Fast Track Digital Marketing Course

We have designed a short comprehensive 15-days course for beginners to experience the best of Online/Offline Digital marketing training in Bangalore.

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

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Fast-track Digital Marketing Course Module

The topics covered in this course are the basics for entering into the digital marketing domain. Other than basic computer knowledge, no other experience is required. Get certified as a digital marketer after the course.

Fast track Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

We have designed a short comprehensive 15-days course for beginners to experience the best of Online Digital marketing training in Bangalore.

The topics covered in this course are the basics for entering into the digital marketing domain. Other than basic computer knowledge, no other experience is required. Get certified as a digital marketer after the course.

Fast Track Digital Marketing Course module:

Introduction to Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is a method of marketing through the internet and online-based technologies and platforms to promote products and services. It is one of the fastest-growing industries. The key components in digital marketing like SEO, SMM, and Ads are essential to take your business forward and go viral!

Digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing in delivering results and generating revenue for both small and big brands. It covers a wide range of online platforms like search engines, social media where having a presence is the ticket to brand awareness and direct customer engagement. 

The strategies used in digital marketing are different from traditional marketing and it’s more effective. It is cost-efficient as well. It does not limit customer reach to a particular region, it helps businesses connect to customers globally. 

It’s important to keep up with the trends that are changing and come up with different ideas to make it work better, as the competition out there is quite tough while the attention span and the engagement level of the audience shrinks.

best digital marketing courses

As a beginner, you will learn 

  • Everything there is about digital marketing
  • Why it is important
  • The strategies involved
  • How to use the tools effectively to get traffic to your website and 
  • How to generate revenue.

Keyword Research: A strategy in search engine optimisation (SEO), keyword research is essential in ranking your website or content on the search engine. It helps in understanding your audience by providing data on

  • What they are looking for specifically
  • How are they searching for what they want in what format
  • How many people are searching

 Keywords are specific search terms that people use to find what they want on the search engine. They come in three types by length – short tail, mid-tail, and long tail. A good number of relevant keywords in a content determines its position on the search results page.

Keyword research is not limited to words searched on Google, it can be used for queries, data collection, the difficulty level of searches, popular relevant hashtags for social media, and much more.

Keyword research focuses according to most searched for items, for example, if you search for something and the results page shows product pages, then your keyword research will be focused on products; if you searched for a company, the results page will show home pages and keywords will be focused around that particular company. 

best digital marketing course in bangaloreYou will learn here

  • Where to find keyword ideas
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to use the keyword research tools
  • How to measure their efficiencies using metrics and tools available on Google. 

Content writing course: As they say, content is King! Some even say it is the kingdom because without content none of the marketing strategies will work well.

Customers want content and every business should have content. It helps create a relationship with the customers by letting them know everything about the brand – who they are, what they do, why they do, how can they help solve your problems and what they can offer.

Content doesn’t mean only blogging. It is not just text, though text content is the most popular and effective type of content that you can sell. Content can also be videos, infographics, podcasts, whitepapers, ebooks, and more. It is anything that provides information about what the customer is looking for – a product or service, about the brand, how-tos, solutions to their problems and more. 

The most important element that the content has to have, is value. It doesn’t matter if the content is long, short or in any form as long as it has value. The content has to be entertaining, solving problems for the customers, or teaching them something.

best digital marketing courses in indiaIn the content writing course, you will learn here,

  • how to write content
  • Blogging and Content marketing and blogging guidelines for content writing
  • how to provide value and
  • the optimisation techniques used to rank it on the search engine.

Content Marketing & blogging: Content marketing is a type of approach where the created content is optimised for maximum customer reach and engagement. One of the main strategies in Content Marketing is story-telling, a powerful one that can communicate your brand to a customer in the best ways possible.

Whatever content created has to be promoted well to achieve a brand’s objective or goals. It is a big part of digital marketing strategies that most companies use to sell their products or services, or just for maximum reach. 

Content marketing has its own set of tactics. It can be done on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. Each platform is different and needs a different approach, and depends on the company’s objectives which could be maximum customer reach, brand awareness, or lead generation. It can be done outside the social media platforms as well, like guest blogging for example. 

digital marketing coursesIn this course, you will learn

  • the whys and how-to’s of content marketing
  • publishing the content
  • the strategies and tactics involved in content marketing
  • keyword research to optimise the content
  • how to write content for social media and outside of that
  • how to and which audience to target
  • calculate the results of your content marketing.

Website audit: Website audit involves analysing the website to reveal

  • the actions needed to improve SEO
  • its performance in the rankings 
  • evaluates the technical performance
  • how search-friendly your site is. 

It is mostly used for SEO and content marketing purposes.

A website could still be having issues despite optimising it. It could be having problems with page loading, slow loading, broken files, errors, etc. Doing a site audit can determine what problem a site is facing and help you fix it. To make SEO successful, adding site audits regularly is highly suggested. 

Not maintaining a site audit could prove detrimental in the long run as SEO is a continuous process that needs to be ahead of the trends.

There are tools for website audit that makes the job easier, especially for old websites with hundreds of pages. The site audit tools can scan and generate a checklist of issues to be fixed on the websites. Not only technical issues, but issues related to on-page and off-page SEO can also be scanned through site audit. 

The issues can affect the effectiveness of SEO and the website will not perform to its full potential. So, in this module, you will learn how to do a website audit and fix the issues.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is a strategy in digital marketing that targets audiences on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices via the internet, social media, emails, etc.

The growing number of smartphones and mobile users calls for effective marketing strategies which makes the accessibility of the brand’s content easier on mobiles. 

Majority of internet users use smartphones and spend at least 2 to 4 hours on social media, browsing on Google and other applications. Reaching the target audience on these apps can help them move forward in the sales funnel.

best digital marketing A website that is not mobile-friendly can drive away the customers, something which is detrimental to your company’s lead generation. A clear call to action is required on some websites because most of the people make purchases on their phones. Google provides free tools for marketers to make websites mobile-friendly.

Bear in mind that there are some not so friendly marketing and advertising tactics like pop-up ads which need to be avoided. In this course module, you will learn

  • how to use the strategies effectively in mobile marketing
  • the importance of mobile marketing
  • types of mobile marketing and 
  • the tools that come with it, mobile ads, SMS and emails.

Social media optimization: Social media has become a hub for marketing businesses. You have to go where the crowd is and they are hanging out on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Like any other marketing tactics which will be ineffective if not executed the right way, marketing on social media requires meticulous planning and objectives, with tactics that work for that particular social media – Facebook has its own tactics different from Instagram. 

Optimizing your social media is more important than just having a presence on the platform.

The goal of social media optimization is similar to that of SEO – to generate traffic to your social media account and increase brand awareness. Knowing the audience and what is working, not working can help you change the strategies to improve the performance of a brand’s social media. This can be done using the insights that come within social media which provide all the data regarding the audience, impressions, reach and engagement level. 

Social media optimization targets a specific audience and the way of marketing may change accordion to the user’s demographics. Learn how to optimize using the tools that are available on Google in this course module

Google Ads PPC: Google Ads is an online advertising platform provided by Google, where advertisers pay to promote their ads and content. The ads can be displayed on Google search results page and mobile apps, non-search websites. 

PPC – pay per click is an advertising model where advertisers pay every time an ad is clicked, to drive traffic to their websites. It is associated with Google Ads. the difference between PPC and SEO is that the latter drives organic traffic and PPC does not. It is not specific to Google Ads and can exist in other platforms as well, like Facebook Ads.

Why use Google Ads? Because it is not easy to get organic traffic to your websites. With paid clicks, you get more traffic and more lead generation as well. The stronger the paid campaign is, the more clicks you generate. Google Ads helps you to target an audience based on locality, a specific group of people with a common interest, etc.

digital marketing courses in bangaloreIt also allows you to display ads outside of Google’s territory and tells you if the changes made to your site is getting more visitors. In this module, you will learn 

  • What is Google Ads and PPC
  • how to run PPC campaigns on Google Ads
  • how to make it work by optimizing content and SEO

Google Business: Google My business is a free tool for business organisations to manage their online presence to help customers find them on local search engines and maps. People search for a product or a company online, so having a presence online lets them find you easily.

Businesses that verify themselves on this platform can help gain trust from the customers than the ones that don’t. 

Google My business helps you manage information about your brand, product or service, location, and other related information. It allows you to interact with the customers and leaves space for them to give feedback and testimonials. 

It’s advisable to update all the necessary information on Google My Business so that the customers don’t have a hard time getting to know you online.

Google my Business helps you rank on page one when someone searches for you. It provides data on customers – how many are searching for you and contacting your business, where they are coming from, etc. 

There are some measures to be taken to optimize your Google My Business account for the best results and that is what you will learn here in this course. You will also learn how to set up the account.

Digital banner design: Banners are an advertising form which has images and a copy that is visual-centric and can not escape the eye of a customer. They are also called display ads and can exist on websites too with a link or call to action button that directs the customer to a landing page. Not limited to advertising purposes, banners can be used to drive more traffic to a website and can vary in shapes and sizes. 

Fast Track Digital Marketing Course in bangalore

Digital banners, on the other hand, are ads that are tangible and designed to grab the attention of passing-by customers to the products or services that are being advertised. They are a cost-efficient method of advertising that improves brand awareness as well. 

They come in different sizes and can have a visually stimulating image, creative copy, company information or product information and contact details.

In this course module for Digital banner design, you will learn

  • how to create a banner for the web with different shapes and sizes
  • how to design a logo for the banner according to the client’s requirements
  • heading and color combination
  • what kind of content to put in the banner
  • how to use the tools and software used to design a banner, and more.

 *Students will be given the task to work on live projects and certification exams as well.

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