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How SEO in 2020 will impact your website

how seo in 2020 will impact your website

How SEO will help website in 2020

what is local seo?

Search engine optimization is one of the major role handling your website. Optimizing the website is not a rocket science. But again SEO will be the work as a rocket in search engine. If you’re optimizing the website proper SEO will push your website in top of the search engine result page(SERP) So what is the best practice SEO in 2020
There are some major of SEO in 2020 that will really help you to reach in the perfect position in SERP

Local search engine optimization

Google algorithm updating

Optimizing the Rich and structured markup feature

Image optimization

Content creation

Tag optimization

Why we need to optimize the local search results ?

what is local seo?

Local search optimization is one of the most major part in SEO. So need to improve on the local search result for example: best digital marketing institute in Marathahalli :- url for leandigital somebody searching through specific location or language based we should optimize the website if we are targeting particular place or language Because it will help your website to reach more specific postnasal customers for your business. Google is promoting the Local SEO strategy.

Google algorithm updating in 2020 ?

what is local seo?

Google algorithm updating is the one of the Major part of SEO optimization. Google updating the algorithm regularly we should update our self with this. Because it will help the Google ranking the website Google BERT Natural Language Processing Updation in 2019 in August core regular updation happend it’s all taking how to improve the ranking through google algorithm Updation.

How to optimize the Rich and structured markup feature ?

what is local seo?

Rich and Featured snippets are the major optimization part of the website content part rich snippets and Featured snippets are two different part of optimization

What is rich snippets ?

Rich snippets is an organic result that google will show the result of users question picking up directly from website content and create it in answer box. For that content optimization very important part on the website.

What is structured markup feature ?

Structured markup feature is that one of the manual work we have to do on the website implementing through a code search engine can find that this page talking about this topic. Giving more specific answer to the search engine for showing our page to users Schema data can be divided into two main categories micro data and JSON LD mainly.

How to do Image optimization?

what is local seo?

Image optimization is one of the major part for the website speed optimization. Image(graphic image, flex, theme, icon, banners) is taking a bigger part in website speed part. Make the image format search engine friendly (webp) Make the CSS inline separate page Reduce the size with quality changes Use the proper alt text for the image

How to create the good Content for the website ?

what is local seo?

Always Content king for the website. Content optimization is the main part of the website always write the unique content on the page and never right the content which is not representing the page don't write the unnecessary story try to write the bullet point and add the keywords top of the content and try to write with normal language try to avoid the hardest language.

Website Tag optimization ?

what is local seo?

Tag optimization is the one of the keyword factors on website because header tags are the representing the website page content header tags should add with keywords. So search engine can easy identified the website that what topic exactly talking about. And it will help you to reach right users.

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