How To Shape Your Business With Digital Marketing

All top companies consider Digital Marketing as their key area of marketing, why is it so important for a business? First, will see the difference between traditional and digital marketing.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing:

Both traditional and digital marketing is more or less doing the same thing, trying to take your valuable products to the right customers, creating brand awareness, and converting into a purchase.

Though traditional marketing like TV ads is more effective in creating better brand awareness it lacks in reaching the target customers for your product at cheaper marketing cost.

Let’s imagine you are selling water sports accessories kit for women, and you have decided to promote this product via TV ads, Radio ads, Newspaper Ads, these traditional marketing strategies covered huge audience but failed to effectively reach the targeted small segment of customers that is, women who are interested in water sports.

In other sense, you decided to promote your product using Digital Marketing channels like SEO, Google Ads, Social media marketing like Face book, Instagram, YouTube. Now, you can precisely decide who your customers are and which segment of customers you want to reach. How do these channels work? Primarily these channels do user attribution for their user base on multiple aspects like Age, Persona, Purchasing Power and so. Let’s see for our product water sport accessories kit for women, now it became easy to target your product audience that is, women aged between 13 and 30 and who are interested in water sports.

Now, this data-powered digital marketing is giving endless options to advertise your products and also to narrow down your audience reach.

Digital Marketing:

With current evolution in technology and data science, digital marketing emerged as a powerful tool to reach the optimal customer for your product at minimum marketing cost. Also, digital marketing is flexible to apply for any business from a small to large scale.

By reaching the right customers for your product with transparent content about your business through multiple channels will gain customer trust and engagement in your business.

The role of digital marketing is so powerful that it can reach millions of people within hours of submission.  Your information will rotate in the whole world in a fraction of seconds, and the Internet is the main technology for digital marketing. The number of clicks Increases your number of reach and also your popularity.

Now will see Key Strategies in Digital Marketing for Business Development:

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1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing:

Search engine optimization is very important to optimize a website in order to get a good ranking in the Google search engine. Most of the customers do a small research in a search engine before they start to do shopping.

The searchers only see the first one or two pages, mostly on one page, and make a decision about the products. So it’s very important to stick on the first page itself with high rankings. The most important thing as a new website is doing proper keyword research.

Keywords are nothing but user’s type in words relevant to the particular topic and search engine opens the websites for those matching words.

As on the business side, you must do the proper keywords research for your products to get a better search. Do research with the keywords having high search volume with low competition. 

Your website should be always search friendly so that whenever keywords are typed your website should appear in top rankings.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an effective method to market your local business online. Search engines are not limited only to global searches alone. Local SEO is a part of SEO that narrows down the search engine particularly towards the local audience.

Local SEO promotes your business WebPages and their products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them online.

Over 40-50% of peoples perform local searches in their smartphones and visits their business on the same day. “Near me “is a common word they are using whenever they need a domestic service or other cases including their location in Google maps…

There are a lot of directories and business listing websites are there to include citation like name, address, website URL, keywords to appear in online information whenever people are searching.

Search Engine Advertising:

  This is the direct form of advertising used in the search engine itself. This is a display ad; here we can utilize text, images, gif on alongside the search results.

Business sites should choose and decide their apt keywords for the ads and for which keyword the images should appear.  For high popular keywords, cost and competition should be always higher than low popular keywords but it gives more traffic to the site. This type of advertising is effective since the searchers once browse, they will see your images on the sidebar.

2. Social Media Marketing:

Social media networks do marketing using Face book, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc…

Social media marketing strategy is one of the best platforms to increase traffic to your website. Digital marketers must include paid social media advertising as their marketing strategy.

The regular posting in this media will give you more benefits for your business.

Social media can increase high Brand awareness to your products since half of the world’s population is always engaged here so it is a suitable place to reach the audience easily.

Instagram is to share the launching of your new products, and people always discover new products on Instagram.

Social media is all about to allure customers when considering social media campaigns; you can attract followers with fascinating promotions based on their Interest related ads. Once you have good followers you can focus on more personalized campaigns to encourage your follower’s long stay.

Social media is a big platform for capturing targeted customers for your business. Getting good customers is very important and once you get then convert those into sales.

Social influence is the best phenomenon where people believe the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation. People actually do what others do; they try to believe that the majority of people like to believe.

 If your product post is getting more praise and likes people automatically believe that your product must be good to try. If someone is posted your product changed their life a lot on Instagram or Twitter then there will be a warm welcome that will be there for your service.

3. Email Marketing:

Email marketing strategy is one of the most effective digital marketing channels for business. Email plays a good role in a customer’s shopping experience, that users can email questions about the products and their queries.

When it’s come to converting people into regular customers, members, supporters, email marketing is the best way to go.

Email marketing allows marketers to reach their specified customers easily by writing some efficient mails at a rate of nothing per mails.

Emails are not yet died, it’s a good medium for businesses to reach their expected audience, and so only marketers keep coming and always active in sending promotional emails.

When it’s comparing to all other social media they not having certain privacy for their marketing; you are writing some post and publishing the audience as a whole can’t focus on specific users. But by using emails you can address people by sending individually by their name, can split topics for certain members and it will arrive privately to their inbox without announcing to anyone.

Emails are measurable; you can track who opened your email, which links were clicked, and how many people subscribed.

Emails are transactional by nature and you can use this platform to get more traffic to your website.

4. Content Marketing:

Content Marketing means creating a valuable description for your service or product and thereby attracting the customers and converting them into repeat buyers.

You can create some valuable content that helps peoples to solve their daily life challenges. If it’s a simple guide like cooking recipes, shopping guide, traveling guide, beauty blogs will help you build awareness, and delight your customers. When you are using proper copywriting techniques to create your online content you will easily get subscribers to your blog, and they also share your blog with others.

Once you build trust between your readers you will get a loyal audience for your business.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the process that involves the trader man and the affiliate. Affiliate marketing is an individual or a company that promotes your products or brands on their websites to increase your traffic or sales. Affiliates receive a commission for each action your customers are doing. Since affiliates are counting their commissions, you need to plan accordingly to convert your site visitors as your regular buyers.

Improve your customers’ loyalty, customers that continue to support your brand over time they will be your regular customers.


Finally, the emerging technologies and increase in internet user base are updating digital marketing as well the future will be Digital Marketing.

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AUTHOR: S.Revathy

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