Tools for Content Writers – Google Doc add-ons that you must use!

What if we told you that you could do everything in one place as you write? That’s right! While you’re typing away on Google Docs, it can analyze your content for everything. Google doc is one of the best tools for content writers. 

The job of a content writer is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not just writing a blog post or a copy for an advertisement. It also includes optimizing the content for SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation, which is the trickiest part of the job. If the content is not optimized for SEO, then it’s not going to go anywhere, which means no traffic, which means it’s a waste. 

So as a content writer, you have to use multiple tools to optimize the content and make it mistakes-free, original, and unique. You have to switch between multiple tabs on the internet which can be time-consuming and frustrating. If you want to learn how to write SEO based content, then Learn Digital Academy is the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. 

Read to know more! It will surely make your job more exciting and fun! 

GDoc SEO assistant

This is your number one tool for content writing. It should be your best friend. With this, you can optimize your content to 100% for SEO. It doesn’t just analyze the content, it also shows suggestions to improve the content and related keywords you can add in it. Cool, isn’t it? 

And what’s even cooler is that it’s completely free! It takes 2 seconds to install and can be used immediately after. 

No sign-up or login. 

Here’s how to install and use it – 

Step 1 – Open Google Document. In the top left of the menu bar, you will see options like file, edit, view, etc. Go to add-ons and click on it. 

Step 2 – Select “Get add-ons”.

Step 3 – When you click on get add-ons, a small tab within the page will appear. In the top right, you will see a search bar. Type SEO and it will show you a list of SEO tools. Select GDoc SEO assistant. 

Step 4 – Click the icon in the bottom right corner to install. It will open another small tab within the same page. Click on the blue bar that says “install”. Select a Gmail account to use the app and give access to install it. Once that is done, it’s ready. 

Step 5 – Go to add-ons again and it will show the tool you just installed. Click on “show” and it will open on the document on the right side. Enter your target keyword and click the arrow mark. Voila! It will analyze your content and show the results in less than 5 seconds. This includes SEO suggestions and related keywords.

It will show you where you could make changes to improve the score. Use the relevant related keywords in your content to improve its SEO. 

Now you can optimize all your content to the maximum SEO score. Your content will not only look great but also perform well on the search. So GDoc SEO assistant is one of the best content writing tools for SEO. 


ProWritingAid is to check your content for readability, grammar mistakes, writing style, and more. You can write the content and then open this tool to improve it. Wherever changes you make are saved in the Google Doc. Like the SEO assistant, it is easy to install and use. Just go to add-ons and look for this tool. Click and install it. Simple and fast. 

Now how do you use it? 

So go to ProWritingAid in the add-ons. If you just want a report of the document, click summary report. If you want to improve the document, click, improve document. 

The summary report will look like this – 

If you scroll down, it will show a report on everything – sentence style, sticky sentences, inconsistencies, etc. It also shows where you could improve the content. If you open the “improve document” options, it works just like Grammarly and shows you suggestions to correct errors. 

Once you have edited the content in this tool, click on apply changes & close


Every content writer will know the struggle of creating unique content. Even unintentionally, your content might be duplicated. It’s a time-consuming task to copy-paste the content to one of those plagiarism tools like SmallSEO tools. So, Plagium is here to save you some time and effort! 

Plagium will check your content for plagiarism or duplicated content. Just select the content you want checked and click on the check selection button. Within 5 seconds, it will analyze and highlight the plagiarized content in your document. You don’t have to copy-paste the content into another plagiarised tool back and forth. 

Just check it all in one go, in one place. No other content writing tool has been so convenient than Google Document. 

Doc Builder

This is especially useful if you’re writing a lot of emails or long documents that use the same chunk of text. With Doc builder, you can just insert the text snippets into the Doc builder and save custom styles. So you can save plenty of time with reusable texts.

All you have to do is create individual documents for the text snippets and just insert them in the file when you want to use them. It’s useful for people who work on technical reports, financial reports, and legal documents. 

Blog content writing tools

With Hemingway, you can check your content for readability scores. It will highlight the sentences in different colors Content creation apps. It highlights every kind of error in different colors. You can write on Hemingway and improve the content as you write. It’s one the best blog content creation tools with which you can create quality content. 

It even provides the tools to help you format the content. If you’re looking for free online content writing tools, then Hemingway should be on your list.


Google Document

Google document is simply the best content writing tool. With the tools and add-ons, it comes with, you can create the best content that not only looks good but is also well-optimized for readability and SEO.  

Another thing that makes Google document the best is the ability to work on it collaboratively. You can give access to multiple people to let them view or edit. So they can work collectively on the document at the same time. Do you see this option in Word documents? Both are free writing tools though. 

If you want to learn how to write a proper blog that’s well optimized for SEO as well, then we provide the best digital marketing course in Bangalore.

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Brainstorming sessions can sometimes go dry. Fruitless. When you’re out of ideas and you need to produce quality content within a deadline, turn to HubSpot content idea generator. It will provide you with blog topics you could create interesting content with. 


Articoolo is an automated content creation tool that works just like a human brain. It will understand the topic you give it and then start writing about it. For example, if you give Articoolo a topic like types of steel, then it will analyze the topic, understand what it’s about and start writing. The tool comes with preferences like better readability and uniqueness, settings for word count, and languages too. 

The tool will research the topic given and look for resources to extract keywords. So you don’t have to worry about the content not being SEO-friendly. Apart from Articoolo, there are other automated article writing software for converting data into content as well, if you’re looking for such types. 

SEO tools for content writing

Capitalize my title

Title is the most important part of any content. Especially blog posts and articles. If the title doesn’t invoke any curiosity in the readers or doesn’t grab their attention, they will not click your blog and read it. So you have to create a killer title with a keyword placed in it. Also very important. But how do you determine the SEO score of your title? 

Enter headline analyzer from capitalized title. Just copy-paste your title and it will analyze it for SEO score, readability, and sentiment score. Your main focus should be the SEO score. Keep it above 60. 

EMV Headline analyser

This is useful for copywriters. It will analyze how much of an impact your title makes on your audience emotionally and intellectually. This tool is provided by Advanced Marketing Institute. It will determine whether your title is intellectual, emotional, or spiritual and shows the results in percentage. 

Keep the EMV score above 20%. 

Google Keyword Planner 

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool that can come in handy for content writers and digital marketers as well. Keyword research is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s the first step in SEO. 

So when you’re writing any content, adding a bunch of relevant keywords can help optimise your content for SEO. Just enter any main keyword related to your content, and it’ll show a list of related keywords that you can use in your content. It will show the search volume and the competition level for the keywords as well. 

If you already have the GDoc SEO assistant installed, then you probably don’t need to use this tool. But to be sure, pick a few relevant keywords from the list. 

You can also use the filter to refine the keyword list. 

So that’s all the tools for content writers that can be helpful in achieving their content goals and meet the marketing requirements. Did you know about the add-ons in Google document? Well, if you didn’t Learn Digital Academy is always here to provide you with the best information and guides to make you better at what you do! 

Do check out the other blogs for more useful information. If you’re interested to learn SEO or content writing or digital marketing, then we provide digital marketing training in Bangalore

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