Why You Need Digital Marketing Training

What is Digital Marketing?

Simply put, digital marketing is the process of promoting and advertising various products and services of a business or company online especially on the internet to increase brand awareness, generate Prospects, and leads & higher Conversions. With the advancing digital computing era, the demand for good and skillful digital marketers is increasing every day. Many people opt for full-time digital marketing courses straight out of college. Nevertheless, nobody would argue that digital marketing is a trendy and promising job, both in terms of job security and salary.

 Firstly Provides a Variety of Digital Marketing Jobs:

The main benefit of Digital Marketing is showing the right ad to the right person at the right time, the most important one to discuss is the types of digital marketing jobs available. Since the inception of Intenet advertising giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google are expanding every day, there are always bigger opportunities coming and going for potential digital marketers. That means that the field of digital marketing can be narrowed down based on personal preferences. Digital marketers can choose which company they would like to work, depending upon interest and suitability. A good thing is that MNC’s like TCS, Accenture has openings in digital marketing, so the chance of you being part of these elite companies are high. It is important to always work for a company where one feels comfortable and happy. Therefore, the choice of the company really matters for an employee.

Is a Better Alternative to Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing in today’s world is a big NO. The primary reason this is so is due to the generic nature of traditional marketing, which involves absolutely no creativity and flexibility. Luckily, today we are aware of digital marketing and how it allows room to showcase creativity in product marketing, depending on the client’s personal preference. Consumers and end-users today require a more personalized and customized marketing strategy, which just cannot be fulfilled by traditional marketing. To be very honest, everybody loves a more customized and lively message, rather than a dull and dead marketed products and services. Digital marketing is all about unleashing creativity and distinct ways to showcase your brand online. Digital marketers make sure to provide as much customized messages for their target audience.

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Provides more Quantified Results and a Larger Audience:

Digital marketing is also beneficial as compared to traditional marketing as it provides more quantified results. For example: If a digital marketer promotes a product through a link and a hundred people click it, the marketer will be able to see how many people clicks let to a conversion. Hence it provides the reliable and exact effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy. This helps digital marketers improve themselves and also find out the best and effective method of marketing for them. Another benefit of digital marketing is that a worldwide audience can reach and target them. This is not very likely through traditional marketing since that depends solely on geographical location and therefore, it does not reach people living in other areas. Digital marketing receives a much wider target since people from all over the globe can be promoted.

Is an in-demand job:

Digital marketing is an in-demand job. It is expected that within the next few years, there will be more than 2 Lakh Job openings. The best thing about this expectancy is the security of digital marketing as a job. That means that as a digital marketer, you wouldn’t have to worry about job scarcity and unemployment, which is the greatest fear of all workers. Digital marketing ensures that there is a job for everyone if he has the needed skillset for it. It is predicted that jobs for digital marketers will rise by about 40% in the upcoming year. Digital marketing prevents future job uncertainties by allowing a wide pool of internet marketing jobs, which ensures job security and job growth. If you haven’t thought about digital marketing, it is high time that you do now!

Builds up your Career:

Digital marketing provides the major advantage of building up your own career or even become an entrepreneur, without any external help. For most other jobs, one spends countless days looking for job advertisements, prepping up for hectic interviews, searching for new placements in job firms, but digital marketing saves one from such efforts. It allows one to kick-start his career by marketing himself. No need of approving a solid portfolio from office bearers anymore! Nowadays, many online tests like Google  Adwords, Analytics are enough to showcase your skills. Using your own social media influence (which you must already be having!) and your friends’ help, you can brand yourself as a digital marketer if you have the keen insight and aptitude for it. There are examples of famous people who made it big using their social media influence.

Rewards a good Salary:

While we mentioned that the demand for digital marketing is growing every year, it is also safe to say that digital marketing also pays a lot. While the idea of getting more paid than your peers does sound exciting, one should also bear in mind that the essential skill set required and demanded also varies accordingly. A survey in which it was confirmed that digital marketing is not only growing vastly but salaries of this profession are increasing profoundly as well. This profession not only rewards one with a respectable salary but lots of bonuses as well. So, it is safe to say that digital marketing is a job providing a marketer with lots of incentives and benefits.


From the above arguments, it is pretty clear that digital marketing makes a pretty prosperous and thriving career. Not only does it pay great, but is growing exponentially, which reduces future job insecurities. A lot of big companies are ready to hire talented digital marketers to scale their business online. Yes, digital marketing does make a successful career!.

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