Importance Of Website In Business

  The website is the most important and perhaps one of the mediums that can pass relevant information about the product and services offered by an organization. The website, look, feel and contents influence the brand image of the organization to a great extent and thereby creates the necessary stimulus for lead generation.  It’s a known fact that the entire consumer market is now connected through the internet and with a website the organization will be able to reach more audiences.

With a strong website, one will be able to build a strong brand image, reach more audience and directly generate more revenue through resulting inquiry and sale. But in this digital world, every parameter of the digital footprint the website leaves is very important.  The world revolves around a common platform called “Search Engine”.

With search engines deciding on the kind of traffic that gets directed to the website, the quality of the content plays a major role in ranking. The website being the backbone of digital marketing strategy, higher the ranking better the hits for the website. The search engines do a periodic parsing of the website of the content and rank according to the business, duplication of the content that’s on the website, junk links, loop links and content freshness. Thus a technically and functionally strong website does not guarantee high traffic. It’s also the content and freshness. When the social media marketing is campaign is initiated every content should have a place to reside and the website plays a major role in this too.

The organization’s social media marketing strategy will have many arms like Email Marketing, Blog posts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tamboola and many other classified websites. All each vehicle has different restrictions and hence we need to have a place for the content to live. If we are communicating information about products we can’t display all information but can certainly route all the customer request to a specific page on the website. With the entire website at our disposal, we can be sure we give authentic information about our products and services.

The website also plays an important role when we use Email Marketing to reach the prospective audience. All Email Campaign services providers have huge restrictions on the kind of content we use in the mail, a number of words, kind of pictures and many more. It’s a difficult task to pass on all information to the audience with all the restrictions. It’s here we can make use of the website to reach the customers and engage them with information. The landing page can have complete information and also a pop up for the current subscribers to refer their friends. It’s another way to have a more customer base.

As a part of an organization’s Social Media Marketing Strategy, Pay – Per – Click advertisements plays an important role. Pay – Per – Click advertisements have great reach because of the fact that it works based on the search for a particular product or service. Here the consumer has already decided to look at options available for him to satisfy his requirement. It’s here the website’s functionality and attractive looks play an important role.  The very fact that the consumer has a need already in place, the only thing a website has to deliver is the required information in an impressive way. All the required content connected to his search has to be there and it can be in the form of a landing page or just the organization’s website.

As discussed earlier, the ranking done by the search engines plays an important role in bringing in traffic and sales. One of the important factors in the ranking is “Bounce Rate”.  Lower the Bounce Rate better will be the ranking. Bounce Rate is a way to measure the website’s capacity to engage a visitor for a longer duration. It’s here that the content of the website plays an important role. All the advt campaigns should have a support page on the website and can have multiple target locations inside the website to provide additional information abt the products and services an organization is offering. The overall objective is to provide all possible relevant information to the consumer and create a sense of completeness in his search.

Pay Per Click advertising falls under the inorganic traffic category. There is also organic traffic to any website. And it’s achieved by the process called search engine optimization (SEO) and it’s done by a group of external or internal professionals called Search Engine Optimizers. Every search engines have specific ways to rate a website and list based on a ranking when customers use the search engine to search about products, services, companies, organizations, or even general topics like cooking, health, sports, and many more. When the website is SEO friendly and is designed within the framework of the search engines, it increases the chance of more traffic and more fresh customers.

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It’s a proven fact that Sales are the most important factor for any organizations’ success. It provides the necessary financial support to keep the organization in the business. To show growth for any organization is it financial, Manpower, or Geographical expansions there should be a corresponding growth in sales. To generate more sales, the organization should reach more prospective consumers. To reach more prospective consumers the organization should have multiple ways to generate leads. And for Digital Medium the major driving force is the Website.

A complete website will certainly enhance the new business opportunity. By engaging more the possibility of additional business also becomes active. By having an optimized website for search engines, we can increase the chances of getting more qualified leads thereby saving considerable time in qualifying general leads.

Apart from Online sales, a complete website increases organization sales by being available for consumers at all times. The sales can happen from anywhere in the world at any given point of time as the website engages the prospective buyer by sharing quality and relevant information to satisfy his needs. By focusing on the quality of the content, we can literally make the content an additional sales force by assisting prospective consumers to make informed decisions on products or services.

For any growing organization, brand images play a major role. The better brand image better should be the website. Better the website better will be the credibility that is been built around. The world has gone digital and a website is a tool to create awareness among the general audience.  It’s the front face of the organization with information about the management team, products, services, job opportunities, and other relevant information including the Mission and vision of the organization.

The above will result in establishing the trust about the organization and thereby ensuring the consumer takes the initial step of contacting the organization. With more useful relevant content, the confidence in the organization will enhance and in return create a pleasant atmosphere for the consumer to interact with the organization.

Hence the website becomes an important tool to create awareness about the organization, the products, and services and it’s almost like the first chance to leave a good impression about the Brand. So it’s important the website is a good and professionals one.

As mentioned earlier, a complete website should be attractive and easy to navigate. A less attractive or unattractive website will not only fail to create an impact but will also result in the failure of a digital marketing campaign, which will fail to bring in new prospects and will fail to bring in new sales.  It’s a fact the visitor to any website will decide to continue or exit the website in the first 5 to 10 sec and it amounts to 95 % of the traffic. A web site that is professionally designed will be easy to navigate, will not have black links, will be attractive in design, will have faster load time, lesser downtime, will be secured (HTTPS), and most importantly will be search engine optimized.

Considering all this, the importance of a website can never be ignored. It’s a must that any organization spends quality resources in developing a website. It’s important that they see it as an investment and not as an expenditure.

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