Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing

Content Marketing is what makes a brand’s web presence fun and interesting not just to the Digital Marketing team but also for the thousands of users online who accidentally or intentionally bumped into your website or social profile. Content Marketing is how you can actively engage with your online followers and steadily build an online community who are genuinely interested in your brand story and want to be in the know-how of the latest products and services released. Since the Internet has become highly conversational, its not enough if a company only has a website. Regularly Churning out relevant, informative, and entertaining content in the form of Blog Posts, Tutorials, Story-Telling, etc. is as important as responding to comments, questions, and opinions about them. Below is a thorough guide on everything you need to know about Content Marketing in 2018.

Defining Content Marketing:

If you’re wondering whether Content Marketing is the best bet for your business, it pays to first find out how and why Content Marketing helps boost Digital Marketing strategies. Content Marketing is, in fact, what keeps other forms of Digital Marketing techniques alive including Social Media and Search Engine Marketing.

Content is King in the present scenario since online users spend 90% of their time online absorbing and interacting with some form of Content. Either they’re interestedly reading how-to articles, binge-watching YouTube videos, or desperately trying to redeem coupon codes. All of these are Content, and the job of every Digital Marketing team is to ensure that their Content reaches target users and is genuinely helpful to what users are trying to find online. Online Content is a powerful driver of Digital Marketing goals. When companies put their content to realize this potential, it becomes relatively easy to find prospective customers, hold the attention of existing customers, and achieve increased brand awareness. Content assumes many forms. It’s the Metadata that search engines crawl for website optimization. Social Shares, Website Content, Product Descriptions, are all categorized under the term ‘Content’. Content is the soul of a brand’s online presence and if promoted well, makes all the difference to marketing your company online.

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Recommended Content Types in 2018:

Stunning Social Media Presence:

Whatever Social Media platform you’ve chosen to represent your company on the web, make sure it’s strong. Get a Business Profile since you can monitor analytics. Having a complete profile with Business details is very important if you want more followers to keep coming. Be conversational and engaging on Social Media. Share interesting, funny posts depending on which platform you use. If you have multiple Social Media profiles, don’t neglect any. Be present on all of them and don’t stagnate anyone. Sharing Content on Social Media must be platform-specific. For instance; on Twitter, you should be careful to use appropriate hashtags and get your thought across within a few characters. Instagram profiles must be full of high-quality photographs of your Business along with eye-catching graphics, flyers, etc.


Videos are the hottest form of Online Content in 2018 and it is relatively easy to share short videos with a strong message now more than ever. If you hope to target and engage Millennials, Videos are your best bet. Videos are engaging and are more likely to bring conversions compared to long-form articles. Videos work best if they’re short, insightful, and mobile viewable. There are several types of videos you can choose to make for Online Content including Explainer Videos, Product Showcases, Tutorial Videos, etc.


A Blog is an absolute must-have and Blogging in 2018 involves consistent story-telling ending in actionable CTA’s, Giveaways, and Promos. Don’t just write dry Blog Posts for the sake of it but offer genuine information that anyone online who reads them can take useful insights that they can put to good use in real life. Most online users are interested only in online content that makes a difference to them in real life. And if you offer value through your Blog Posts, you can expect comments of encouragement and potential leads.


Audio Content has also become increasingly popular since the advent of Content Marketing. Online users have realized the beauty of listening to engaging, informative audio on their everyday commute to work or while they were having a moment of relaxation amidst their busy everyday routines. Turning written content into audio is a simple yet powerful Content Marketing strategy. All forms of written content including Blog Posts, eBooks, and Course Lessons can be converted into Podcasts for your audience to listen at ease. You can use audio creation tools like Audacity and Podcast plugins to embed your Podcasts among other Content.

Promotional Content:

Promotional Content makes for instant appeal among online audiences and is a compelling Content Marketing tool. Special Promotions and Offers, especially during the holiday season become an instant hit online and an unusually high amount of users will flock to your web page if you offer attractive deals or freebies. Discount Sales, Contests, and Giveaways are a very engaging content marketing strategy that creates satisfied customers and profitable conversions.

Content Marketing is Indispensable!

There seems to be absolutely no disadvantage for Content Marketing in this era and it is a highly recommended method for Businesses striving to up their Digital Marketing game. Below are some indispensable benefits of getting your Business actively involved in Content Marketing:

  • Keeps your Brand before a Global Audience.
  • Fosters healthy relationships with online audiences by establishing your Business as an Authority in your Industry.
  • Helps foster Credibility, Loyalty, and Trust with Customers.
  • Results in quick, effective, profitable, and direct communication with clients.
  • Results in increased leads, sales, conversions, and ROI.
  • Improves website traffic considerably.

Before jumping into the Content Marketing bandwagon, it’s vital for Business to understand that more than anything Quality rules when it comes to creating online content. Search Engines prefer quality content and suppress search rankings for sleazy, or false content with incorrect or regurgitated information. While addressing your audience online, assume a humane, friendly demeanor, and ensure that you never sound robot-like with Copywriting or Social Media Sharing.

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