What is Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other companies’ products. The idea behind is that you are promoting other companies or people’s products through an affiliate network and you can earn a certain percentage of commission for that. It is based on sharing the revenue.

5 Benefits of Affiliate marketing

  • •Affiliate Marketing is performance-based
  • •It helps to broaden your audience.
  • •Affiliate can boost your reputation.
  • •It is Cost Effective.

•It will easily increase our traffic and sales.

1. Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based one: of the main advantages of affiliate marketing is that it is entirely performance-based. Because they will give commission after we sell that particular product. If we perform well and we can sell a lot of products, then we can earn a lot of money through the affiliate program.

2. It helps to broaden your audience now: a day’s affiliate programs can be found in every marketer and for every product. For that, we want to analyze the market in a proper way, and we want to update the correct products on our website according to the change in the market. Before starting affiliate marketing always we need to do brand awareness and by that, we want to increase the website traffic. So it helps to broaden your audience.

3. Affiliates can boost your reputation: Affiliate Marketing can be extremely cost-effective because in affiliate marketing we are marketing other products and we can earn a certain percentage of commission of that. So affiliate marketing is one of the cost-effective ways.

4. It is cost-effective: Affiliate Marketing can be extremely cost-effective because in affiliate marketing we are marketing other products and we can earn a certain percentage of commission of that. So affiliate marketing is one of the cost-effective ways.

5. It will easily increase our traffic and sales: Affiliate marketing can easily increase our traffic and sales. The more sites that you link your page, that much opportunity you will get to have to convert the users into paid customers.

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners:

7 steps if you want to set yourself up for success in Affiliate marketing in 2019

  1. 1. Find your Niche.
  2. 2. Build a website.
  3. 3. Create quality content.
  4. 4. Grow your Email List.
  5. 5. Choose Affiliate products to promote.
  6. 6. Join an Affiliate Marketing Network.
  7. 7. Track your Result.

Find your Niche:

For some people, choosing their niche is the hardest part of starting their own business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Before taking your Niche kindly consider these questions

• What am I passionate about?

• Is this topic big enough?

• Is the niche oversaturated

• Is their money in this nicheWhat product you are looking for and that product has a high Gravity score, decent average income per sale, and that would fit in naturally with your content. If you’re finding plenty of products you would be able to write about, you’ve found a profitable niche!

Build a website:

Once you had found a profitable niche that you’re excited about, you’re ready to build a website and blog. The primary focus of your site is going to be your blog, but there are several pages that you should consider some pages like,

1. About: Make it personable and let people get to know you a little.

2. Contact: This should include all contact information that you want to share with your readers, advertisers, or potential partners.

3. Disclaimer: If your site is monetized, this is where you share the how of it.

4. Privacy Policy: Let users know if you collect any information about them and how that information is used.

5. Terms of Service: This is a legal page limiting your liability in the event of misuse of information or services provided on your site. It also details user responsibilities regarding copyrights and trademarks.

6. Custom 404 Page: A custom 404 page goes a long way toward improving the user experience.

7. Advertise: If you are planning to sell on-site ads, include a page with information about available spots, audience demographics, monthly views, and a contact form for advertisers.

One of the important things is to make sure that your policies are clear and upfront to avoid confusion and to build trust with your audience.

Create quality content:

Some of the affiliate networks and affiliate programs require you to already have established content, site traffic, and monthly views at a certain level before they’ll accept you as an affiliate, so be sure to read the eligibility requirements for the specific networks and programs you’re considering before you apply.

Grow your Email List:

Email is one of the best communication channels for marketing. Adding subscriber popups to the website is one of the best ways to grow an email list. So Email marketing also plays a great role in success in affiliate marketing. A good size of an email list always gives constant income in Affiliate Marketing

Choose Affiliate products to promote:

If you have done all the work to relate to niche, choosing affiliate products to promote should be easy. We want to choose products that fit your niche and relate to your content.

Join an Affiliate Marketing Network:

Affiliate marketing networks are basically online marketplaces where retailers list their products there and affiliates can find products and can sell them. Here the marketing network acts as a middleman. As the affiliate, you should never have to pay to sign up for an affiliate marketing network.

Best affiliate programs to make money

  • • ShareASale
  • • CJ Affiliate
  • • ClickBank
  • • Amazon Associates
  • • VCommission

Track your Result:

Tracking your affiliate results can help you understand which products perform better with your audience which can help you provide better products to them in the future. Even better, you’ll be able to use this knowledge to provide them with better content, increasing their trust and loyalty. This will keep them coming back to you time and again.

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Planning to earn stable profits from affiliate marketing? Then follow the below steps without fail:

  • > Be patient
  • > Choose more attractive products.
  • > Use several traffic sources.
  • > Attract targeted traffic.
  • > Test, Measure, and Track.
  • > Research product Demand.
  • > Follow new methods and techniques.
  • > Select the right advertiser

Be patient:

There are many affiliate marketing networks. So, you need to be patient. You should add quality content to you to get high ranking positions and raise awareness. If you want to earn good profits from affiliate marketing, you need to have enough patience.

Choose more attractive products:

Don’t promote many things by registering different affiliate programs. You can’t focus them correctly and the result also gets disappointed. Instead of promoting different things, focus on a few products which are unique, profitable. So you need to understand the market needs and the products you want to promote.

Use several traffic sources:

Getting proper traffic to our website is the most important thing while doing an affiliate program. How much traffic you sent to your sales page, that much chance is there of making the money. Running the ads also can help to increase traffic. By running an ads account, our sales page gets targeted traffic from a lot of various channels.

Attract targeted traffic:

The most important thing in Affiliate Marketing to push people to click your affiliate links. So you need to attract visitors. There are many ways to increase traffic like, paid advertising, free advertising, article marketing, email marketing, etc.

Test, Measure, and Track:

Testing any action and measuring the performance help you to understand what works and what doesn’t. For example, your banner ads are not gaining so much. So, try to be placed in different areas. It’s good to increase traffic and sales.

Research product Demand:

If you don’t have decent traffic, spend time to find out how the product you are thinking to promote meets users’ needs. We want to research the demand for the products before selling the product. It also helps you a lot in getting traffic and money.

Follow new Methods and Techniques:

Now a day’s everybody is typing to Google, How to make money online from affiliate marketing. Everyone wants to make money with affiliate programs. Digital marketing trends are very dynamic now. So in affiliate marketing always try to be updated with the latest techniques and methods to be successful in a competitive environment.

Select the Right Advertiser:

The quality and service of your website are very important as the advertiser’s website. If the visitors become unhappy and dissatisfied after purchasing the product you advice, then they will think nothing of taking your advice, again. It will hurt your credibility. So, always focus on choosing the ones that offer good customer service while promoting the person or company.


So affiliate marketing is the process by which earning commission for marketing other persons or companies product. Here we want to find out good quality products and to sell the products in the right place. For that, we can use many affiliate networks. Learn Affiliate Marketing Training in Bangalore from Experts and Earn Money in Online. You can earn a lot of money but you want to focus it all the time, Update all trending products to sites at the correct time and remove old products. Always analyze the market and according to that, you are promoting products. So in today’s world affiliate marketing plays a great role.

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