Updates On Google Business Listings For 2019

What is Google Business Listings:

Google business listings or Google my Business is a simple, powerful, easy to use, and free of cost Digital Marketing tool provided by Google for the local business operators. It helps the local business owners to reach more people or audience based on their product and location. In simple terms When a person searches for a local service in the Google search engine he would get the results of the services in that location, which will help in getting the Name, address, reviews, location map, business operating hours, website and contact information of the service provider.

Your Business Listing will help the viewers to know more about your business without visiting the shop. For the business owners, it would help to get more positive customers as the customers would have searched for your services and then contacted you for the services.

Google would be updating their software and the tools regularly to make it user-friendly and reach more audience. Hence this would also be one of the ranking factors to rank on the search engines.

Let us see more about the latest changes made by Google in 2019:

Google my business Posts:

 Google my business Posts are mini ads that would show in the Right bottom of your screen on the search engines. You can use them to display offers, new product launches, and events. Posts would be one of the most powerful marketing aspects in the coming Period.

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Google Reviews:

 Google Reviews is one of the most prominent tools as your customers can write reviews about how their Experience was for your business products and Services. Your Business Reviews will be one of the most important ranking factors on search engines to determine your prominence positioning.

As you have more positive reviews to Your Business, you would rank higher. It is also crucial for you to respond to your customer’s reviews timely and maintain positive reviews and handle negative reviews professionally too.

To get an instant notification on your Smartphone when you receive reviews in Google my Business Listing, Install Google My Business Mobile application on your smartphone. it will help you to reply instantly to your customers. Reviews also play a significant role because about 85-90 % of the people search for the reviews before making a decision.

As any previous Bad review of a customer makes them feel their experience won’t be better too and they try to avoid contacting your business giving a loss of a prospect Client.

Adding videos to My Google Business Listings:

 As we have seen in recent times most people get easily attracted to the videos, and nothing better than a small Explainer Video can describe your business. About 85% of the people on Facebook watch the video.

Adding a video to your business account would help you to reach more customers, and increasing the overall conversion too. Don’t publish a stock video’s as Google would review posted google Business videos. The Requirement is the video should be of Maximum 30 seconds or less, Size up to 100 MB, and 720 pixels or higher pixels.

Google My Business Description:

 It’s important to add a description of the range of products or services provided by your business, as this could help people get to know more about your product or services range. If you are able to communicate with your customer, and providing the same information to Google that would help you in Ranking Higher in the SERP Positions.

The description would improve your ranking on the search engine. Try to use all the characters while writing the descriptions. You can write up to 750 characters.

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