Pinterest SEO tips to drive high traffic in 2021


Pinterest is one of the best platforms to drive highly relevant traffic to your site and let people discover your brand and its products. It’s also an underrated platform for businesses. In 2019, Pinterest’s user base grew up to 26% to 335 million. The platform is mostly popular with women, so if your products favor them, your business is likely to perform well on Pinterest. 

If you’re looking for a way to drive quality traffic to your Pinterest and website, then you need to do SEO. Pinterest marketing can convert browsers into buyers, drive highly relevant and quality traffic, increase brand awareness, and help with lead generation. So, if you want to learn the ranking factors and how to drive traffic with Pinterest in 2021, then check out these digital marketing courses in Bangalore. 

Learn how Pinterest SEO works, in this blog. But first, let’s look into the ways the app categories pins – 

1. Pin Title

Pin titles are one of the most important aspects and that is based on one of the most recent upgrades on Pinterest. If you go to any of your pins, you will certainly see the pin title gets on top of the pin and some of the pin title fields are a couple of months old.

If you can’t add pin titles automatically, you can use a tailwind scheduler as it shows areas for pin titles with instructions on how to include them. 

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This new area implies that Pinterest wants to provide us more control over our pin titles because if your site had rich pins confirmed and they were functioning properly, after that your abundant pin would bring the pin title from your blog post. But nowadays, you can include any one of your pins if you desire as well as check any other search phrases. This will override your pin title from your blog post.

You also need to understand that they depend on 100 characters, however, only the first 30-35 characters will likely be displayed on people’s feed. So it’s crucial to place your target keyword at the beginning of the title. 

2. Description

A pin summary is something you’re adding when you’re saving this pin from your site or when you’re posting a pin. It can include hashtags. And also when you’re looking at a pin on Pinterest, you will certainly locate the pin summary below the name of your board.

In some cases, Pinterest doesn’t always show pin summaries when you’re trying to repin something, especially on a smartphone. Even if they’re not showing on the feed, pin summaries still have a ranking factor. You need to enter keywords and hashtags in your descriptions.

People get confused between the summary that originates from your site and pin summaries. The description that originates from your site is frequently not seen in any way. The only way you can see it on the desktop is by clicking on the “more about this Pin” option and it shows the pin’s SEO description.

3. Board Name 

When you are saving a pin, you have to make certain that the very first board where it goes is on your account and not on another individual’s board; that the board has a focus keyword or a minimum of the most relevant board to the content of your pin.

You need enough boards that can support heavy web content on your website.

For every piece of material you are saving on Pinterest, you need to have at least 5 boards on your account that would be relevant to it. When you have a great deal of web content on your website, you will certainly start producing more boards that will certainly feed each kind of subject or niche on your site. 

Pinterest states that they do not mind you conserving the very same pin to five various boards but not on the very same day. You can conserve the same thing to five various boards that are all relevant and in some way similar to the topic of your pin, which helps you to rank your pins for different key phrases or associated key phrases and to reveal it to different kinds of individuals.

4. Pinterest Board Descriptions

When you do your board setups, you will see that the summary has a much longer field. You can include up to 500 characters. That implies that you can include lots of comparable or relevant keywords and phrases as you require. Pinterest keyword research plays an important role here. 

A lot of people avoid board summaries, yet it’s one more area you can tell Pinterest what your pin has to do with, and you can have a lot of various other related keyword phrases in the board description, contrasted to the Board title. If you can utilize it to your advantage, that can boost your Pinterest SEO.

Pinterest SEO ranking factors you need to know

Pinterest has great deals of interesting information on its official Pinterest engineering blog site on Medium. It’s hard to read for anyone else. But I like checking those posts since they usually mention in them the points that will help us understand what various other parts of Pinterest Search Engine Optimization we might be missing. 

In their blog post called Understanding pins through keyword extraction, they stated several text resources they use to remove keywords.

Hierarchy of essential message resources – 

  • Pin title, summary, URL
  • Board name and also a description
  • The web page title and description of the link
  • Look at questions that regularly cause clicks on the Pin
  • Names of things identified in the photo utilizing an aesthetic classifier

In this sense, Pinterest is checking out your page URL for an emphasis keyword, similar to how Google would. And the following one is something that Pinterest once again is doing similar to Google– they are checking your web page title and summary for search phrases.

The following intriguing text resource is “Browse questions that regularly lead to “click the Pin.” So this is similar to Google’s individual habits factors when they are observing which searches users on the platform partner this pin regularly.

And also another text resource they mentioned here is “Names of things discovered in the picture using a visual classifier.” You most likely noticed that when you save an image on Pinterest, even if you are not yet including any description, it will certainly typically receive related pictures something visually comparable to what you have on the history on your picture.

Remember, Pinterest is a visual search engine. This system works quite well with visual content on your pins – it can usually recognize things on the photos. If you have a woman with a laptop computer on the photo, Pinterest will most definitely identify the laptop computer as one of the objects on the image.

Surprisingly, Pinterest can also check out the text that you have on your photos or the text overlay you included in the pin. You can validate this information in this post on Medium.

Pinterest is making use of an innovation called Optical character recognition (Optical Character Recognition). This implies that they are checking out your picture as well as they find on the background either letters or message overlay that they can associate as search phrases for your pin.

All the details after that will certainly be matched and also Pinterest will certainly utilize pin communication as a ranking variable. This means that all the signals or factors I stated will require ahead with each other and also be natural and also assist Pinterest rate your pin for the best key phrases.

Currently, one more point you need to learn about Pinterest search engine results is that they are customized. And also with time, these outcomes will certainly end up being a lot more personalized and appropriate via developments in machine learning ranking.

Pinterest is currently constructing a system to deliver web content from various verticals within one incorporated search results page. Today when you browse you’ll currently see these various types of styles (Video, Shopping, Pinners to follow). This proves that it is an underrated platform and can be quite beneficial in marketing. It’s a powerful social media marketing tool and if you want to learn in-depth how to use it to its full potential, then Learn Digital Academy provides social media marketing courses in Bangalore. 

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