How To Increase Your ROI Using Google Marketing Platforms

 Earlier it was called has a Google Adwords now it has been changed to Google Ads. To give you the dictionary definition, Google Ads is an online advertising service developed by Google to help marketers reach their customers instantly.

When someone searches on Google for a particular term, say ‘digital marketing course’, Google would throw a list of searches for you. But if you look closely, you will notice that the top and the bottom results are generally ads.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that is developed by Google to advertise our product or services in Google to promote a business to pay an amount to the Google Ads to show the ads on the Google platforms. The advertiser pays to display the ads in the google like promoting Apps, Videos, Images, products, etc

What is Pay Per Click advertising?

 Pay Per Click (or Cost Per Click) advertising is a form of online advertising in which the advertisers pay only when someone clicks their ad. Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter (which is a single platform for advertising on Bing and Yahoo! Search) are the leaders in Pay Per Click advertising which connects you to millions of potential customers who are looking for your product or service. To get a better insight on pay-per-click ads & it’s  working

There are 5 different types of Ads in Google Ads:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Networks
  • Youtube Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Remarketing Audiences

Search Ads Vs Display Ads:

 Which platform is the best for creating Brand Awareness? So, which advertising format is the best for driving sales?

Search Ads:

Search ads are which that run in response to a search query.

 The Search Network is one of the most popular options that advertisers choose. Search network ads are best for capturing High intent audience. The search network is simple. You can invest in it

Major Difference between the 2 types of ads is that display ads use a push approach technique and search ads use a pull approach technique. People who come across your search ads are already aware of your product, but it’s not the same in-display ads. People usually see display ads after watching the video or through promotional e-mails or browsing the web.                                  

Display ads are best for building brand awareness:

 If you didn’t know, Facebook is essentially a giant hub for display-style advertising. And most of the ads I see on Facebook aren’t for buying services.


Because nobody goes to Facebook with the intent to buy! They want to browse the platform to interact with friends and family. Remarketing is extremely popular on the display network.


 If your budget is limited search ads are the best option to start with. Building your brand with display ads will usually take a much larger budget and will not likely have a positive return on investment. This is because search ads have typically high conversion rates.

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Youtube Ads:

Types of Youtube Ads:

  • Bumpers

Bumpers are 6 seconds long. They are non-skippable like Pre-Roll ads but are pay per view like TrueView ads.

  • Pre-Roll

         Pre-Roll video ads are non-skippable and pay per click.

  • TrueView (In-Stream or Discovery/In-Display)

TrueView video ads come in two forms, In-Stream and Discovery also called In-Display.

In-stream ads can also be used to boost YouTube channel subscribers. This is a great way to build a loyal audience that engages with your content on a consistent basis.

Shopping Ads:

 Google shopping ad is one of those many ads types offered by Google Ads which includes search ads, display ads, video ads, etc. Shopping ads are only available for E-Commerce websites who exclusively sell products on their website

Advantages of Shopping Ads:

  • Qualified Leads
  • Competitive Data
  • Broader presence

Google Ads is Google’s flagship advertising platform and Google AdSense is an advertising network that allows publishers like you and me to earn money by displaying relevant ads on our websites.


 Remarketing is an approach to interface with individuals who recently collaborated with your site or portable application. It enables you to deliberately position your promotions before these crowds as they peruse Google or its accomplice sites, in this manner helping you increment your image mindfulness or remind those gatherings of people to make a buy.

Should I Give Google Ads a Try?

 Nowadays, there are a huge amount of PPC stages to browse. You have the Facebook and Instagram Ads stage, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Promoted Pins… the rundown continues forever. In Fact, Google Ads isn’t even the main web index promotion stage—Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads are choices, as well!

Be that as it may, notwithstanding all the challenges, Google Ads is as yet a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to achieve your intended interest group.

Facebook Ads and other PPC stages unquestionably can work and they can work particularly well. That being stated, having the option to achieve clients who are looking for items, brands, and substances like yours (impossible with most internet-based life PPC stages) is an extraordinary (and productive) open door that shouldn’t be underestimated. It could give you mind the opportunity to grab up simple deals before your rival does.

Isn’t Ads Expensive?

 Truly, Google Ads can be somewhat costly, particularly in case you’re in an exceptionally focused industry. That being stated, a well-structured, upgraded Ads battle is definitely justified even despite the speculation!

The key here is to assemble a “well-planned, advanced Ads crusade”. On the off chance that your Ads battles are well-focused on, improved effectively, and have a suitable CPC offered, you’ll have the option to show centered promotions to responsive specialties inside your intended interest group, and you’re near ensured a positive ROI.

On the off chance that the battles aren’t appropriately streamlined or focused on, nonetheless, you could finish up spending a ton on snaps that never convert. This is the place most organizations turn out badly—they don’t set aside the effort to make battles that explicitly target and draw in the opportune individuals.

What you really spend will rely upon a ton of elements in the offering framework, including:

The particular catchphrases you pick


Google Ads can be a major speculation, both in time and cash, yet it’s a decent one. The pursuit system can ensure your promotions rank well in hunts of clients who are searching for brands like yours, and the showcase system can be utilized for re-commitment or revelation crusades. In spite of the fact that the framework can be unpredictable, there’s a great deal to pick up from utilizing it, and it’s completely conceivable to run productive battles with low CPCs even on the littlest of promoting spending plans.

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AUTHOR: Bhavana