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 Seeing ahead into the future is a necessity in the world of Marketing since predicting the future based on current trends offers a clear way forward for establishing the groundwork in the present and to drive marketing strategies. Mobile Marketing being the current stand-out in the world of Marketing deserves to be well aware of what the future will look like for it. Although the popularity and massive outreach of Mobile Marketing do not secure its bright future for certain, it is definitely a big predictor of whether Mobile Marketing will sustain in the near future or whether it will evolve into something new and possibly greater. The Future of Digital Marketing is Mobile Marketing

Mobile Phone usage grew unstoppable in the past decade and it has reached a high global rate. Having possibly replaced Laptops and Desktop computers to a great extent, the modern online user depends on his/her smartphone heavily for both utility as well as for entertainment. The online world has shrunk itself to fit mobile phones with websites and payment gateways being optimized to be quickly and easily accessible through the phone. Digital Marketers need to prioritize Mobile over other digital ad categories as the growth rate for mobile phone usage is nearing 50% and is expanding at an astonishing pace. The Future of Mobile Marketing can be foretold on the basis of these 6 Trends:

 1. Mobile-First Search Indexing:

Search Engines have realized early on the need to cater to mobile phone searches. Google’s Mobile-First Indexing has greatly influenced Mobile Marketing since websites that hope to rank high must now be optimized to be mobile friendly before being desktop friendly. As few users sit before desktops bringing up the full version of a website, mobile optimization is the top priority in search engine optimization. This implies that screen size optimization and Mobile App Development will slowly precede over desktop website development which will be a huge shift for SEO Analysts and web developers.

 2. Ad Blocking:

Online Ads proved to be a boon, especially for small businesses who previously had no way of achieving global outreach without spending thousands on expensive traditional advertising. As much as online users have enjoyed relevant and useful ads that bring them to the products and services they were always seeking, smartphone users are now desiring to block ads that border on spam by being too frequent. Since Ads have permeated every inch of online space, Ad Blocking will gain its space in Mobile Marketing as the demand to turn off, pause, or permanently block Ads gains momentum. As users realize their power over being marketed to and influenced by ads that pop up without announcing their arrival, mobile advertisers will be challenged to carefully fund ad campaigns and to ensure that they hold users’ attention rather than becoming an eye-sore.

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 3. One-Touch Purchase:

Online Wallets and Streamlined Mobile Payments have closed the large gap between banking and mobile transactions. Mobile commerce has successfully outrun Ecommerce with purchases easier than when you had to search through eCommerce website listings and follow a tedious checkout process. One-click payments are the demand of the day and mobile sales are further strengthening Mobile Marketing strategies. Online Purchases are shortening and becoming easier for users who no longer want to spend time typing in their credit card information over and over again and juggling endless pins and passwords. Buy Now buttons are appearing everywhere and their inclusion among social media posts indicates just how streamlined online purchases have become and how instant payments will further strengthen consumer and online seller ties.

 4. Rewards:

Since users are becoming more selective about the type of ads they’re shown, Mobile Marketers need to learn the Reward-based Mobile Advertising method that involves rewarding users who choose to engage with a brand’s mobile marketing campaigns with wallet balance or points which they can exchange for content viewing, products, or services. Reward-Based Advertising is a safe bet for mobile marketers to find out the best times when users will engage with a brand and to ensure that Ads are not blocked. Loyalty Reward Points and Coupons offered in exchange for answering polls or taking some action result in satisfied users and potential customers. The success rate of Rewards based Mobile Advertising Opt-Ins is tremendous and unmissable by Future Mobile Marketers.

 5. Mobile Marketing for VR:

With Virtual Reality added to the mobile experience, smartphones are being released with VR gear set to enhance the way users interact with their phones. Mobile Marketing needs to cater to this change soon. Mobile Advertising campaigns must thus target VR gadgets and other connected devices in a way that they seamlessly adapt to new technology and blend in with everyday user interaction. Introduction of VR has changed mobile usage habits which makes a big difference to existing campaigns and can render future campaigns more powerful. In fact, the mobile advertising campaigns that will be specially made for high tech Virtual Reality Gear won’t have the limitations that current advertising campaigns on mobile have.

 6. Voice Search:

Mobile Voice Search is revolutionizing the way users use their smartphones. Voice Searches have evolved into smart speakers that counter every question posed to them by matching them with relevant answers. Mobile Marketing will integrate with Voice Search in the future and mobile marketers will have the additional task of ensuring that campaigns show up on voice search. This includes optimizing web content to make it voice search-friendly. Your content must also be ready to present relevant answers to user questions thus becoming more favorable with voice search optimization.

Mobile Commerce will be much more eventful in the coming years and Mobile Marketers can expect more innovation. Mobile Marketing will not just be about smartphones but will need to respond to all gadgets and tech that the modern user possesses. As technology becomes more mobile, so too will marketing to stay in touch with all devices, platforms, and screen sizes. With the way it’s going, Mobile Marketing appears to have a bright and exciting future.

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