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The Most Important Google Ads (PPC) Interview Questions and Answers -2020 to Crack your next interview. These Google Ads Interview Questions help both Freshers and Experienced Professionals.

 There is no question that the competition for Digital Marketers for both entry-level and experienced candidates is strong on the market. A recent survey showed that the Digital Marketing job requirement nearly doubled between 2019 and 2025. In order to apply for Digital Marketer’s position, one should prepare well for the interview and have an idea of what kind of questions are being asked. In the Digital Marketing field, there are many job profiles, among them, Google Ads Expert or PPC Expert plays an important role.

Online advertising is an essential part of any organization’s digital marketing strategy. Nowadays different online advertising channels and services are available. Pay-per-click (PPC) or Google Ads is one of those online advertising services which have gained a lot of buzz in the digital marketing field. The most prominent one is Google Ads and is popular among a majority of digital marketers. Digital marketers with Google Ads skills are highly valued, and you can get good job opportunities in some of the biggest companies across different industries. In Google Ads or PPC, you can gain a credential or become qualified through Learn Digital Academy’s training course.

A Google Ads Specialist typically do the following work:

  1. Sets up pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google Search, Google Display Partners, and Google Mobile Ads.
Carries out keyword research to create a list of keyword phrases that you will be bidding on.

2. Creates Ads that will run on Google Search, Google Display Partners (if desired), and Mobile (if desired).

3. Tests different commercials, by creating different headlines and ad copies.

4. Will tell which keywords have been entered into Google Search, which has led to your ad being shown.

5. Will tell how many times your ad has been clicked by users, which ad has been clicked on, and which keyword has shown the ad.

6. Works to create tailored landing pages for each ad category in your Ads.

Here some of the commonly asked PPC Interview Questions are :

Google Ads (PPC) Interview Questions and Answers 2020

*What are Google Ads?

It is a paid type of internet advertising where we can promote our product and services.

*What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a method of promoting a company using paid advertising that appears on results pages of the search engine or (SERPs).

*What are the prerequisites to start Google Ads?

A) A perfect website(high-quality content, good site speed)
B) A goal(clicks, sales or leads)
C) Budget
D) Google ads certificate

*Why do you think online marketing is preferred to offline modes?

The clearest benefit of online marketing is its unbeatable customer service capability. In fact, online marketing requires considerably reduced time and money spending. Apart from the promise of a diverse audience/customer base, one of digital marketing’s greatest strengths is that the least things are reliably observable.

*Explain how Google Ads work?

Google Ads works on a bidding system. The higher we bid the higher the will ad appear on top of Google search results.

*What are bidding models in Google ads?

There are three bidding models basically:-

  • CPC ( Cost per click)
  • CPM ( Cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions)
  • CPV ( Cost per view)

*What are the options that will not be changed once the account has been set up in Google ads?

Time Zone and Currency can’t be changed once the account has been set up in Google ads.

*Which is the default match type in Google ads?

Broad match

*In One Ads Account how many campaigns we can create?


*Under which tab we can check device reports in Google Ads?


*What are Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool?

These tools will help you to know for particular search keywords our ad copy is appearing in Google search results or not.

*What is the difference between the Average CPC and MAX CPC?

Average CPC: The Average Amount which is charged by Google for each click.

Max CPC: The Maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click.

*Which option you will use to find how many clicks you got from which city?


*What are the negative keywords?

If you don’t want to show your ad for unwanted searches like free, cheap, we need to use negative keywords in our campaign.

*What is CTR and how to calculate it?

CTR (click-through-rate) is used to measure the success of an ad. To calculate CTR one can use the formula: number of clicks/number of impressions X 100 = CTR.

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*What are bidding strategies in Google Ads?

Bidding Strategies in Google Ads are :

1. Maximize Clicks
2. Maximize Conversions
3. Target CPA
4. Target ROAS
5. Maximize Conversions Value
6. Target Impression share

*What are CTR and Impressions?

CTR – The percentage of times the user clicked on the ad

Impressions: Number of times your ad is seen by users.

*What is Quality Score? What are the factors it depends upon?

It is a metric used to measure the relevancy of keywords, ads, and landing pages.

Factors :

1. Excepted CTR
2. Relevancy of keywords to ads
3. Relevancy of keywords to a Landing page
4. Relevancy of keywords to ad groups
5. Historical account performance

*What is ad-rank? Tell me the formula

It is used to determine the ad position in search results. It can be calculated by

Ad rank= Max CPC bid * Quality Score

*What are Ad extensions in Google Ads?

If we want to show some additional information below the ad copies:
1. Sitelink
2. Location
3. Call
4. Callout
5. Structured Snippet Extension

*Explain what is Ad Group in Google Ads?

An Ad group is a set of keywords, ads, and landing pages.

*What are the targeting options in search network ads?

  • Keywords
  • Demographics

*What are targeting options in the display network?

  • Remarketing
    Interests and topics

*What is Google Ads Remarketing?

Fundamentally, Google AdWords is yet another form of online advertising designed to enable sites to show all targeted advertisements to users who have already visited their site but have not made any purchases at all. Google Adwords ‘ chief benefit is reaching the right clients with the right ads at the right time.

*What are the access levels in Ads?
I.Email Access
II.Read-only Access
III.Standard Access
IV.Admin Access

*How can you improve the Quality Score?
I can Improve the Quality Score by using optimization techniques in the campaign like adding up negative keywords, segregating keywords accordingly with Ad Groups, and changing ads.

*What Kind of Quality Score you can achieve for keywords?

Quality Score can be measured from a value between 1 to 10. Best Quality Score of more than 5.

*When will CPV be charged for an in-stream ad for a video of 60 secs length?

If the user watches 30 secs of the video. CPV will be charged to the account.

*What is meant by Search Queries?

Search queries are the exact keywords for which your ads are triggered.

*What is meant by Converted Click?

Converted click is a metric that tracks the total no of clicks which resulted in conversions. This metric is deprecated by Google.

*How can you track conversions in Google AdWords?

The conversions can be tracked using standard Ads tracking code and updated with additional code specific to a particular platform. The window view-through conversion option monitors when someone sees your ad but doesn’t press it. You can also use the search funnels inside analytics and research, where you can find out when consumers first click on an ad and how often.

Why do you think PPC is important in digital marketing?

For the following reasons PPC is relevant in digital marketing:

  • You can reach the right consumer at the right time.
  • Compared to organic campaigns PPC shows results easily.
  • PPC can be efficient in advertising odd products that are hard to find

*What are Keywords Streaming?

Keywords Streaming is the method of examining the related keywords and selecting the suitable keyword for websites based on the company’s objectives. Having organic traffic is done, and it contributes to the keywords.

*What is Bid Based PPC?

In the Bid Based PPC the advertiser typically competes with the other advertisers in the private auction held by the publisher. The advertiser must notify the publisher of the maximum amount of the bid he is prepared to pay. And in the end, the publisher must pick the winner.

*What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the open-source library that offers a direct way of creating quick, persuasive web pages and the one that is loaded for users instantly. AMP makes work easy to build a mobile-friendly web page for publishers and marketers. Google’s AMP initiative is aimed at creating a new standard that would help us all. The AMP receives assistance from different platforms and it is more compatible with all browsers.

*What are the steps to be taken to avoid penalty?

  • One should not copy a text or image from other websites.
  • One should not be linking to another bad-page rating website.
  • It is better to avoid redirecting the users with refresh meta-tags to another web page.
  • Avoid using hypertext terms like “link” and provide a link to your website.

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