’ is  a new feature on Instagram that allows users to directly buy product showing in instagram posts. This feature is especially for businesses who are selling products. Shopify  links the product to the buying page website link. This convenient feature makes it simpler for the user to see something they need or like and buy. This feature also help to increase the brand target sales.

Social media apps are simple and effective way to build brand name. The traffic on social media help to improve your brand awareness and promotion. Social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook are mainly depends on images. This allows for viewers to be drawn in on an image rather than extensive text. These are photographs based apps, so that photography is the crucial part of marketing strategy of selling  products.  Facebook and instagram have features, such as like,share and comment. It help to boost your product popularity.  The boost features of Instagram is perfect for businesses looking to promote a product to new potential customers  and viewers who are ready to buy. When you boost an image it turns your image into a sponsored ad, reaching thousands of people linking the image to your profile.

Social media is incredible platform for startup and low budget companies. It enables free to join can create such a huge impact when it comes to marketing.  Social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter, linkdin and pinterest, allow you to promote and share content without any costs. These platform also offer affordable advertising features for you brand promotion.

And one of the great flatforms is youtube all the image and video we can able to make a slide show and normal video everything we can add on the youtube and ads are the most important part on youtube Youtube considered as a social media platform. It allows users to upload videos and share or participate in social networking. It enables interaction from users by liking, commenting, and sharing on each video. YouTube is totally related to displaying created and recorded videos on one platform. It is the platform for representing the videos created by users according to their needs.

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