Top 15 Tools For SEO In 2019

  Search Engine Optimization is all about how our website is going to rank in Google’s organic results. Every company who is planning to go for online marketing, their first motto is to rank high in Google search results. Stable organic ranking in Search Engine Result pages became a challenging job for any business in 2019. as Google changing its algorithms frequently. There are many SEO tools available in the market (Free & Paid Versions). We hand-picked some of the best tools which will be helpful for your Search Engine Optimization Rankings in 2019.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is a completely free tool from Google. You need to have Google Ads account to use this free tool This tool gives insight on keywords monthly search volumes, keywords historical performance based on our budget and average bid prices, searches terms suggestions, search volume trends for a single keyword or a group, organic impressions, organic average positions, etc., Keyword planner is heavily useful for paid search ads.


If you’re looking for a next-level competitor research tool, Semrush is the best option. One of the best features in this tool is Domain vs Domain Analysis, domain search data, on-page and off-page analysis reports, and much more. You can perform frequent website audits and can improvise our website health and conversions. We can find our competitor’s best keywords, backlinks data, and their best backlinks. With the Semrush tool, we can find specific page keywords rankings, and also we can find the rankings for all the URLs with a specific phase in them. One of the best features in SEMRUSH is International SEO. We can find the information on our website for 28 different countries in the same panel.SERUSH will give a clear report on a website Mobile experience. After registering to SEMRUSH, the first 7 days we can use free of cost, later we need to review based upon our usage. Monthly plans start from 99.95$. Though its more expensive, but SEMRUSH is one of the best tools for Search Engine Optimization.


Moz tools give you a complete overview of website performance and improvements. This tool tells us how exactly we can improve our website SEO performance and also competitor analysis. Moz gives a free browser toolbar that allows us to the page metrics while browsing.

Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog SEO tool is one of the best tools in the industry. This tool helps to analyze page titles, meta description, Broken Links in your website, URL errors & page redirections, Robots.txt file, Discovering duplicate pages on your website, helps you to generate XML Sitemaps, Site Visualizations, Header tags analysis, word count and much more. Screaming frog helps you to conduct quick audits on your website and makes you understand what is going on your website. This tool provides both free and paid versions. The free version comes with limited usage with a crawl limit of 500 URLs. You can go with the licensed version by paying 149Euros/Year and you can use all the features.


Spyfu is one of the best tools that allow understanding of competitor activities like Keywords Rankings, Backlinks performance, and Pay per Click Campaign Performances. This tool allows us to find competitor keywords, their rankings for particular keywords.

SEO Quake:

SEO Quake is one of the free chrome extension tools which helps us to perform on-page audits, internal links and external links checking, competitor performance research, keyword density analysis, SERP overlay, Backlinks checking, Google index checking, Semrush ranking, Alexa ranking, Webarchive age, etc.,


Woorank has both free and paid access which provides instant access to the website review. Free account allows for generating limited numbers of reports when compared with the paid version. The resort accommodates both on-page and off-page optimization contents like title, Meta Description checking, keywords checking, sitemap and robots.txt file performance, Canonicalization, backlink count checking, Mobile Compatibility checking, 404 error page, Structure Data Markup tool, speed optimizations, 301 & 302 redirections, website file size, W3C Compliances, local listing performance, social profiles performance and website traffic estimates, etc., When you register, Woorank gives first 7 days free trial and then you need to upgrade the plan which starts from 49$.

Upcity SEO Report Card:

UpcitySeo Report card is a free website analysis tool that gives auditing reports on 18 different SEO related content with a clear SEO Score. The 18 Contents in the report include website ranking in Google Search Engine Results pages and Bing Search Engine Results in Pages, Backlinks counts, on-page and off-page contents, website accessibility, website trust metrics, and website index in popular search engines like Google & Bing. This tool allows us to check competitor ranking for the particular keywords in SERP’s and also competitor backlinks count and also website performance.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics helps you to understand user behavior on your website. Basically, GA is not an SEO tool but it’s almost impossible to run any campaign without Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, we can measure data metrics like Visitors, Organic traffic, Bounce rate, Exit Rate, Traffic sources, Time on site, Page speed, Cohort Analysis. Before starting, we need to connect our website to GA with a unique tracking code. Once verified, GA starts tracking the data on our website.

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT):

Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) is one of the free tools offered by Google. This tool helps to understand the behavior of your website. Connecting your website to GWT is very easy. Google offers five different ways to verify your website. In that, verifying through Google Analytics is one of the easiest methods. Once verified, you can understand website performance in SERP results, functioning of sitemaps, robots.txt file, structured data markup, security issues, and also helps to understand mobile usability issues on your website. Connecting GWT to the website is one of the OnPage optimization factors that help to boost your SERP rankings.

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Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker:

Ahref helps to analyze the quantity and quality of backlinks for any website which helps for better rankings in SERP results. We can get clear information on Domain Authority of our website and Anchor texts performance on our website. Ahrefs tool has keywords rank checking in SERP Pages with daily and monthly forecasts. Ahref comes with a browser toolbar feature that has a SERP overlay feature that pulls data and overlay it on Search Engine Results Page. We can even get ideas on Competitor performance on the results page and also helps to acquire information on competitor paid search ads. Ahref’s keyword explorer helps to go beyond finding keyword search volumes. Ahref’s basic Lite Plan starts from 99$ per month with a single user and can maintain up to 5 projects.


SEOPTIMER helps us to know our website SEO performance. One of the free tools, Seoptimer helps us to understand website on-page metrics like User Experience, Page speed, keywords usage, website security, Header tags distribution, content amount, website file size, device responsiveness, etc., and off-page metrics like backlinks counts, Domain authority, broken links in the website, etc. Based upon the audit, it will give SEO performance grade to our website.

Raven tools:

Raven tools are mainly for SEO audits, keywords rank tracking, reports generation. This tool is much famous for SEO audits. This audit allows us to get full information in-depth on issues and problems on the website. Through Competitor research feature, we can understand competitor backlinks, Citation and Trust flow, our competitor, page speed, Moz Domain Authority, etc., Some of the other features in Raven tools are Keywords research, search analytics, Google search console integrations, keywords rank tracking’s and also Semantic keywords analysis, etc., 14 days of a free trial will be available once we register to raven tools, later the plans starts from 109$ per month

Smush Image Optimization Plugin:

One of the free WordPress Plugins, Smush Image Optimization Plugins helps us to compress and optimize any size images. Smush helps to increase the speed of the website. It can even optimize the images which are not in the media library and also it can allow us to optimize different file formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF with this plugin, we can even find the wrong size of images. The free account allows compressing up to 50 images at a time.

Yoast Seo Plugin:

Yoast SEO Plugins is one of the popular WordPress Plugin. Once when we install the Yoast plugin, it’s very easy to write post/page meta titles, descriptions, slug, etc., One of the best features in Yoast SEO Plugin is, the page meta info won’t be disturbed even if we change the themes frequently. One more recent feature in Yoast SEO Plugins is Cornerstone content. Some of the best features in Yoast SEO are Webmaster tools linkage, Internal linking, Readability access, site map creation, Robots.txt file creation, Search appearance settings, Breadcrumbs Setup, RSS feeds setup, etc., Yoast SEO plugin is available in limited access to free version and unlimited access paid versions.

Panguin Tool:

Panda & Penguin updates change the entire Google search history. Panda update usually hits due to poor SEO structure and low-quality content. Penguin update usually hits due to low and poor quality links. This tool helps you to understand the Google Panda & Penguin algorithm update penalties on our website. We can notify the ranking droppings for a long time and can fix the issues which source for rank dropping. We can check the rank dropping on a weekly or monthly basis. With this tool, We can clearly understand the rank dropouts due to penalty, no posts for a long time. Penguin Tool is a totally free tool


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