What Are Hashtags And How They Are Useful?

As per the 2018 record, Social Media having 3.196 billion users in India according to Hootsuite. Social Media Networking Platform helps Marketers to reach Mass targeted audience through advertisement based on user interest and behavior. But What happens to organic posts? Organic contents are which you share on your social media company pages. It includes Posts, Images, and Videos. Can’t we reach Mass audience on social media platforms with our Organic content?  How to reach the right people on Social Media without spending money through Organic content. We can do that by utilizing the appropriate Hashtag.


A Hashtag is a keyword or a phrase that is followed by a symbol “#” (Hash) written to highlight the post and facilitating the search for the post. By using Hashtag to our post, we will make the social media channels to index our post and help the audience discover our post easily. Hashtags help to bring brand awareness and improve engagements for our products/services. Once the keyword got enough momentum, it will start “trends”, and the Trending will be different based on category, Interests, and Location.

According to the survey, almost 75% of Social media users use hashtags. The same survey reveals that Tweets with Hashtags had two times more engagement than regular tweets and 55% more retweets.

Hashtags differ from one social media platform to others.

  • Twitter Hashtags
  • Instagram Hashtags
  • LinkedIn Hashtags
  • Facebook Hashtags

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Types of Hashtags:

Based on the purpose Hashtags are divided into the following types:

  1. Branded Hashtags
  2. Content Hashtags
  3. Location-Based Hashtags
  4. Timely Hashtags
  5. Mass appeal hashtags
  6. Entertainment Hashtags
  7. Trending Hashtags
  8. Event-Related Hashtags
  9. Niche Hashtags

Branded Hashtags:

Hashtags exclusively related to your brand. These Hashtags helps you to get very good to bring much Brand Awareness and helps us to encourage users for UGC (User Generated Content)

Content Hashtags:

These hashtags are related to our product, service, or market. When we’re new in Hashtags usage, these hashtags will be more helpful to circulate our content as they will be directly related to our product.

Location-Based Hashtags:

These Hashtags will be useful for a particular location to promote local content.

Timely Hashtags:

These hashtags are related to a particular holiday, season and even time of the year.

Mass Appeal Hashtags:

These are common hashtags that can apply for any post. They can occasionally give a significant bump to our post by putting them in front of the brand audience.

Entertainment Hashtags:

These hashtags help to expand the relationship with the existing audience for our brand. They will be based upon the satiation.

Trending Hashtags:

These hashtags are popular hashtags based on current timely situations. They won’t give evergreen results but can yield better reach for our content.

Event-Related Hashtags:

These hashtags are based on special events, contest hosting by your brand.

Niche Hashtags:

These Hashtags are more specific to connecting for the brand target audience and a highly relevant audience.

How to do Hashtag Research:

Just like Keyword research to incorporate keywords into our content for better search engine ranking, every social media marketer needs to do Hashtag research to reach their content to the potential audience. There are different types of tools for Hashtag research listed below:

  • RiteTag: https://ritetag.com/
  • Hashtagify: https://hashtagify.me
  • Export Tweet: https://www.exporttweet.com
  • TweetReach: https://tweetreach.com/
  • Socialist: https://socialert.net/
  • Tweet Archivist: http://www.tweetarchivist.com/

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How to Use Hashtags on different Platforms:

As Twitter First started using Hashtags, later other social media channels also adopted using Hashtags with a different purpose. Let’s see how to use these hashtags in various social media channels:

Hashtags usage on Twitter:

Hashtags on Twitter are mainly used for conversations. Engagements will be more if you use one Hashtag on Twitter, if it’s more than one Hashtag, there will be a drop in engagement because users assume too many hashtags indicate foul play by bots.

Hashtags usage on Facebook:

Hashtags will help to get more exposure on Facebook, but the important thing to remember is not to use too many hashtags on Facebook. The recommended amount is only one or two. More usage looks unprofessional and will most likely annoy users.

Hashtags usage on Instagram:

The hashtag was first used on Twitter but Instagram has highest hashtags usage when compared with any other social media channels. Hashtag using Instagram leads to more engagement. You can use Ten to Eleven popular and relevant hashtags per post. Actually, we can use up to 30 Hashtags for any post. On Instagram using more hashtags is acceptable.

Hashtags usage in LinkedIn:

As hashtagging is a recent concept in LinkedIn, one to three is usually recommended for LinkedIn posts. Hashtag usage in LinkedIn can help to acquire great brand awareness.

Advantages & Disadvantages  of Hashtags:


  • Hashtags are a great way for the audience to find and follow the discussion related to Brand, company’s promotions, and famous influencers.
  • They allow the brand to track the performance of their content across all social networks.
  • They help to reach our content to a huge audience and help to increase brand awareness.
  • On Instagram, you can see 100% engagements for personal profiles and 50% engagements for the brand-related posts with hashtags.
  • For any social media campaign, successful hashtags should be memorable. They create our own momentum


  • Hashtags in Facebook exploit our privacy if we use them in the wrong manner and may lead to a security threat. They may sometime convert our personal matters into public matters on Facebook. Your personal posts may show in front of unknown users if you use hashtags while uploading images.
  • Hashtags will be ignored or hijacked if you don’t follow proper principles while using. They may be misleading and trolls can attack the hashtag and make the audience use completely opposite by sharing their bad experiences and complaints.
  • Choose the words carefully while writing hashtags. Otherwise, it may express a different message and

may ruin a brand reputation.


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