Digital Scholars First Batch: A Lookback

 When the first batch of students entered Digital Scholar’s doors, their minds were a clean slate in terms of what to expect from the digital marketing institute. The onus was on Digital Scholar to deliver what was promised: agency-style training that prepared each and every one of them to be job-ready in a competitive business world.

Three months down the line, it’s time for a performance review. Let’s take a look at the Digital Scholar journey across these three months, and analyze what worked, in an attempt to decode the unique formula of Digital Scholar.

A Strong Start:

 Digital Scholar welcomed its first batch in September 2019. Right off the bat, the introductory session was highly interactive and gave the students a good feel of what to expect from life at Digital Scholar. The students were addressed by Founder and digital marketing expert Sorav Jain, who aptly set the tone for the sessions to come, with his speech to the students. To bring the community together, the students were given fun exercises to perform as a unit, such as creating agency names for their teams! It provided a great insight into what to expect from life at Digital Scholar.

The Classics:

 Part and parcel of everyday life at Digital Scholar are the classes. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill classes, however. Rote learning is no way to learn the ropes of digital marketing, and Digital Scholar fully understands this. The flagship course spans 3 months, split into a set of modules that each focus on a core aspect of digital marketing. The difference with Digital Scholar is that these modules are imparted through the agency-based training method. This training technique is currently unique to Digital Scholar, and it operates by giving the students hands-on experience of life at a digital marketing agency. The classes become interactive, and it also comes with the added benefit of making the Scholars job-ready right from Day 1. Instagram marketing is taught using fun games. The Scholars are allowed to explore their potential in terms of crafting effective ads. In a nutshell, learning at Digital Scholar is a holistic, interactive process.

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Memories To Cherish:

 Life at Digital Scholar isn’t all work and no play. The digital marketing institute also focuses on co-curricular activities in the most real sense of the term, to keep the Scholars engaged in the proceedings and provide a breath of fresh air. Among the notable celebrations at Digital Scholar includes the Diwali celebrations, which was the very first event held at the institute. Aside from the customary best-dressed awards, Digital Scholar’s staff kicked things up a notch higher, by hosting competitions such as Adzap. These exercises really brought the students together as a community. The Convocation was also celebrated amidst fanfare, and was an emotional moment for one and all present, as it was the culmination of a 3-month prolific journey for both the staff as well as the students.

The Best Guests:

 In line with the spirit of propagating the method of agency-based learning, Digital Scholar’s staff organized a few guest lectures, for students to gain tips and insights from the best minds in the business. Digital Scholar’s inaugural guest lecture was delivered by Abhishek Shah, an eminent personality in the digital marketing field. He interacted with the students with full enthusiasm on seeing their passion for digital marketing. He spoke about what to look forward to in a digital marketing career, and the latest trends in the field. The Scholars were also much enthused by the opportunity of interacting with a digital marketing expert and fielded interesting questions to Abhishek.
Another remarkable event that was hosted at the digital marketing institute was the DMA panel that featured reputed digital stalwarts like Deepak Kanakaraju and Avi Arya, along with founder Sorav Jain to address the students. It was a rousing success, with a lot of knowledge being shared on the day.

Placement Success:

 Digital Scholar offers 100% placement assistance, which is always welcome at any training institute. The digital marketing training institute hosted its first placement drive, with 3 major companies in attendance. The drive was a big success, with the companies in attendance praising the students’ diligence. Digital Scholar offered rigorous training to the students in preparation for the placements. From mock interviews to video resumes, the training covered every aspect of job-hunting, equipping the Scholars with everything they needed to ace the interviews. This has emerged as one of the strong points of Digital Scholar’s training.

 Digital Scholar has been lauded by the experts in the industry like Neil Patel, for being a major step in the right direction towards propagating digital marketing. Digital Scholar operates with the mission to impart agency-based training to make professional digital marketers who will be a great fit at any digital marketing agency. With their second batch set to commence on January 20th, 2020, they are primed to run another success lap. They are offering free demo classes prior to the second batch, so contact them now if you want the agency-based training experience!

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