Short Term Digital Marketing Course

Do you already have some knowledge about digital marketing but would like to learn more within a short period? Then we suggest you go for this short term course.

Fast Track Course Module + Short Term Module

For the best of Digital marketing training in Bangalore,  we have designed a short 30-days course for in-depth training in basic social media marketing complete with placement training, live projects and resume preparations. Get started with a thorough understanding of the strategies used to promote a brand or products.

The short term course module consists of email marketing, 5 different types of social media marketing, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, and blogging websites.

The short term course module covers the course modules from fast track to give you a clear idea about digital marketing from scratch.


Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Keywords Research

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Content Writing

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Content Marketing & Blogging

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Website Audit

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Social Media Optimization

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Mobile Marketing

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Google Ads PPC

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Google Business

Digital Banner Design

Email Marketing

Google Tag Manager

Blogging Website

Google Analytics

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Pinterest for Business

Bing Ads

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Introduction to digital marketing: Digital marketing is a mode of marketing using the internet, mobile phones, social media, and the search engine to reach customers online. It is more effective in many ways than traditional marketing. You will learn here – What is digital marketing? What are the types of digital marketing? Why is it important? What are the strategies in digital marketing? 

Keyword research: A basic SEO strategy that every digital marketer needs to have is keyword research. There are three types of keywords – short-tail, long-tail, and middle-tail keywords. Adding the right keywords in your content helps people find your content easily and improve ranking in SERPs. So, you will learn where to find keywords and how to implement them in your content. Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore 1

Content writing & marketing: Content is the most important part of digital marketing and without it, your business cannot reach and connect with people. Content helps people understand what you do, who you are and why you do. It also helps people find the information they are looking for. Every business organisation must market content if they want to reach customers and build a relationship with them. You will learn how to write SEO-based content and market it efficiently to the right audience. 

Blogging: It is one of the most popular types of content on the web. Blogging helps people connect with your brand and learn more about it. A blog can be entertaining, informational, educational, promotional, journals, etc. By consistent blogging, you can get more organic traffic which can be monetised later. Many successful bloggers are making massive money through blogging. You will learn how to write blogs according to the intent.

Website audit: it’s a process of analyzing a website to determine its performance based on ranking, SEO, reach, views, clicks, etc. A website audit is mostly done for SEO and marketing purposes. It tells you if there are any problems on the website and points out the errors so you can fix it. It’s important to audit your website from time to time and improve it so that the ranking is maintained. You will learn how to do that in this course. 

Social media optimization: Social media has evolved to become one of the most used platforms for businesses to market their products and services. To market on social media platforms, you need to optimize it because it’s not easy to reach people and generate leads with all the competition out there. So, you will learn here how to optimize social media for marketing and to reach the goals/objectives of your brand. 

Mobile marketing: The use of smartphones is widespread and most people search for content and products/services on their mobile phones. So having an effective mobile marketing strategy is critical for your business. If the website isn’t mobile-friendly, the bounce rate could be bad. You will learn here how to optimize a website for mobile use, speed up the loading, and the tools used in mobile marketing.

 Short Term Digital Marketing CourseGoogle Ads/PPC: Pay Per Click is a tactic used in advertisements when an advertiser pays some amount every time someone clicks on their ad. It is a paid technique for getting traffic, as opposed to generating organic traffic. The ads can be displayed on search engine results pages, on mobiles apps, websites, etc. Google Ads is a tool provided by Google to create ad campaigns and promote ads. You will learn how to create ads and use the tool in this course. 

Google Business: It’s a free tool provided by Google for organisations to manage their online presence. It helps them manage information about business in terms of location, products/services, etc. Moreover, having your business registered on the platform makes you look trustworthy, and helps people find you easily. They can leave reviews as well. Thus, you can gain more leads over time. You will here learn how to utilise this tool effectively.

Digital banner design: Digital banners are website ads that appear in a long, rectangular format on a web page. They are hard to miss and have images and text incorporated, with a clear call to action button. It can be buy, register, or sign-up buttons. They are used to grab the attention of the user. You will learn how to create effective, visually-stimulating designs for banners that get clicks.

Along with the above mentioned subjects, you will learn additional subjects in the short term course module.

Short term course module

Email marketing: Email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with the customers directly and keep them engaged with your content and products. It may be the oldest ways of marketing but is still one of the most effective methods there is.

Every single person who uses Google or owns a smartphone will have an email account even if they do not have a social media one. So, email marketing is not a waste of time, if executed properly. 

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore 3Email content depends on the objective of the company –

  • To generate leads
  • Promote products or services by directing the customers to a landing page through a link in the email
  • To update the customers about the latest products or news related to the brand
  • Send out newsletters
  • Transactional emails
  • Thank you emails, and more.

Though emails can not be used for brand awareness, it can help the customers keep in touch with your brand through subscriptions and nudge them towards the end of the sales funnel. The strategies used in email marketing is unique, so are the tools. 


Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore You will be trained to 

  • write professional-level emails with engaging content
  • Create lead generation through emails
  • How to  promote products and services through emails
  • How to use the tools and strategies for email marketing.

Google tag manager: Google Tag Manager is a tool that lets marketers manage and track tags on their own for websites without modifying the code. Some technical knowledge is needed to understand how Google Tag Manager works, as it is not so easy to use. 

Using GTM helps you improve the loading speed of your page, test and experiment with anything before the site goes live, tells you what is working and what isn’t with the preview and debug mode, and it works with non-Google products. Events like PDF, link clicks can be tracked, you can track form and shopping cart abandonment, track video views, etc.

To understand how Google Tag Manager works, it is important to understand how Google Analytics works because all the tags will be stored in one place, what data you can track, how to manage the data shown in Google Analytics. 

Once the marketers get the hang of all the elements in GTM, it’s easy to set up track events like PDF, outbound links, etc. 

Short Term Digital Marketing Courses

Parts of Google Tag Manager:

  • Tags
  • Triggers
  • variables

Here, you will learn,

  • What is Google Tag Manager
  • How to set it up
  • What are tags
  • What are triggers
  • What are variables
  • How to track pixels

Blogging websites: Blogging is the most popular and easy way to talk about anything you want and put the information on there for everyone to read. Blogs can be entertaining, informational, hilarious, how-to guides, educational or even personal.

A great blog can go viral, drive a lot of traffic and bring you money. Most popular and successful bloggers have made massive money through blogging alone.

There are some websites where you can post or upload blogs for free, like WordPress, Ghost.org, Blogger.com, Joomla, Tumblr, etc. Some of these websites have guidelines that need to be followed, otherwise can get banned or removed from their sites. Some of the blogging websites don’t come free, there are some available for free with cons on the side. 

You can build your own blogging website from scratch, and with persistent hard work and time, you can get more traffic over years and generate revenue. 

Google Analytics: A free tool that lets you gather data on the visitors for your web pages, Google Analytics is useful for all kinds of websites – eCommerce, blogging websites, informational websites, etc. 

Digital Marketing CoursesIt analyses your

  • website’s traffic
  • session duration of a page
  • what kind of content people are looking for and clicking the most
  • bounce rate
  • the nature of visitors, and more.

It is all about how the visitors are interacting with your page.

Suppose you are selling products on your websites. Google Analytics lets you know how many are converting from visiting your website and what are they purchasing. It is not possible to make 100% conversion, but some success can still be achieved. You can improve landing pages, email campaigns, and user experience at the checkout with the help of Google Analytics

You can also measure the ROI which is Return On Investment, for advertisements. To make a website better, it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t. The data provided by Google Analytics can tell you what isn’t working and help you fix the issues that are stopping the website from reaching its full potential.

Short Term Digital Marketing Course 5In this course module, you will learn:

  • How to set up Google Analytics
  • Install tracking code
  • Analyse the data collected from Google Analytics
  • Analyse visitor’s demographics

Social Media Marketing Course

Facebook marketing: Facebook is one of the most popular and oldest social networking sites with billions of active users online everyday for more than 2 hours! It has evolved in the last few years, allowing marketers to promote brands, products and services with ad campaigns and more.

What makes Facebook unique and suitable for marketing? It’s the audience. It has a wide range of audience with different  age groups and locality, enabling marketers to target a specific group of people. 

The insights that come with Facebook like in most social media, can provide data on users – where are they coming from, how are they finding you, how many follow you, how many are engaging with your content, what age group is in majority and how many people your content/post is reaching. Using these insights can help you improve your marketing strategies to achieve your goals and objectives.

A lot of content is shared on Facebook, so there is a good opportunity for increased brand awareness. Users are more likely to interact on Facebook than on other social media and here you can display many types of content directly – blogs, websites, videos with no fixed length, images, and more.

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore In this course, you will learn,

  • How to use Facebook for marketing
  • Create content for Facebook posts
  • Run ad campaigns
  • How to improve engagement and reach
  • Analyse the data of your content marketed

Instagram Marketing: Instagram seems to be overtaking Facebook in terms of active users and marketing. A majority of Instagram users fall under the younger demography, making it an ideal platform for businesses that sell products and services related to beauty, health, cosmetics, fitness, accessories, etc. 

Instagram is heavily focused on visual content like infographics, pictures, videos (videos that are only a minute long are allowed to be posted), reels, which is a newly added feature, and more. So marketing with visually stimulating images and videos is the way to customers’ attention. There are many trends and tactics that keep changing to get maximum attention of the viewer and also make them engage with the content. 

Engagement is everything, because the more engagement your posts get, the more you grow.

Marketing on Instagram can be quite effective if you have a well-planned strategy and a social media calendar. It is an ideal platform for reaching a wider audience in a short time and generating leads and revenue over the long run. It is possible to monetize the number of followers on Instagram like many influencers with tens of thousands of followers. 

Digital Marketing Course in BangaloreIn this course, you will learn,

  • How to create posts for Instagram 
  • Hashtag research for maximum reach
  • Improve impression and engagement
  • Manage the accounts of business
  • How to run ad campaigns on Instagram
  • Analyse the data on marketing strategies and improve accordingly.

LinkedIn Marketing: LinkedIn is an ideal platform for B2B marketing as it is mostly used for professional purposes, to connect with other businesses and experts. It is perfect to make useful connections who could be potential prospects, as LinkedIn members have more buying power than other social media users.

A good number of people use LinkedIn to find jobs and career options, and showcase their skills and experience in work to allow other users to make them and recruit. But, it is a poor choice for marketing products related to beauty, cosmetics, accessories and clothes because the user demography is different.

LinkedIn allows business owners to hire employees who can contribute quality work to their organisations. It also allows ad campaigns to be run by marketers and advertisers. Like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn too has insights on the audience which can be a useful tool while promoting a business. 

Like Facebook, a variety of content can be shared on LinkedIn, like blogs, pictures, etc, all usually related to a specific industry – marketing, corporate business, film, animation, hotels, etc.

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore indiaIn this course, you will learn,

  • How to create business related posts for LinkedIn
  • Make useful connections
  • Finding niche and audiences
  • Run ad campaigns, and more.

Twitter Marketing: Twitter is different from Facebook and Instagram, and not as visual-content centric as the others. It is mainly used to share opinions and voice in the form of ‘Tweets’. It is limited to 280 characters. 

Twitter can be a powerful platform to reach potential customers across the world with the help of hashtags and retweets. To make your content go viral, it has to be useful, informational, entertaining and relevant to the users. There are chats organised around a particular hashtag where you can participate to find out what the users want, they are looking for and present your brand as well. They are scheduled with a time limit. 

Some of the tactics to make marketing work on Twitter include interacting with the users, engaging with other users, retweet their tweets, add a link to your website in the post, and more. These tactics help people know who are and what you do, it makes you visible. To make the users engage with your content, using quizzes and polls can help.

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore iYou will learn here,

  • How to manage twitter account for business
  • How to use insights to improve the strategies
  • Hashtag research
  • Create content for twitter posts
  • How to run ad campaigns and market on twitter.

Pinterest for business: Pinterest is used by over 200 million people for sharing ideas and using them in their projects. It is heavily populated with DIY projects, cooking ideas and recipes, beauty products, costumes, inspiration for hobbies, etc and it is a platform mostly used by women. It is an information reserve for people making purchases.

You can link back to your websites on Pinterest, which is great for driving organic traffic. It is easy to add links on Pinterest, which is what sets it apart from Instagram even though it is an image-heavy platform. 

Creating a business profile on Pinterest is a great idea if your brand is related to food, cosmetics, clothing, home decor, travel and organising events, etc. When you pin your content people can find in the search engine with the help of keywords and your content will appear.

Short Term Course in BangaloreSome of benefits of using Pinterest for business are,

  • Increased traffic to your blogs or websites
  • Generate leads and new leads
  • increased sales
  • Finding the right audience 

In this course, you will learn,

  • How to create a business account
  • How to use Pinterest for marketing
  • How to create beautiful pins to improve engagement
  • How to find the right audience
  • Different tactics used to reach business goals and objectives.

Bing ads: A Microsoft version of Google Adwords, Bing ads are paid advertising that lets you run ads on Bing search, Yahoo, etc. It is similar to Ad words and the basic mechanics of Adwords and bing ads are quite alike. 

Bing Ads vs Adwords

The differences lie in search volumes and cost-per-clicks. Most people search for what they want on Google, that leaves 23% of users searching on Bing. That doesn’t mean your ads will not get clicks and lead conversion. It is still effective as it has its own perks. The cost-per-click is 30% less on Bing compared to Adwords and the competition is quite low. Though Adwords can give you better results, Bing Ads can reach a wider audience with a friendly budget. 

Keyword research needs to be done for bing ads as well. Because people look for something by entering a word or two on the search engine, targeting the right keywords can help them find you. Bing Ads keyword planner helps you find the right keywords.

Short Term Digital Marketing Course in BangaloreYou will learn:

  • How to write ads on Bing
  • How to set up Bing Ads account
  • How to manage and promote Bing Ads
  • Keyword research to target a specific audience, location and products.

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