7 Effective Ways How To Write A Blog In A Professional Way

Your blog is undoubtedly one of your company’s most valuable marketing tools not just for the company you can rank any site with the help of a blog.

What is the blog?

A blog is an online gazette for an individual to publish thoughts and stories on their own website. Blogging means sharing your ideas, views, knowledge out to the world it can be of any topic like Business, Technology, Travelling, Food, Games, or any other.

Without superb writing skills, the business world would be in chaos. While bad writing skills can cause misinformation by the way of wrong or ambiguous messages, good writing skills composition can prompt a confidence boost, to both the individual and the organization.

Here are 7 Effective ways to write a blog in a professional way:

1. Analysis of your Audience: Before writing a blog you have to understand your target

audience, think about what they want to know, what their interest if your readers are millennial they should know about social media and blogs. Preparation is the key, you have to write a blog that readers will love.

2. Title and opening paragraph: 80% of people convert into a reader after seeing the title

and the first paragraph. The fascinating title and introduction part make people want to read your blog right away. Recent studies show that 80% of people read the title and 20% read the rest. This is the real significance of great titles and paragraphs, and that is why getting them is so indispensable to a successful blog.

3. Make your blog scan-able: You know that average readers only understand 70% of

what did they read? So you have to make your blog easy to understand and read.

Remember these points.

● While writing your blog split it into multiple, easy, and recognizable parts.

● Show multiple ideas in a single glance are Contemporary

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4. Use Images: Choose the image that embellishes your content. Images help to grab

attention and make your post more appealing. Make sure that you are not using a copyrighted image it can down your blog.

5. Avoid Repetition: Few things are more rash to read than the repetition of this word or

phrases can lead to the detachment of the reader. Once you have done with the first draft of a blog, read carefully, and replace the words that are in repetition.

6. Optimize your Content: Write a blog post must follow SEO (Search Engine

Optimization) rules: Use keyword optimized titles, keyword anchor text, keyword proportion, use your targeted keywords in the sentences. An excellent SEO blog post will make your content more relevant for specific users of the search engine.

7. Ask for the Action: You are writing for a reason, you want to boost your blog in search

engines, to connect with the readers. You should end the blog with something that moves the reader to perform the desired action. You can increase conversion by including more CTAs on your blog if they are several different types of CTAs in a different format and addressing different parts of your marketing funnel.


To become a great blogger you have to become a great reader. Read a lot, keep yourself up to date with the latest updates and news in your niche. Take notes, whenever you get an idea for a good blog note it down. It always happens you have a great idea and you forgot in just ten 10 minutes. Practice makes a man perfect, write regularly improves your skills as a writer.

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So now it’s your turn, what are some of your tips for writing a great blog.

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