Google Algorithm Updates

Google algorithm is mainly defined as an asset of rules which solves the problem in a limited number of steps. Google algorithm is considered a complex system that will regain the data from the search engine and deliver the results to the query. In the case of a search engine, it uses a combination of algorithms and a variety of ranking signals to deliver the webpages.

Goggle algorithm search out a webpage and assign a rank to each page based on some of the factors. Assigning is mainly based on how many times the key word appeared on the page. Appearance of high ranked pages in SEARCH  ENGINE RESULT PAGE means that the links which related to the search query are the first ones Google list. The function of Google keyword is same to other search engines. There are two automated programs called spiders and crawlers which moves from one link to another link and making an index page. This index page will be used by an user when the person enters a search query. One of the function of search engine is it will finds the page which contain the keyword that were in user’s search query. Google spiders has the ability to estimate the differences between the webpages with actual content and redirect sites. Keyword placement also plays a major role in the working of Google algorithm. For example consider the Web page title , google will serch for the keywords in headings. Keywords in the major headings will be more  valuble than the side headings if they contain the same keyword as in the major headindgs.

PageRank is a feature of google algorithm, is used to rank the web pages. It measures the importance of pages. It is the first used algorithm. Estimation of the importance of page is done by counting the number and purity of link to a page. It is considered as link analysis algorithm. Web graph describes the PageRank, which is orginated from mathematical algorithm. Importance of page is based on the rank value. PageRank is created by all World Wide Web pages and the hyperlinks. PageRank of the page depends on the  incoming links and the number. Each link will be counted as vote for the target page. Pages with high quality content will be linked first followed by the average quality pages. Votes are given from high ranking count to low ranking sites. Even though high ranking pages linked to thousands of other pages, but each individual vote won’t be counted as much. Factors which affect the scoring include, the time of the site has been around, strength of domain name, appearance of keywords on the site .The concept of PageRank has been applied to manipulation. Since September 24 2019, PageRank and all associated patents are expired. Google’s search engine can create a best result by focusing on the links going to and from a Webpage.

Every day there will be a changes in the ranking algorithm by google. Some are tiny and some will affect the SERPs. There are some of the google updates:



WORKING: Quality Score is a scoring system assigned by PANDA to the web pages, which is used as a ranking factor. Officially it was declared as a core algo in the year of 2016. Initially it was known as a filter. Because of the frequent rollouts of PANDA, penalities and recoveries can happen faster.

ADJUSTMENT: Hazards like thin content and key word stuffing can be overcome by the regular site checks. SEO is required for this purpose. Copyscape is a plagiarism checker used for checking the external content duplication.



WORKING: Major aim is to down rank sites whose link is deem to be manipulative. From 2016 its also become a part of core algo. When compared to panda one of the notable feature of PENGUIN is its work in real time.

ADJUSTMENT: SEO SpyGlass is a backlink checker used to display the link profile’s growth and run regular sites. Progress graph for the profile link will be displayed on the Summary dashboard and check out for unusal spikes in the graph. Penality risks can be checked outr through Linking Domains Dashboard.



WORKING: Provides a search queries and results that match searcher intent. The main aim is to rank a page for query, if it doesn’t contain the extact word that has been entered by searcher. Natural language processing can be used to achieve this function.

ADJUSTMENT: It can be done by expanding the keyword research and focus on concepts. Create comprehensive content inorder to satisfy searcher intent.



WORKING: Users location have been played an important in this update. Due to this update there is tie between the local algo and core algo. Local results can be ranked by using SEO factors.

ADJUSTMENT: Effort can be invested into on and off page SEO. WebSite Auditor act as a starting point for running an on page analysis. The aspects of on page optimization can be determined by Content Analysis dashboard. Business directories is used to enlist the off page SEO.



WORKING: This update rank the mobile friendly pages at the top of mobile research and remove the pages which are not optimized for mobile or it is ranked down

ADJUSTMENT: Focus mainly on the speed and usability. Improvement of pages mobile version is done by mobile friendly test and the test is incorporated into WebSite Auditor



WORKING: It’s a part of HUMMING BIRD algorithm. Consider as a machine learning system. Relevance of quries can be understand by the help of this google update and it will give better result for the enetered quire. Its known as third important ranking factor.

ADJUSTMENT: Competitive analysis  used  for  the  optimization of content . One of  the to diversify the content by using  TF- IDF tool.

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