How to get more followers on social media?

How to get more followerd on social media?

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. It can help you give the exposure you need and reach out to the right people. Social media is where much of the interaction happens with your audience and customers. Through this interaction, you can nurture growth and relationships that will keep your business going. But having few followers can kill your reach and exposure.
Having more followers can expand your reach, increase brand awareness and keep new followers coming in. it all depends on how well you engage with them. The algorithm is designed in a way that whatever profile engages the audience more gets more reach. With more reach, you can get more exposure and profile visits which can eventually lead to an increase in followers. With a Social media marketing course, you can master the art of growing your social media and your online business.
But if you’re wondering how to get more followers on social media, then this blog is for you.

1. Provide quality content that people want to see

The number one aspect that will attract people to your profile is quality content. If your feed is well organized, looks visually appealing, and has great captions, it will naturally draw people in and make them engage with you. If you provide content that is similar to your competitors, then yours need to be unique, more fun, clearer, informative or funny.
Some of the most engaging types of content you can create are –

  • Memes – if you create great memes that are relatable, you have high chances of going viral
  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • High-quality photographs
  • How-to posts

Along with the posts, you need to write short content that explains the post or makes your audience engage with it. It can be like asking them to comment on their favorite posts.

2. Hold contests

Competitions can be a fantastic method to obtain brand-new individuals to like and also follow your accounts, while also keeping your existing fans engaged with your page.
Trying out contests on every social media network on which you are active can help with your goals. Some instances of social networks competitions consist of:
Comment to win: Participants leave a comment or answer a question
Caption competition: Best caption (you choose) or the one with one of the most likes wins
Fill-in-the-blank Competition: Ask individuals to respond to a trivia concern
Photo competition: Either the best photo (you select) or the one with one of the most likes wins
Advertise it everywhere: Use your website, e-mail list, and also various other social media to attract participation.
Do not give away rewards completely unassociated with your brand – For example, if you distribute a new iPad, you might drive a lot of engagement as well as engagement, but not always from people that will ultimately come to be consumers or long-lasting followers.
Adhere to the platform rules – Each and every social media has its very own guidelines and policies around competitions – here’s an introduction of the essential details.
Follow up with participants that do not win – Send them thanks for taking part, in addition to something about your brand/organization’s job.

3. Create a visually-stunning feed

Visuals are high-performers on social media sites, so be sure to consist of an eye-catching, vivid picture or graphic with each article.

Take into consideration these aesthetic advertising and marketing stats, compiled by HubSpot:

Material with appropriate photos acquires 94% more sights than content without photos.
Compared to various other kinds of material, visual content is more than 40x more likely to obtain shared on social media.

Instagram photos revealing faces get 38% more likes than images without faces.

You can make use of free visuals layout devices like Canva to add graphics to your blog site access and also social media blog posts.

4. Share high-quality videos 

Video is the most appealing content kind on every social media platform, so if you can, it’s a great concept to create at least some kind of video web content to make the most of interaction.

Make sure to upload your video directly to your system of option, instead of posting a web link to an outside site (like YouTube). In this manner, your video clip will certainly autoplay as people arrive at it while scrolling via their feeds, grabbing even more attention.

Lots of sights can lead to increased reach, engagement, and also direct exposure for your brand name.

5. Be proactive in listening to and replying to your followers

Did you know that 83% of your Facebook followers, as well as 71% of your Twitter fans, now expect feedback from you on the very same day that they posture an inquiry on each particular platform?

Actually, 32% of Twitter users now expect a response within just half an hour.

Offer your fans a great individual experience on social media by being exceptionally receptive. Listen to their requirements, as well as respond as necessary.

You should also want to openly recognize people who retweet, favorite, as well as discuss your organization on Twitter, as well as say thanks to customers that discuss Instagram and also YouTube.

When you make your online neighborhood feel listened to as well as recognized, they’re more probable to become raving fans, and also your most dedicated social media site ambassadors.

6. Keep updating your profile and cover photos

Your profile photos and banners are some of your finest and also most-viewed social account elements. Make use of these aesthetic tools to display the impact of your job, as well as the stories of those that take advantage of your solutions.

On Facebook, consider changing up your cover photo at the very least when each month, and also remember to write an excellent subtitle.

On Twitter, utilize your profile photo as well as a banner photo to highlight your magnum opus.

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Don’t just stretch out and also pixelate a horizontal version of your logo design – no person wishes to connect with just a logo design on social networks. Personalize, humanize, and also customize every channel you can, with a visual photo that talks quantities.

Also, ensure you make use of the right social network photo sizes for every platform.

7. Give people a good reason to follow you

Offer both possible and also current followers factor to follow you on several systems.

Do not merely “establish it as well as forget it” with common, automated web links blasted across all of your social network networks. Dressmaker your material for each and every channel’s users.

For example, you must utilize Twitter to share the most recent news as well as real-time alerts, while you can utilize Facebook to tell even more compelling, longer tales concerning the people that take advantage of your work.

You ought to look to purposefully utilize each social media site’s network based on its strengths and also demographics, as well as provide your target market an excellent reason to connect with you on that detailed network.

How to get more followers on social media? 1

What value are you offering? What are you supplying that will tempt them to remain tuned in?

Think of the reasons people make use of each network, then develop a strategy to regularly publish and also share content that will resonate with your certain audience, anywhere they gather together online.

8. Tag and get tagged

A reliable technique to engage your fans is to motivate them to identify other individuals that may benefit from or delight in a detailed post.

If you publish a motivating quote, compose “Tag a pal that requires this today”; If you share a video about Friendship Day, motivate your online community to tag a buddy (or better, good friends) that means a great deal to them, and with whom they would like to share your message.

Preferably, these new people can be drawn into the layer, and also join your online social media fans.

But a word of care – guarantee you use this approach moderately and also only where it makes good sense, or it can look spammy.

9. Use quality and relevant hashtags to be found

There are 2 wonderful ways to utilize hashtags to raise your social media sites followers:

  •  Use hashtags sparingly

There are thousands of hashtags out there – check out as well as to discover ones that relate to your target market as well as your content.

  •  Join appropriate trending topics and also existing occasions

Check your Twitter feed regularly to see what’s trending for the day. If it’s something that you think would certainly be of interest to my followers, share a tweet with the relevant hashtag.

For example, on Monday you could make use of the trending hashtag #MondayMotivation to share a quote or a motivating story with your followers.

People searching that certain hashtag may stumble upon your article, as well as will hopefully examine you out as well as even follow you.

10. Use humour to entertain

Take a note from Dunzo’s posts on Facebook and Instagram, which commonly shares enjoyable memes and also pictures on their web page.

Brands that reveal a little bit of humankind and wit succeed on social media sites – yet that stated, you must constantly guarantee that any type of web content that you do share makes sense for your certain audience as well as your brand name voice.

There’s no point in sharing cat memes for the large sake of sharing feline memes. Even if such articles do obtain a couple of likes, it can perplex your messaging, which won’t help in your broader brand-building effort (i.e. connecting with the right people for your organization).

11. Use promotions and paid ads

Leveling up your social media site’s success frequently involves allocating ad spend, nevertheless limited it might be.

One of the very best methods to expand your target market and obtain more direct exposure is to invest a modest amount right into paid social ads. When succeeded, paid social ads can promote your material, raise conversions, as well as aid you get to new individuals.

Accurate target market targeting allows you to focus your advertisements on “warm” audiences – individuals who’ve visited your site (if you make use of the Facebook pixel), people who are signed up for your email checklist, as well as your present fans and fans.

Facebook’s sophisticated options, in particular, can be widely useful to just the right people with your paid outreach.

12. Avoid buying followers

Some individuals presume that acquiring followers as well as followers is a faster way to developing a huge on-line neighborhood. This is not only a bad technique, however, but it will also mainly end up being even more of a problem than it deserves.

The most significant problem right here is that it pollutes your target market with robotic accounts, which will certainly destroy your audience insights, restrict your recurring efficiency, as well as will certainly wind up restricting the natural reach of your blog posts. And that’s before you consider advertisements.

For example, if you tried to boost one of your Facebook posts, Facebook’s system would certainly aim to show it to more people like those that already follow your Web page. You’d basically be paying to reach bots, as well as the same ramifications apply to numerous other advertisement targeting steps.

You need to concentrate on creating blog posts and sharing information that will certainly bring in the right people – individuals that you require to engage, take an activity, as well as grow for a much deeper relationship along the line.

When made use of purposefully and also thoughtfully, social network systems can be an excellent means for brands and organizations to connect with stakeholders, grow loyal fans, and also expand their reach and target market.


Growing your social media can take a lot of time and effort. It requires a bit of knowledge about social media marketing. But all the investment is worth the effort as you will get a good Return On Investment. If you want to learn more about social media marketing, then check out this Social media course in Bangalore.  
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How to make your podcast go viral

How to make your podcast go viral

Do you have a podcast channel but no audience? Wondering how to get people to listen to your podcast? How to make your podcast go viral or how to get it on iTunes? Not to worry, it takes time but with a little marketing and quality content, you can get a loyal base of subscribers, not just downloads and grow your channel. 

Podcasts are a mainstream audio content that you can listen to on the go. People are so used to reading blogs or watching videos that their attention span is shrinking. Podcasts on the other hand can be more engaging. 

Podcast sessions involve 2 or more people or just one person too. Podcasts can be an interview, educational, fun, entertaining, etc. However, your podcast channel needs to have quality content that’s better than your competitors and it should be something that people would like to listen to. So let’s start with how to provide quality content that people love. 

  1. Provide quality content that people love

Typically lasts not more than 10 minutes. But there are some hour-long sessions too. However long your podcast session is, the important thing is to people listening to it. For that, you need to provide value, rather than just content. So, how can you do that? 

Competitor research – First, find out what your competitors are doing in your domain. For example, if you’re starting a podcast on digital marketing, check out Digital Prateek, Marketing school,, The Vikas Roy show, and more. These podcast channels on Spotify are quite big because they provide quality content with unique tips and how tos on digital marketing. 

Listen to what kind of information they give, on topics they talk about and how they talk about it. If you’re just starting out, you need to do enough research to know what kind of content you need to provide to be successful. 

Research your audience – Who is your ideal audience? Get to know them, what they want to listen to, what interests them and where they are listening and downloading podcasts. 

Use ask the public and Quora to find what questions are being asked on a topic of your podcast discussion. Create content for your audience. 

Research about your niche topics and create valuable  content with the latest updates and tricks. Cover the discussion topic in detail, rather than just scratching the surface. Provide what other podcasts aren’t providing. 

Plan out your content, which brings us to the next point – 

  1. Invest in quality production tools

Providing quality content with poor audio quality is a waste of time. People look for quality in both audio and content. So it would be wide to invest in some high-quality mic, recording tools and edition software. 

You have to sound like a professional if you’re going to talk on your podcast, so take time to find your tone and style. Practice the right way to interview the guests on your show. 

  1. Branding

Your podcast shows need to have a signature music. It’s not necessary but can help people identify your brand and stay tuned for more. Create an eye-catching cover for all your podcasts because you need to stand out from the list that appears on your audience’s phone. 

Your podcast cover should give a hint about what your show is about or incorporate your company’s branding in it. 

The only way to get their attention is to stand out with eye-catching cover, design, and colors. Even titles play an important role in determining if a user clicks on your podcast and gives it a try. Thus, branding is important to get your audience’s attention first. 

  1. Create a podcast marketing strategy

Some of the ways you can create a podcast marketing strategy is by – 

  • Creating a dedicated site for your podcast episodes
  • Creating a consistent marketing plan
  • Distributing on multiple channels
  • Optimising for SEO
  • Promoting on social media
  • Repurposing the podcast content into blog posts and videos

Learn more about marketing strategies in this online digital marketing course with certificate. 

  1. Be consistent

If you say your podcast is a daily show, then provide new episodes everyday. If you don’t your audience will be disappointed. It’s like when you’re watching your favourite sports but your favourite players decide not to show up. You’d be disappointed, right?

If not daily, at least provide a weekly podcast and stick to a day in the week to produce consistently. So planning and scheduling is very important so that you don’t miss an episode. Plan ahead as recording and editing takes time. 

  1. Reshare on social media

Every time you upload a new episode, update about it to your audience on social media and wherever you can find them. You can post a link to the episode on social media so that they can directly go to their page and listen to the episode. You can even pin it on your Facebook and Twitter page. 

If you don’t have a social media account yet, then you need to create one ASAP and grow your audience fast. 

  1. Add a call to action button

Inspire your audience to take a certain call to action – it can be to subscribe, download, share, and just like too. When you build an impressive list of podcast episodes that’s providing great content, then the rest of the job will do itself. People will automatically start subscribing to your show and download new episodes as it is uploaded. 

Make it easy to find these call to action buttons on your channels. You can also add a rate us or review form where people can rate your episodes after watching it. This will also help you get the attention of new audiences who visit your channels and also rank your podcast higher. 

How to get people on your podcast

Build your guest list from existing connections

If you’ve been in the industry for quite some time, then you must be knowing a few experts or professionals who have more experience than you. You can invite them to your podcast show and interview them. 

Attend conferences and big events

You may meet influential people at conferences and big events. Connecting with them can not only strengthen your network but also gives you a chance to have them on your show and discuss industry-related topics with a unique spin. Talk about your business, what you do, about your podcast shows and why they should be on it. Get them interested in you first and slowly build a relationship. 

Use a podcast guest services

There are sites and tools that help you connect with potential guests to your podcast show. Use it to your advantage and grow your guest list. You can also find them on Facebook groups. 

How to drive traffic to your podcast

If you’re just starting out, uploading a podcast and hoping people will start listening to it won’t get the job done. What’s the use of having a podcast show if people are not discovering it? 

You need to know how to promote a podcast. You can use social media to promote your show, use paid advertising techniques like mobile app ads, Google ads, and social media ads. Updating your followers about new episodes and providing them with a direct link to it can bring in quality traffic. 

Influencer marketing – Find an influencer who might be interested in your niche and ask them to listen to your podcast and share it with their followers. This can bring in high traffic to your show or your podcast channel. 

However, how you approach the influencer matters a lot. It can determine if they would be interested to lend their ears to your show or just ignore your request. 

So, approach them with a professional tone. Send them a link to your podcast and share the details of your brand or your company, what you do, and give them a good reason as to why they should listen to your show. 

Feature guests – You could  invite a reputable guest to your show and talk about their expertise in the industry or interview them to provide valuable content. This not only brings in more traffic but also adds value to your content and the show. You could also participate in other podcasts shows as a guest and provide valuable content on their show, while talking about your own. This way, you’re slowly building your audience base and spreading brand awareness. 

Optimise it for SEO – Add keywords in your episode titles and also in the description. So that when crawlers analyse it, it knows what your podcast is about. Now that voice search optimization is becoming increasingly popular, adding relevant keywords in your content speech can help it optimise for voice search. Make sure that your episode title is something that a user would type into the search bar on Google. 

Ranking your podcasts for search comes down to how well your content is engaging. The same SEO principles for blogs and articles apply to podcasts. 

Places to upload a podcast

You can upload a podcast for free on Buzzsprout and on your website. Take a look at some other places you can upload a podcast.  

  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • iTunes
  • YouTube
  • Podomatic
  • Blubrry
  • Buzzsprout
  • Gaana 

It takes time to get people to listen to your podcast and make it go viral, but don’t give up! There are too many people who give up too soon but you can be the exception. All you need