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Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore

Google Ads Certification program

Search Engine Marketing helps marketers and new brands to drive high intended traffic to their website and improve their brand awareness through Search Engine Paid advertising platforms.

Learn in Depth Knowledge on Google Ads – Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Mobile Advertising.

25 Hrs. of Training + 25 Hrs. Work on Live Projects + 2 Live Projects + 2 Google Ads Tools + Google Ads Case Studies + Premium Landing Page Builder + 6 Certifcations from Google +100% Placement Assistance

Why learn Google Ads?

According to the research, 40,000 searches are processed by Google per sec worldwide on average. 1.2 trillion searches per year and 3.5 billion searches per day. By 2020, the digital platform influences more than 31,433.4Crore sales in India. 1.5 billion websites are there on the internet worldwide.

Google considers more than 200 + factors on on-page as well as off page to determine the rank for a website. So, it will take time for a website to rank using Search Engine Optimization techniques. Therefore, New website will fail to get traffic from organic results. Paid Advertising platform helps a website to get instant traffic. For Startups and New sites, it will be boon to get High amount of traffic. Google search ads appear before organic results. Google ads rank will be calculated based on just two factors. Even Popular brands are running Google ads to drive High Volume of High Intended audience to their platforms. And to remarketing their products to interested customers to increase Conversion rate.

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Why is it crucial to learn Google Ads course from Experts?

Digital Marketing Experts can help you to learn the course with live project examples. You can gain Knowledge in expert level to solve any problems with your ads marketing strategic skills. Our trainers are having more than 5 five years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing. You will get exposure to the latest strategies in running Google Ads to gain a high conversion rate and return on investments.

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Who can join Our Google Ads Training course?

  • Sales Professionals.
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Students.
  • Under Graduates
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners.
  • Fresher’s / Young student Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers.

Why learn PPC Training Now?

PPC specialist jobs are one of the highly paid jobs in the current scenario. Due to Digital Platform influence, the Demand for PPC Specialist is rapidly growing in the recent market. Learn PPC training/ Google Ads training will help you to get placed in a good company with excellent salary package. An average initial salary package for A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Analyst will be around Rs 233,306 per year in India. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Join our Course now.

google ads / PPC training course in bangalore

Google Ads Training Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • Importance of Google Ads
  • Adwords account creation
  • Type of campaign
  • Campaign level settings
  • Adgroup level Setting
  • Keyword match types
  • Bidding options & Budget
  • Ad rank & Quality Score
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Types of Audience
  • Introduction to search campaign
  • Search network / text ads importance
  • Network Selection
  • Budgets and Campaign building strategy
  • Location targeting
  • Click through Rates
  • Budget Calculation
  • Ad Rotation
  • Site link extension
  • Callout extension
  • Call extension
  • Structured snippet
  • App extension
  • Message extension
  • Promotion & Price extension
  • Location extension
  • Ad group Introduction
  • Keywords & Negative keywords
  • Ad Creation
  • Difference between final & Display Url
  • Headlines & description
    • Gmail Campaign
    • Campaign goals
    • Location targeting
    • Bidding strategies & Budget
    • Delivery method
    • Ad rotation & schedule
    • Devices targeting
    • Dynamic ads
    • Adgroup
    • Keywords & Negative Keywords
    • Affinity & custom affinity audience
    • Inmarket Audiences
    • Remarketing and similar audiences
    • Demographics
    • Automated targeting
    • Ad group bid
    • Ad creation
      • Headlines, Description
      • Logos, Marketing and Header images dimensions
    • Introduction to display networks
    • Bidding strategy and budget
    • Ad rotation & scheduling
    • Device targeting
    • Frequency capping
    • Content Exclusion
    • Adgroup
    • Types of Audience
    • Demographics
    • Content targeting
    • Ad group bid
    • Ad Creation
  • Account Creation
  • Product feeds creation
  • Google merchant center and Google Ads account linking
  • Inventory filter
  • Local Products
  • Bidding Strategy & Budget
  • Delivery method
  • Campaign priority
  • Google Search ads partner Networks
  • Device Targeting
  • Location targeting & Scheduling
  • Ad group & Ad format
  • Bid
  • Google Video ads Networks Campaign Goals
  • Sales, Leads, Website traffic
  • Product and Brand Consideration
  • Brand awareness and reach Campaign Subtype
  • Influence consideration
  • Shopping
  • ad sequence
  • skippable in-stream ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Non-skippable instream ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Budget & Bidding Strategy
  • Languages
  • Location targeting
  • Inventory type
  • Excluded content
  • Excluded types and labels
  • Device targeting
  • Types of Audience
  • Demographics
  • Content targeting
  • Ad group bid
  • Ad Creation
  • Ad assets
  • App Campaign Network
  • Locations & language
  • Budget & bidding
  • Campaign optimization
  • Ad scheduling
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