How To Do The Podcast In 2020

  Hi everyone podcast is one of the trending marketing strategies in digital marketing Podcast is a digital audio file that everyone can download and listen series or to a media file.
People can talk about the particular topic video podcast and audio podcast we can create and upload on google there are a different platform that we can upload the podcast and make visible for the users and promote In India, more than 50% of people are listing the podcast and the people are kind of the serious we can make the podcast as a store we can make the podcast if your making the nice store people are ready to listen and sharing the experience is the main important feature in podcast it will your own experience the same time it will your client experience or your colleague experience. The experience will always the teacher.


 Google podcast is one of the main platforms which most people upload there creativity. Google play store we can download the app and easily we can upload the podcast on the platforms automatically google will promote your podcast all the google partner platforms directly we don’t want to promote individually and users can share and listen to the podcast in google.


Apple users can upload directly on applying podcast platform is there directly than can upload over there.


   * Make sure all the points are added on the podcast
* Voice should be clear
* Not make so dramatically talk
* Don’t use soo professional talk
* Make all the details in the podcast
* Make the interviews


 Start the podcast on youtube it will give you more interaction with the people. Because if you are making an experienced podcast in youtube people are ready to listen because the experience will give you the best lesson and make the series based podcast like stores based podcast make the podcast something like an interview like someone already experience. Make the store will make the people next level example like -: how to learn social media marketingmeditation, yoga

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 There many of the people are creating the podcast and if they don’t know how and where to upload the podcast then there is no use for creating the podcast and there are multiple platforms are there now in market and one of the best apps for creating the podcast is Anchor this is one of the best apps to create the podcast so the benefit is we don’t want to promote in other platforms because ones you upload in the Anchor automatically it will promote on the google apple iTunes everywhere so we don’t want to promote in individually in other platforms so we feel that it will give you best app for uploading your podcast and aine there is a negative that ones we upload on anchor it will be anchor podcast after that they will decide where how when to upload and we don’t have any authority on it

 Buzzsprout is one of the other platforms to upload the podcast but here there is an advantage is that we can save that podcast in our servier so what will happen after few years if the podcast got high so we can tell that this podcast is our podcast we are the owner of this podcast we can edit it in future also and without your permission no advertisement will not publish in your podcast.

Devices to use in Podcast:

 There are many people will use the phone with headphones for creating the podcast and there are multiple podcasts creating devices are there there is sony devices Sony ICDPX470.CE7
The people are thinking that I have that knowledge but I afraid how to face the people and how to present in front of the people for the podcast is one of the most features that they can share their knowledge and thinks to public and become famous and make there own brand.

What are the Elements of Podcast:

 * Image for the podcast

should be visible with what knowledge to share with public . image should be clear and attractive to your topic.

 * Title for the podcast

Make sure the topic should include on title.

 * Description for podcast

Don’t write all content on the description need to write the basic and main feature on the description and make sure that it will really visible and attractive.

 * How to make the content of the podcast

 Make the staring with good music and don’t make the music in between and the introduction and conclusion will be most effective and make attractive and don’t make the voice very low and very high volume and the words should not be dramatic don’t make meditation words. make simple words easy language to understand and the keywords are the main important and example if you’re talking about the best digital marketing company in Bangalore keywords should be more hearable.

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