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Are you looking for SEO Training in Bangalore, Marathahalli? Your search ends here . Learn Digital Academy provides in-depth practical SEO Training with Real-Time Live Projects and make you to learn from basics to advanced techniques from Industry Experienced Trainers and helps to you brings your website in the first page of Google search results by driving relevant traffic to your website improving your online presence.
SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization :
It is a process of getting any website to 1st page of search engines (i.e. google ) for relevant keywords

Why to Learn Social Media Marketing?

Who Can do SEO?

Any person who is looking for a job change or career change, or any graduate who want to improve his skills or who want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.
1. Graduates
2. Entrepreneurs
3. Working Professionals
4. Businessman
5. Freelancers
6. Job Seekers
7. Willing to restart a career
8. Students
10. House Wifes
11. Any person who has some basic computer knowledge
12. Any Qualification Eligible ( Graduates/Postgraduates)
13. Interns

Career opportunities for SEO :

Every day thousands of websites are created throughout the world. Every business owners or website owners are facing the problem in promoting their products or services online. If their website is not listed in the first page of Google they will not get visibility of the relevant traffic.

To improve business online visibility, it’s the best possible way is through SEO. By understanding requirements and website analysis, keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and competitor analysis any website can be brought to the top SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

If a website is not there in the first page in Google search engines they will not get the traffic/Queries and they are going to lose the business. So SEO plays a crucial role in brand visibility online. SEO Analyst optimizes the website and brings it to the first page of search engines to overall increase the website traffic and visibility. Huge demand is there for SEO Skilled professionals and Job positions will be like:

1. SEO Interns
2. SEO Analyst
3. SEO Executive
4. Senior SEO Executive
5. Senior SEO Specialist
6. SEO Manager

Why choose Learn Digital Academy?

  • You learn from the industry experts.
  • 80% Practical, 20% Theory.
  • Learn Digital Academy cares for the learners so that’s why this institute provides intensive training with real-time scenario.
  • Highly rated in Just-Dial, Urban Pro & Google.

Just understand the concept of SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to optimize the website and to modify the internal structure and pages of your web site in conjunction with promoting it on other sites in such a way that it appears near the top of search engine results for the search phrases you target. If done correctly, web searchers will find exactly what they are looking for on your site and be more likely to buy your product or service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has consistently been a rapidly changing field, requiring that you learn the very latest techniques.

You Need Not Require A Specific Qualification To Join SEO Training

To make a career in SEO field, you don’t need to take a specific qualification or experience. You do not need to be an MBA or an engineer to enter this field. SEO training involves learning new things on a daily basis. Of course, there are specific skill sets required to work but what matters most is the passion for work. The best part is you don’t need to start your career from scratch if you need to learn and grow in this field. All you require is passion.
It Involves Amazing Job Opportunities & High Pay
These days, companies are hiring more and more SEO experts and digital marketer and there is a lack of experienced individuals in this field. Companies are offering job to people who have expert knowledge into this module. The demand for expert professionals is very high in this domain and there exist a lot of career opportunities. For gaining this kind of knowledge, you can join some Digital Marketing Training Institute. Choosing Digital marketing as the career path will boost the growth of career as it is one of the fastest-growing Industry.

Moreover, SEO experts and digital marketers get paid more compared to any other profile having a similar kind of job nature. Besides, the higher your experience and practice goes up, so does the compensation scale of Salary. After an experience of 2 to 5 years, a digital marketer can earn more than 8 lakhs annually.

Stimulates Your Creativity
SEO career is full of creativity, whatever you do in digital marketing requires a creative mind. Like if you jot down journals, blogs or market research running a campaign you must be creative. With a surfeit of content and creative material posted online every day, digital marketing agencies are in dire need of people who can think out of the box and whip out innovative material in a moment’s notice.

It Is Highly Flexible And Competitive In Nature
SEO and Digital Marketing revolves around the Internet which provides you flexible work environment. Since when you work on the Internet, it doesn’t matter from where you work; what matters is that you have a good internet connection. Companies also provide lots of flexible options depending on work requirements like work from home or working hours as per your choice.

SEO and Digital Marketing is a dynamic field. The creative, as well as technical aspects of search engine optimization, keep changing on a daily basis. Therefore, there prevails a constant need to keep yourself updated with the industry trends so that you don’t lag behind when facing your competitors. For this you must train yourself in the Best SEO Training Institute, where you will be trained by an industry expert who can train you by his real-time experience, this will surely help you to place in a top company because this training center provides 100% Job Placement Assistance.

SEO Strategies
All search engine optimization perform from persistent keyword research. This includes discovering out just how people are coming to your website – what terms they use, what questions they pose, etc. On the off chance that you know how people are looking for sites like yours, all you have to do is provide them with the answers they seek. This is all about engaging with your group of audience. You need to research on popular and related keywords that suit your site’s content, then you can consolidate them into the content and the marketing techniques that you utilize.

Another part of SEO is link building, and it’s always changing. These days, it is much better not to focus on this because this can look spammy and you’ll be penalized. Link Building establishment is the process where you get a link of your site to appear on other sites. Instead, your focus ought to be on building unique content and let the linking occur naturally.

  • Unlike free SEO training videos and articles, SEO training courses provide a profound understanding of SEO strategies and are usually designed by trained professionals.
  • Professional SEO courses provide updated and genuinely correct information.
  • Good SEO training classes likewise permit one-on-one interactions with trainers and feedback on projects that facilitate a better understanding.
  • Free SEO courses might promote illegal methods to promote websites and Google can even ban your website for using these illegal methods.
  • Professional SEO training institutes help you to promote your existing online business using high-quality content and fair SEO techniques.

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    Here list of some of the reasons which explain why SEO can be chosen as a career:

      • SEO is more interesting and there is no age bar for learning SEO.
      • Earn money by working from anywhere.
      • SEO is a more demanding skill here you will learn On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Link Building and Competitor Analysis.
      • Many people have made a successful career after learning SEO
      • There are thrill, excitement and lots to learn in day-to-day work.
      • As digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds, there are a lot of job opportunities.
      • It does not require any degree or specialization just have the basic knowledge of the internet with English.
      • As all businesses are growing online so it’s a demanding skill in the individuals that every company is looking for.
      • There are plenty of start-ups coming up each day, so again it leads to demand for SEO experts.
      • You can choose a job or work from home as a freelancer. You have an option.
      • Possibilities of hired by Top Companies if you show your worth
      • By working in this field you can always be updated in the industry and can stay ahead of time.
      • SEO is a part of overall marketing strategy where you keep learning and upgrading and you can work with other marketing channels.

      You can keep updating your skills by practicing SEO and reading online where you will find many related blogs.
      If you are looking for SEO Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore Join Learn Digital Academy is one of the best SEO Training institute in Marathahalli, Bangalore and get a chance to work on 8 Live projects, Internship Certificate and SEO Course Completion Certificate and 100% Job Placement Support. Attend a Free Demo Class today.


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