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Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

10 points checklist for your successful Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Are you looking for the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore or searching for the digital marketing training institute in Bangalore which is fully up-to-date, includes real-time projects, provides 360 views of digital marketing? Then keep reading this blog till the last. Here you will get complete information on digital marketing terms & its benefits, Career, and scope in digital marketing, how to select digital marketing institute, how to take digital marketing training and courses, etc. “Digital Marketing is the “internet” thing! Become a Digital Marketing Expert! Digital Marketers are paid well! Digital Marketing is a hot career choice! Digital Marketing is Everywhere!”

You must have heard these statements often in discussions with your friends, colleagues, acquaintance, etc. or reading on the internet related to careers. Somewhere you might have thought to take digital marketing training or you are just thinking about it.

The term “Digital Marketing” is not only coming to you as an option to start as a career but due to digitization almost every area of our life, be it personal or professional, has impacted. This has become an important skill to learn and use digital platforms more responsibly. Digital marketing is the trending field in the current industry. It has become the most preferred demand for every industry. From small business to large scale industry, everyone wants to show its appearance on digital channels. Why they don’t do so..? In the course of the most recent year, the trend of marketing has really changed. From print to digital, the marketing behavior of the people has changed more rapidly in the last five years. Now people are preferring digital media to complete their task in the form of searching online, shopping, paying bills, booking tickets, watching videos, etc., And this digital marketing field is being gigantic day by day, due to this it has created number of opportunities for the people as a career and business aspects. Now Digital Marketing gave a new scope of our career. Everyone is discussing it and they are excited to know and learn more about Digital Marketing. As people live from young one to old ones is somehow being influenced by digital technologies, organizations are also using marketing through digital mediums to their brand value. The growing demand for digital marketers has created a new opportunity and it can be the best option to start a career. Digital marketing provides roles and skills, even more than traditional marketing and this newly upgraded and flexible nature of the business makes it so fascinating. Customers associate with your business with a confounding number of mediums, channels, apps, and devices. The normal individual today has more than two connected devices to perform their deed. It's harder than at any other time to know whether your advertisements and other showcasing strategies are contacting the correct group of spectators or having an effect. The normal advertiser doesn't be able to combine information to comprehend the impact of touchpoints crosswise over computerized and conventional channels. “The art of Marketing is the skill of convincing a normal purchaser into your regular customer.” When it comes to digital marketing, there are a lot of skills and roles that one can showcase, and this makes them versatile and flexible. The nature of business has changed a lot, and hence, the type of marketing has also been transformed. That is why; when one is doing a marketing course, the pattern of it has also changed. When one is looking for professional marketing course details, then they might get to see the transformation in the ways of looking at the marketing procedures. When one is going for a digital marketing course, there are plenty of areas or job types that one can venture in. Some of them are as follows:

  • Interactive technology
  • Video or audio production
  • Search engine optimization or SEO
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media
  • Search engine marketing or SEM
  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Content management and curation
  • Marketing automation
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Analytics
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Business and marketing strategy

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

There is a colossal and as yet growing demand for digital marketers with finely tuned abilities. In almost every industry there are pretty many jobs are emerging for digital marketers. In most cases, you will get into the sector with a low cost of entry (i.e. with limited prerequisite knowledge and experience). The Internet has changed the style of people’s purchasing character and decision. People spend lots of time on the internet to decide which product is the better choice. Recognizing your actual customers and promoting your products for the right customers at the right time with the right marketing strategy is the concept of Digital Marketing. Due to the proficiencies of digital marketing the commercial world is changing its marketing strategy to digital marketing. Effective marketing is selling your products or services to the right customers at the right time. Digital marketing is the best marketing medium to know about the Interest, age, desires, problems, the total demographics of your customers and based on that you can fruitfully decide who is your customer and what is the marketing strategy you need to implement to attract your customer's attention. All the corporates and businesses are going behind the digital marketing business strategy for implementing their marketing standards for promoting their product to reach their audience quickly. Corporates are training their staff with digital marketing experts and also the commercial platform is now expecting more and more digital marketers for their digital marketing business. The secret to keeping an in-demand career is now Digital Marketing. Perceiving the significance of online advertising, brands are getting overly dynamic to concentrate on digital marketing and henceforth digital marketing skills are in the great boom in the marketing industry. The significant advantages of having a digital marketing career are the higher pay and multiple career choices. Aside from these, there is a wide extent of digital marketing as promoting and marking business through advanced digital media is the quickest and solid method of promoting to target mass groups of spectators.

Why you should take Digital Marketing Courses?

One must remember that the digital economy is indispensable in the coming years. They are going to stay in everyone's lives, and most of the online activities start these days with the help of search engines. Many people opt for online purchases these days. And so those who want to delve into marketing, they need to have a basic understanding of what exactly digital marketing is. In fact, there are also plenty of rooms when it comes to digital marketing careers. And they have already become the most demand skills when it comes to the professional world. There is also content marketing that does not need much technical expertise. One just needs to analyze the patterns that can make the contents some valuable assets. Here are the points why you should go for digital marketing training courses.

  • The first point why you should really learn digital marketing because it does not require real technical knowledge. A lot of learners are scared or do not want to get into digital marketing because they believe it's all about technology and technical skills. That's not the truth, digital marketing is a combination of technology, content right processes and analytics and the kind of weight is that we can consider is 10% of technical kinds of stuff, 50% of the content, 30% of the writing process and 10% of analytics. Analytics plays a very important role in digital marketing because at the end of the day you will have to evaluate the metrics of the investment that you have made in the digital marketing process. So ROI is very important and analytics will help you discover not just the ROI but also consumer behavior.
  • The digital skills are increasing day by day, and a lot of digital marketing jobs are coming up. So, when one studies about digital marketing courses and skills, then it becomes a proper advantage in terms of careers these days. Those who are fresh out of a digital marketing course will not be affected by the job scarcity around because these are the fresh set of skills that are high in demand. Thus, one can get job security by doing this course and enhance their career progression. But yes, before embracing a digital marketing career, one needs to research a bit on what field is in high demand when it comes to digital marketing skills.
  • In industries, digitalization has become a primary thing now, and many corporates are looking for digital professionals these days. They need to have relevant skills which one can get by doing a proper digital marketing course. There is a wide array of opportunities now, and most of the digital marketers can afford to be picky about the company for which they would like to work. One can research well about the field of works that are available and then decide on it.
  • Digital marketing is in demand, as it has been said earlier. And so the ones who are digital marketing professionals are also high in demand. Their demand is always more than their supply. Hence, those who have skills get a lot of job opportunities. They can also negotiate their salary accordingly. There is a huge competition among the big corporates to hire the one which has more expertise. Hence, those who have digital skills are in high demand in their field, and it is not going to fade away in the near future.
  • The digital marketing field is growing rapidly. India crossed 410 million Internet users in 2019 and it is expected to grow in the upcoming year too. So these numbers are going to increase and with the increase in the penetration of the Internet. So there will be a huge demand for digital marketing experts. Digital India campaign, Startup India campaigns, and net neutrality, these are the three that have to boost the scope of digital marketing in our country. The amount of excitement the rural crowd has today about e-commerce has also made us confirm that yes digital marketing is here to stay or e-commerce is to boom in this country with time.
  • Digital marketing is not just digital marketing is a future but it is a present too. You should go with the time and invest in learning digital marketing skills. Now, digital marketing is the life boom for traditional marketing since it is getting reached to a large number of audiences through the internet. India is expected to spend about 1.6 billion US dollars and digitaadvertising in this year point number four marketer needs a digital marketing edge.
  • After doing a course in digital marketing, one can kick start their careers easily. They do not have to wait and do an internship first to get a permanent job. They can stand out in front of the eyes of potential employers and get hired immediately. Not only that, if one does not want to go for a conventional job, then they can also start their own blog and then go ahead with the online conversations. There they can show their digital marketing knowledge as well.
  • You should take digital marketing courses because it can help you save the cost you see, the agency fee. You save the cost of traditional attachments and by learning digital marketing skills. You yourself can practice digital marketing for your business. Remember one thing digital marketing is not free of cost solution, it can be a cost-effective solution and it is not free. You need to unlock it some budgets, so if you are taking up the digital marketing courses or digital marketing training institutes you should take a fast move. Digital Marketing Training is not completely free because digital marketing involves budgets, limited budgets, fewer budgets when compared to traditional advertisements but yes it involves projects.
  • One can become a versatile professional once they complete digital marketing courses. One can apply to any sector of jobs that they can feel will be compatible with their choice of career. One can choose a work sector accordingly and can improve their capacity before switching to a different field of career. Thus, one can keep learning new digital skills and making them more relevant in their digital market zone so that they can contribute more.
  • Digital marketing experts keep getting chances of working with people from different sectors on an everyday basis. They keep meeting people from different work backgrounds, which help them to grow professionally and individually as well. This can expand the audience and interest the people who work for social media as well.
  • Digital marketing is crucial for your personal brand building. In this journey of digital marketing learning, you need to take digital marketing courses because you have to really get on the bandwagon. You are not a marketer and if you're still taking up digital marketing courses or selecting digital marketing institutes. We recommend every student, finance guy, techie guy, baking expert, musician educationist, everyone should take this course because digital marketing can help take your talent to the next level. It can help every individual to reach the global level. Learn digital marketing because it immensely helps you in personal branding.
  • These digital marketing courses will give one an opportunity to become more creative. They can venture in the field of design, writing, audio, and video productions, as well. Digital marketing is something that helps one to venture into dynamic environments apart from selling marketing products to the consumers only. One can capitalize on their expertise by doing something out of the box.

Proper guidance in digital marketing and real-time live projects will make perfect in the digital marketing arena. Boost your knowledge and start your career by joining Master Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore from Learn Digital Academy and get trained by industry experts and work on live projects. 100% Job Placement Assistance. Boost your knowledge and start your career by joining Master Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore from Learn Digital Academy and get trained by industry experts and work on live projects. 100% Job Placement Assistance.

Objective of Learn Digital Academy

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore

In order to pursue the right digital marketing course, one definitely needs to find the right institute. For that, proper research is needed. Learn Digital Academy – The best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore is the place where one can go through the courses that are offered and then enroll for an enriching experience. Different types of digital marketing courses are offered here, and one can pursue a course in Master Digital Marketing Course, Advance Digital Marketing Course, Basic Digital Marketing Course, SEO Course, Search Engine Marketing Course, Website Designing & Development Course. The faculties here are industry experienced and learned, and hence, one can get a magnificent learning experience here, which they can apply in the near future. Once the course is completed, the guarantee of placement from here is more almost 100 percent, which is a great benefit of being a part of this institution. Apart from the regular studies and the courses, one can join different activity workshops here, along with being a part of the student club. Whether you’re looking for a new career in digital marketing training or just wish to add digital to your existing skillset, this digital marketing courses will prepare you to become a complete digital marketer and make you industry ready within a period of two months. You will know the right skills through comprehensive hands-on training on a broad range of simulations and projects that will enable you to make and run your own digital marketing campaigns. You will be trained on the latest digital marketing tools so that you come to know how they work and how to gain insights that will help clarify your strategy over your campaign. The digital marketing courses from Learn Digital Academy (Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore) will prepare you for the most sought-after certification exams such as Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint, YouTube Marketing, and Google Analytics, SEO, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, etc. Learn Digital Academy (digital marketing courses)- Master Digital Marketing Course offers you plenty of updated modules. This digital marketing course is certified by Jain University, Centre for skills. The following are the benefits of learning digital marketing from Learn Digital Academy (Bangalore only Digital Marketing Training Institute which is being run by Digital Media Agency):

  • University Certified Curriculum
  • Placement support by Jain University
  • Placement support by the institution
  • Work on live projects with the actual budget
  • Industry experienced trainers
  • All sessions are completely practical
  • Intensive classroom training and online class training
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of digital marketing latest tools and updates
  • Regular assignments and assessments after each module
  • Mock interview and placement training
  • Flexible class timing
  • Internship support

As days are passing, this digital marketing thing is getting a stronghold in every business, and this is something which is the future of the marketing industry. Hence, doing digital marketing training courses on it can be very beneficial.

Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing very faster, that by 2020 it is expected that the majority of the companies will have digital marketing as their marketing strategy. Digital marketing is becoming the central part of Indian society and business, digital marketing business is also implemented here by purchasing, designing, reviewing, home-based business, and content marketing. India is also outstanding with digital marketing trends in the economy, it creates a lot of career opportunities in digital marketing. There is plenty of opportunities in digital marketing and the quality of jobs are like designing a proper campaign for advertising, content writing, and management, brand announcement of the products or service to attract the customers through social media networks, optimizing the company’s website by SEO and sending the right emails based on the buyers person.

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is a faster, easily reachable medium for the targeted customer at a cheap price than traditional marketing. Digital marketing is like a very easy method of marketing that you can track the results of your campaign running and monitor for better reach. These progress in digital marketing stimulate the companies to successfully accomplish their digital marketing strategies and so the need for hiring the trained people in digital marketing has increased. There are many ways to upgrade your skills in digital marketing like reading blogs, videos, articles, and technological newsfeed. But the real-time implementation always needs some extra knowledge, since it is your business there you don’t want to collapse.

Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing jobs are like trending nowadays, and these trends are not going to change at any time. Digital marketing jobs are available to all businesses irrespective of all types of business whether it is small or big companies all in need of a digital marketer to lead their advertising campaigns. Digital marketing skills are so mandatory nowadays, there are many people in the industry side claims that they need a completely skilled digital marketer to fill out their digital marketing requirements. It is found that around 40% of marketing jobs they need a digital marketing skilled candidate to lead. Year by year the increase in the need for digital marketing is increasing more and more. According to Burning glass report, High yield digital start-ups like Snapchat, Pinterest is looking for employees who can handle google analytics and advertising and content marketing. Digital marketing jobs are like so flexible, not only like in the case of the technical side, but also location sane. More business has the option of working in far-flung. Some companies not having a separate office for digital marketing staff since there is a better option like work from home. Digital marketing jobs offer high earnings, that it is always expected to earn more than average income. Based on your specialties and background and more technical skills your earning also will flourish. The fundamental truth that there are a lot of job opportunities is there in digital marketing as an employee or as a freelancer. There is a good space for creativity in digital marketing jobs anyone with a creative mind with video production, graphical background, Amazing content writer, web designing and development, creating an eye-catching social media images has a very good career in digital marketing. Marketing is believed to be a key perspective as it operates to connect customers through various channels at the right place and right time. Today, the internet is the only potential way to communicate with customers. Digital marketing courses in Bangalore are expanding with potential grip as it is defined by the use of numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers. Digital Marketing can be done in various ways, using various techniques as following:

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes the website to rank top in search engine results pages, thereby increasing the amount organically gains the traffic to the website.
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing promotes your brand and your content on social media channels to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and generate awareness about your page.
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Twitter
  7. YouTube
  8. Pinterest
  9. Snapchat
  1. 2. Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing promotes your brand and your content on social media channels to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and generate awareness about your page.
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Twitter
  6. YouTube
  7. Pinterest
  8. Snapchat
  1. 3. Search Engine Marketing or PPC
    Search Engine Marketing is generally termed as Pay-per-click (PPC). It is a crucial method to drive healthy traffic to your website by paying a publisher every time your ad is clicked.
    PPC can be used at:
  2. Paid Ads on Facebook
  3. Promoted Tweets on Twitter
  4. Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn
  1. 4. Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based advertising where you receive a commission for promoting someone else's products or services on your website.
  1. 5. Marketing Automation
    Marketing Automation is a kind of software that serves to automate and allows companies to effectively work and target customers with advanced marketing operations across all digital channels.
  1. 6. Email Marketing
    Almost all companies which are allowed to show their business presence to the world refer to email marketing as a way to communicate with their audiences. Email is often used to aware the audience about discounts and events, promote content, as well as to direct people toward the business’s website.
  1. 7. Online Reputation Management
    Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the practice of improving or re-establishing your name or brand’s great standing. This is by writing, debilitating, countering or eliminating the negative material found on the internet. Increasing with more positive material to improve credibility and customers’ trust.
  1. 8. Inbound Marketing
    Inbound Marketing refers to the "full-funnel". It is an approach of attracting the attention of the audience by using online content and engaging them before they are ready to buy your products or services.
  1. 9. Content Marketing
    Content marketing is a part of digital marketing practices or strategy in which companies make honest, transparent, and educational content on a steady basis for a perfect buyer profile. Commonly, the objective of content marketing is the publication and promotion of content to get organic traffic, increase qualified lead generation, and to close the business deals faster.

Careers in Digital Marketing in India

India owns around 500 million internet users (as per IAMAI), which are statistically almost 40% of the total Indian population. However, around 700 million will initiate referring to the internet by 2020 as it is designing a comfort for rural India to access affordable internet. Today, people in India are more focused on content-driven practices. India had about 270 million active Facebook users as of December 2018 and this number means that half of the Internet-using population in India is expecting a broad network. Almost every agency in India has created a powerful army of digital marketers to promote the brand name and spread the voice of the product. Such organizations usually hire people with required skills and they shape them up in a particular domain of Digital Marketing which could be inbound marketing, Search Engine Marketing (Google, Bing Ads specialists), Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization (On-Page or Off-Page), Amplifier or Marketers, Overall Digital Advertiser (Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Ads), Inbound Marketers, Affiliate Marketer, Social Media Specialist (Designing of campaigns on Social Media) or Strategy, and Client Servicing. From the past few years, Digital Marketing experienced exponential growth and by the end of the year 2021, it is anticipated to generate over 20 Lac jobs per year. Here below the mentioned are the Different Verticals in Digital Marketing in which you can select one or more than one and can become expert in the respective field.

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Executive
  2. 2.Digital Marketing Specialist
  3. 3.Digital Marketing Manager
  4. 4.SEO Executive
  5. 5.Social Media Marketing Expert
  6. 6.Email Marketing Executive
  7. 7.Content Marketing Manager
  8. 8.Search Engine Marketing Expert
  9. 9.Digital Marketing Copyrighter
  10. 10.Inbound Marketing Manager
  11. 11.Analytics Expert
  12. 12.Affiliate Marketer
  1. 1. Web Developer and Web Designer
  2. Web Developer and web designer are responsible for the coding, keeping maintenance of website and designing. These are the people responsible for the amazing web pages we browse on the Internet. Prior knowledge of languages such as JavaScript, HTML, PHP, .NET, CSS, and CMS like WordPress and Magento, etc is required.
  1. 2. SEO analyst/expert
  2. SEO analyst is responsible for getting traffic to the website by improving the google search rankings of the website. They work on optimizing the webpage according to search engines, web, mobile-friendly, and free from crawling issues.
  1. 3. Social Media executive or Social Media Manager
  2. Social Media Executive or Social Media Manager is the person who handles social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The only requirement for this profile is sound social media performs knowledge and a creative bent of mind.
  1. 4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC Expert
  2. The prime responsibilities include managing ad groups, keyword research for ad copies, optimizing landing pages, generate analytics & reports and coordinate with the creative team for graphics. Search Engine Marketing is one of the effective aspects of digital marketing career option for those who have an analytical mind.
  1. 5. Content Writer and Content Marketer
  2. Content Marketer is a person who handles the responsible for creating optimized and trending content, keyword research, coordinating with SEO team, and more. The only requirement for this profile is a good command over language and creativity in the thought process.
  1. 6. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Digital marketing manager keeps an eye on digital marketing, lead generations, devising strategies, supervising all the above profiles. A qualified person has at least 7-10 years of experience to reach this position which is the only goal of every professional who is making a digital marketing career. Digital Marketing Training in Pune is the best option to make your career in the digital marketing field.

Digital Marketing Skills for A Successful Career

Digital marketing is expected to grow to rupees 19,000 crores in India by 2020. It's the only field that going to accelerate the growth of career opportunities in digital marketing for skilled professionals. Here are the top skills that will take you to the next step in Digital Marketing and you should select the digital marketing field if you have the following zeal:
Communication: This is the number one skill that you would need to crack the digital code. If you have a good command over language and are able to communicate efficiently via text image and video, it will make sense for you to enter this field.
Creativity: You can't survive in this domain if you don't think hard enough to be a fountainhead after all you need to be creative enough to make your product stand out in a crowd.
Analytical thinking: You will have to deal with a lot of real-time data, quick decision-making ability. Your creative and innovative thinking will determine the success of your campaign which you make for the advancement as well as the success of your career choice.
Passion: Your passion determines your mental strength to deal with this ever-evolving space. If you are happy and determined to work in changing scenarios, this is the job for you.
Quick learner: Digital marketing is dynamic, the ability to conceptualize assess and adapt is a must taking quick corrective actions is vital to the success of any digital campaign, so you need to learn and reform continuously.
Multitasking: You just don't need to be good at multitasking but you need to master various tools. Digital marketing is done through a plethora of channels. Being good and competent in promoting your offerings through each is nothing less than vital.
Knowledge hungry: Always you should be ready to learn new things. Working with a regularly evolving space means that you can never be proof of the future. Thirst for knowledge and ability to remain abreast with the latest trends will differentiate you from the rest.
Social skills: Social media is all about interactions, the ease with which you can connect with others. It will improve the chances of being successful.
Willingness to experiment: With no fixed rules, you will have the liberty to test and try what your gut feels. As long as, you have confidence in your plans you are going to be a good strategize err and an even better executor
Comfort with technology: You do not need to be a computer engineer but nevertheless you do need to be an avid user of technology. Your comfort with using technology will determine how well you could leverage the potential of technology to your advantage.

Choose the right digital marketing training courses

Choose the right digital marketing institutes

Read the points before your decisions to take digital marketing training courses or selecting digital marketing institutes.

Before taking any digital marketing courses or selecting digital marketing institutes, just check the reputation once, read the testimonials and then take your call. Just find out which one is giving practical exposure and live projects. Before joining any digital marketing training institutes, ask for course details. There is a number of institutes that do not show information on their website. Also, check if the course is up to the standard of the market or not. But how would you come to know that the course is outdated or updated?

Please check the below points:

  1. Easy to understand.
  2. All the topics are interrelated and updated.
  3. Content as per the industry standard.
  4. Ideal for everyone (students, business-person, entrepreneurs).
  5. Can the course be customized?

Learn Digital Academy is the best Digital Marketing training institute in Bangalore with placements.
Benefits of learning Digital Marketing from Learn Digital Academy

  1. Get free tools and software worth INR 1.20 Lacs
  2. 40+ Modules
  3. 10 Live Projects
  4. 6 months of students support
  5. 20+ Certifications
  6. 100% Placement Support
  7. You learn from the industry experts.
  8. 80% Practical, 20% Theory.
  9. Learn Digital Academy cares for the learners so that’s why this institute provides intensive training with the real-time scenario.
  10. Highly rated in Just-Dial, Urban Pro & Google.