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Increase Instagram Followers and Brand Identity With Instagram Live:

Instagram is an open and free social networking platform that allows people to post & share their photos and videos. Instagram launched a very exciting feature called live Instagram in 2018. People, businesses are now using this feature for making brand awareness, engaging audiences, increasing credibility, and loyalty among the customers.
Instagram is a simple way of capturing and sharing the moments of the world. Track your friends and family to see what they are up to and discover accounts sharing things you love from all over the world. Join Instagram and be the part of the community more than 1 billion people and start expressing yourself by sharing all the moments of your day— the highlights and everything in between, too. Increase Instagram followers and brand identity by following the tested strategy.

Instagram Live Primer:

Even though it’s been around for a while now, not everyone knows it well. Live Instagram allows users to connect in real-time with their viewers, somewhat similar to Facebook Live (the parent company), but with some differences. For example, the video can disappear as soon as the live broadcast ends. Another creative feature added to Instagram’s Live platform is a darkened rim for live broadcasting around the user’s profile image. Notifications are sent to all their followers to let them know that their favorite accounts/influencers will be able to view new content, promotions, and advertising. The addition of hashtags for different audiences can also increase the chances of acquiring new followers.
But how can you take advantage of the live video from Instagram to achieve the business goals of your company?

  • 80 percent of the audience would rather watch a live stream than read a blog post.
  • 82 percent of the audience would rather watch a live stream than seeing a social media post.
  • 67 percent of the audience watching a live stream bought a ticket to a similar event the next time it happened.

Live videos are popular— and the trend is telling us they’re here to stay. That’s why it’s so important for your brand to understand how to use and leverage Instagram Live for your audience. Let’s go through exactly how to start using Instagram Live, some tips on how to use it, and some ideas you can use today to create an amazing Instagram Live stream.

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Below are the mentioned unique ways that you can avail feature Instagram Live and advertise yourself, your product or brand successfully to maximize online visibility and gain the audience for your particular Instagram page.

Have a goal:

Creating random videos can be fun, but it won’t give you any measurable results, make sure that sharing unique and exclusive videos will create a strategy for the content of your brand. Below are examples of the following:

Do a live Q&A with your audience:

Live videos are always a perfect way to engage your viewers and address any kind of questions that your followers might have. You will show the customers that your business has a face and a heart; that there is a committed “behind the scenes” team compromising with the brand and its fans, this will eventually create a strong bond with your brand and gain you, loyal followers.
Free stuff loves followers —
who doesn’t? The perfect tool for creating a strong hype is live videos. Some of the rewards may be a promotional code, free products, experiences, or an opportunity for a nice reward to enter a contest. Use this direct contact with your followers and ask them for any feedback while communicating with your audience in order to understand how you can improve your business.

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Grant yourself a Test run of Technology:

Practice the live streaming beforehand to avoid errors with the quality of the picture or the size of the frame. It is common to make mistakes and can be seen as humanizing the brand, making your company more relevant, but recording some test videos can reduce your margin of error and help you gain a clear insight into what particular area of your broadcast you can change before you go live.
Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before going live:

  • Is the lighting ok?
  • Is the audio clear?
  • Is the background the right one?
  • Are there too many filters?
  • Is the script attractive?

Keeping these questions in mind and answering them correctly will help you avoid the most common mistakes that we currently see in thousands of live broadcasts. Don’t let one of them be yours.

Take advantage of the urgency:

You know that your viewers will have only one chance to watch your live video unless you give them the option to do otherwise (in the settings of your live account). Let your audience feel a sense of fear of missing out, make them feel they can’t afford to skip your material. Furthermore, according to Sprout Social’s experts: “It’s a great way to boost your viewership by offering one-time deals while creating excitement for your stream. It’s a great way to boost urgency by offering limited-time promo codes.

 Another useful tip is to mask your story for users of x, y, z. If you’d like to configure who can and who can’t see your content until you launch your live video, go to settings and pick “Hide Story” and add all the people and rivals you’d like to hide your story from to lower the chances of stealing your ideas and promotions.

Promote all your live videos from Instagram in advance:

This is a key factor in ensuring the quality of your live video. Because social media is a two-way street, when you share content with and listen to your audience, it works perfectly, which is why it is incredibly important to create the perfect atmosphere when introducing a product. The aim will always be to improve interaction, link and gain new followers along the way, and should always be. Take advantage of the “explore” page to let the world know what your brand is about to launch as it is the best way to reach large groups and new people. Why should you prioritize the promotion of Instagram videos? Not only because of the above but because the Instagram algorithm allows your live video to be on the “exploring” page for new audiences to discover it, only if you get enough engagement and viewers on your broadcast, make sure you build up a large audience before pressing the “Live” button. In order to be able to track the results of your live video or how your live videos are generally doing, you can subscribe to various social media tools to retrieve reports, analyze your results and learn where your points of weakness are, or in what specific areas you should be improving, as well as knowing which is your most popular demographic audience. Tools such as virtual sprouting or buffer are always a good choice.

Creating new content as well as inviting people to collaborate, consult, and take over:

If your company has the opportunity to combine with influencers in your niche that might work extremely well (doesn’t have to be Hollywood stars), for example, if your company is a vegan restaurant and launches a whole new set of healthy infused drinks, you could interview a well-known nutritionist/health influencer around the gram and conduct a live interview or let them try all of your products to let them do it. Furthermore, takeovers are another way to keep the audience interested, incredibly popular these days on Instagram stories, with different brands coming together and working together to create content for each other’s stories as well as innovate and deliver unexpected content. This will certainly keep your users engaged; don’t be afraid to get experimental when it comes to Instagram’s live video. Now that you know all or most of the key benefits that live video can bring to your business on Instagram, as well as how to accomplish the main goal of your brand should always be to keep the audience interested and try as much as possible to explore and discover what works better for you and push more followers into your feed, ultimately increasing your chances of generating profit. Just note that the main purpose of Instagram Live videos is to create a sense of urgency, so make them and deliver all of your content/messages as it depends on your life.

Use hashtags to their full potential:

Using hashtags is one of the most effective ways without following others to get followers. Hashtags let you discover your content for new people. For each post, you can have up to 30 hashtags to increase their exposure. But tagging hashtags at random won’t do the charm. There are common Instagram hashtags that can be used to gain more exposure to your images, depending on the industry you’re in. The best way to find your industry’s common hashtags is to use Google, of course! A simple search for Google will tell you everything you need to know.

Post in peak times:

You can’t figure it out right of the bat. Of course, you should examine the peak times that offer the most likes and the highest commitment, but it is best to evaluate your own statistics.

Host a contest:

Hosting a contest is often the most efficient way to increase engagement and quickly get new followers on any social network. Since Instagram has become increasingly popular, it makes running a contest one of the best social platforms.

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